varsity walk

Instagram/ tumblr There was a time I was walking to varsity, I was feeling all pretty and stuff with my black tight knee high dress, black shades and a black shevhone coat . As I walking my thighs began to rub against each other . It just brought memories of how I use to be so self conscious about then . How it I used want to die ( not literally) because the rubbing would make inner thighs dark, or a would get a little blister. I use to look at my skinny friends and wonder how is it like not to have your thighs wanting to make out with everytime I wanted to take a walk , I wondered how nice is it to wear swimming costumes and shorts and not be conscious. Thinking back it’s understandable why I thought that way , I was in primary school about to go to high school. In my head I had to be thin to be perfect in the eyes of society and myself. Perfect face , Boobs, Thighs , Legs everything. Now my mindset is so different because I have excepted that I’m not perfect, I have imperfections. No one is perfect. Once you realize that , life becomes easier when you realize that being perfect is a myth and your imperfections are the reality. You make your imperfections perfect in YOUR eyes.