varsity jacket

cluelesslester  asked:

enemies to friends to lovers?


Summary: Phil Lester, bad boy who wears the same leather jacket to school every day and makes a hobby out of scaring people. Dan Howell, future valedictorian who prefers a varsity jacket, and refuses to be shaken by anyone, bad boy or otherwise. And how they come together through a high school track, an English class, and a failing videography program.

Themes: highschool!phan, badboy!Phil, valedictorian!Dan, enemies to friends to lovers

Length: 10k words

TW: language, use of homophobic slurs




 Daniel Howell walked through the hallway, ignoring the insults hurled his way. He just kept walking, his long legs making it much faster. He hiked his blue varsity jacket up so it covered the back of his neck, running a hand through his dark, curly hair. 

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