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Karasuno +bokuto +akaashi and kuroo reacting to their gf having a voice like Beyonce or Christiana aguilera??(u know super powerful)

|| Aaaah voices are just <3 For this one I’m going with a powerful singing voice and all since you brought up Beyonce and Christina Aguilera and all. This was actually something interesting to write, though I mostly associated a powerful voice to Florence Welch since wew I love Florence + the Machine ||

It sounds a little judgmental of him, but Daichi couldn’t believe how much of a powerhouse his girlfriend’s voice is when he first hears her sing. The guy pretty much drops his varsity bag due to pure awe. “You should sing more often.” He’d tell her with a sweet smile that may cause his partner’s heart to skip a beat.

A whistle escapes Sugawara’s lips as he listens to her singing. When she freezes due to the sight of him listening, the setter reassures her to continue on. “Your voice is lovely.” He says as it causes his girlfriend to blush in embarrassment but also smile in the process. Sugawara makes sure to keep a mental note that he’ll be heading to the karaoke more often if she’s around.

Stunned. Asahi is at first taken aback with just how outstanding and powerful his sweetheart’s voice is. His reaction is adorable to say the least, wondering if he can someday ask her to sing to him a song but only if it was okay with her of course.

It just seems like Nishinoya finds more and more things to gush about regarding his girlfriend. She’s already more than amazing, but yet again he finds himself just so entranced by her. Then again, being in a relationship does mean learning and seeing new sides of one’s partner.

Though it may sound a little creepy, Tanaka would definitely want to listen to her sing everyday if he could. Another thing that enters the spiker’s mind is that it seems like he found himself another karaoke partner aside from his usual partner in crime.

It takes all willpower for Ennoshita to not record her. After all, he’d feel pretty rude to do so without her consent even if the recording would be for him only (plus that’s what parents do to their kids). So he settles with the first best thing to do, which is to sit back and enjoy her little performance live. 

As much as Kageyama would like to express his awe in a proper manner, he honestly just can’t. But luckily his girlfriend understands such completely as she notices the blush on his cheeks from listening in to her singing. He avoids eye contact, attempts not to stumble on his own words. “Th…that was really good.”

Hearing his girlfriend’s amazing voice is pretty much like seeing an amazing display of technique. Hinata’s eyes sparkle as his cheeks heat up at the sight of his partner jamming to the music playing in her room. It seems like he’s found more reasons to call her adorable and amazing.

Being quite the music aficionado, Tsukishima is pretty particular with vocals, pitch and the like. So when he first hears his girlfriend sing her heart out, he finds himself just speechless, frozen by the voice that already sways him. From the looks of things, he won’t have to put on his headphones for a while as long as she sings now and again.

And to think that Yamaguchi thought there wasn’t anything else his girlfriend can do that will take his breath away. He’s proven wrong when he hears her vocals and how she just seems to be so on-point with her pitch. The moment his girlfriend notices him gawking, all he can do is grin sheepishly, rubbing the back of his neck while trying to compliment her properly without stammering.

During times like this, Kuroo would probably sneak up behind her and pepper her with kisses. But as of the moment, the scheming captain had no intentions of such. He was just listening intently, definitely impressed and looking forward to hearing his lover sing more often.

Seeing his girlfriend only adds to the great mood Bokuto is usually in. He sings with her, much to his girlfriend’s amusement and joy. But eventually, the ace ends up listening in for majority of the song since what else can he do when he’s mesmerized and thinking he’s damned lucky to have her.

It’s seldom for Akaashi to drop the whole poker face act, but then again (whether he admits it or not) he is practically wrapped around his girlfriend’s finger. Hearing her sing is just a another reminder of such and how he’s most likely really whipped. If karaoke with the team meant hearing her, then he’d be more than eager to go.

wonderful you came by [part 2]

Summary: Caitlin and Barry meet in the most unexpected of places. College AU, Part 2. [Read Part 1 here, or read this on]

Notes: Thank you for the likes and reblogs! And the wonderful anons who sent me encouraging messages :) I really hope you enjoy reading as much as I did writing this. I don’t own Flash, but the bad jokes are mine…

The second time Caitlin met Barry, contrary to the “never again” that she had prophesied, turned out to be a mere two days from the bleachers incident.

Now this was how it happened. It was the first day of the semester, and as usual, Caitlin came into class thirty minutes before the bell. She settled on a seat close to the door and the counter where the materials and reagents were stored, brought out her electronic copy of the book for the class, and reviewed the experiment they would perform.

After around fifteen minutes, her coursemates began trickling in, and because Molecular Biology had a grand total population of twelve, she was familiar with everyone. In fact, she could predict the order in which they arrived just based on their time of arrival and the sound of their footsteps.

Like now, for instance: it was twenty minutes to bell and the person approaching the classroom had light, even steps. Caitlin could also make out the sound of keys clinking as the person approached. The only one who drove a car in her course was Bette, and she lived far from school so she always arrived early. Without looking up from her notes, Caitlin said, “Hey Bette,” and received confirmation when the voice that greeted back—“How’s it going, Cait?”—matched the name she called.

She gave herself a point. She played this game once with Cisco because he also knew her coursemates—they played weird hipster video games together—but he said her guessing game was incredibly lame and boring (strangely after she won the first five points straight). Since he was obviously a sore loser, Caitlin would tell him to shove a lemon in his mouth. (A lemon because sore was a homonym for sour. She was quite proud of herself for that pun, because it was one of the very few she made that sent Cisco into fits of laughter.)

The second person, though, proved to be a problem. The footsteps were light and the gait was languid, something characteristic of people with long legs, but aside from those there were no other distinct sound markers. It was impossible for her to forget someone’s sound markers, so he or she was probably someone new. And the only new person expected the visiting professor, Dr. Wells. So perhaps it was Dr. Wells…

“Oh, hey Caitlin!”

Caitlin froze. No bleeding way. After having spent a considerable amount of time in the darkness with only his voice, she had of course recognised it immediately, but for the first time in her life, she actually wished that she was wrong, because if it really was him, then she would have to explain to herself why she was feeling confused about being mortified at the memory of the “the incident”, and why she was disgustingly hopeful to see him again.

Great. Now even her emotions had emotions. What in the world was happening?

“I’m guessing you’re here for Dr. Wells’ class? So much for never seeing me again, huh?”

Maybe if she shut her eyes she could keep pretending that he didn’t exist and that therefore “the incident” never happened, but when the smell of peppermint and aftershave diffused in the air between them, she couldn’t indulge herself in further self-denial. It was him.

“Are you ignoring me?” he sounded amused. “Or are you imagining that we’re back under the bleachers, doing unspeakable things in the dark…”

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