I always though it would’ve been really cool if everyone’s appearances changed over the course of the game, their hairstyles at least. 

So, y’know, since it’s not in the game i did it myself :V

Changing hairstyles for erryone!!!

(except for Sebastian because I’ve never played with him and also Carver and Bethany because I’d wanna do separate ones for their separate routes and… well honestly I ran out of steam)


Another productive day for the inquisition. 


Ive had a very long two weeks but i’ve been slowly chipping away at this and im so happy i can finally say it’s finished :)


Send me quotes please!

I really want to continue this series :) So if you want, send me an ask with your favourite character and a quote of theirs that means something to you, and I’ll see if I can use it! I’m trying not to use romance-specific quotes so that everyone can identify themselves with them regardless of their personal playthrough.

The finished companions can be found here and are also available on Society6 by the way ;)

(Oh yeah, though they’re not technically companions I do intend to go with Josephine and Cullen as well because let’s face it they’re amazing. So if there’s any other non-companion characters you’d like to see, shoot me an ask!)

Just imagine how differently things would have gone for the companions without Hawke there, though?

Aveline dies beside Wesley, fighting the darkspawn while protecting the tainted corpse of her husband to the last breath.

Varric goes down to the Deep Roads with Bartrand. If they aren’t all killed by darkspawn without Hawke there to defend them, then Varric faces his brother’s betrayal alone, locked behind the stone walls of an old, silent thaig.

Fenris continues running from Danarius, always looking over his shoulder, always living as prey to the tiger at his back. Eventually, his master catches up with him, and he returns to slavery as a memory-less wraith once again.

Anders goes to the Chantry alone. He fights the Templars there, and doesn’t care, doesn’t bother with healing this time when they put a sword through his heart, because all he can see is that fucking sunburst where it should never be.

Isabela goes to the Chantry alone, too. But instead of Templars, there are pirates, and no one’s at her back to keep the knife from sliding into it.

Merrill is sent away from her clan to Kirkwall, where there are no friends to keep her naivete with city-living from leading her to the Templars’ doorstep. Even if she does manage to avoid them, manages to rebuild her Eluvian - her demon-possessed mentor ends up killing her, in the end.

Sebastian hunts down his family’s murderers. But he is alone, and he is only one man, and he is cut down as he grasps for one more arrow in his empty quiver.

I just. I have a lot of feels about the Kirkwall crew and Hawke.


In that story of yours–the fisherman watching the stars, dying alone. You thought he gave up, right? But he went on living. He lost everyone, but he still got up every morning. He made a life, even if it was alone. That’s the world. Everything you build, it tears down. Everything you’ve got, it takes. And it’s gone forever. The only choices you get are to lie down and die or keep going. He kept going. That’s as close to beating the world as anyone gets.

Cassandra doesn’t know how to feel when she sees the young teenager accused of the Divine’s murder, shaking and terrified. She is still strict, however, demanding answers, but when she discovers that the teenager is innocent, she feels nothing but guilt for being so hostile in her first encounter with them. She becomes overly protective, trying to guide the young Herald as best she can, even becoming something of a nagging parental figure. If the Herald is not of age by the end of Trespasser, she takes them in.

Iron Bull is worried, at first, when he meets the Herald. After all, it was going to be his job to keep the kid breathing, and Thedas could be a dangerous place. As it turns out, Bull has a soft spot for the Herald, and keeps a close eye on them. He affectionately refers to them as “Imekari,” Qunlat for “child,” but does not talk down to them as if they are a child. He starts trying to teach them how to defend themselves and fight better, with the patience of a saint and the pride of a parent.

Blackwall initially doesn’t believe the kid when they say they’re an agent of the Inquisition, even asking in a panic where their parents were so he could take them home. He believes it when they expose the mark, but it does nothing to soothe his nerves. He feels like he’s walking on broken glass around the teenager at first, not seeing himself as a stellar role model, but doesn’t make too many comments. Nevertheless, he feels no small amount of guilt when they find out the truth about him– their disappointed eyes are almost too much to bear. When they forgive him, he’s never been so relieved in his life.

Solas’s heart clenches when he sees how young the Herald is, and intense guilt overtakes him– “No, no, this was not meant for you, da'len, you are too young. What have I done? As a result, he is intensely protective, though he tries not to show it too much, and he tries to do everything he can to lessen the pain of the mark. He grows fond of them and begins to teach them about the Fade and spirits, and if they are a mage, effective use of magic. Affectionately refers to them as “Da'len” most of the time.

Dorian is sympathetic to the young Inquisitor, willing to hear them out with not a lick of judgement. When they stress or fret about others judging them, he does his best to soothe them, even a few times drawing attention to himself to get eyes off of the Herald. After his business with his father, the Inquisitor comes in attempts to comfort him, and Dorian realizes he sees the Inquisitor almost like a young sibling. He is nothing but patient with them.

Vivienne takes it upon herself to ensure the Inquisitor has the best of everything– education, clothes, manners, you name it. She tries to help plan their future for a good life, and introduces them to other nobles, trying to shape their social status– never too early to start. She would be damned if they didn’t become a functional, intelligent member of Orlesian nobility, with everything they need to succeed. Though she can be kind of an overbearing nag, not unlike Cassandra, it’s because she cares.

Sera acts like a big sister to the Herald, fawning over them. The Inquisitor finds themselves spending a lot of time with the rogue, who never belittles them– she just makes sure no one gives them too much trouble, and anyone who’s rude or mean to them is pranked ruthlessly. She begins teaching them things like “Hey, you wanna learn how to put bees in a jar without stinging yourself? Maybe how to put just the right amount of custard in a pie?” She, at least once, makes cookies with them. They don’t turn out well, but they have fun.

Cole doesn’t understand why it’s such a big deal that they’re so young. “Why does it worry everyone?” he asks Solas one day. “The Herald is kind, and they care.” He doesn’t treat them much differently than an adult, but he’s more than willing to talk about their feelings if and when they get bewildered by the attention and the expectations. “Panting, drowning, I’m going to sink, I’m going to fail, I’m going to die. You are brave and strong. You will be okay.”

Varric’s first comment upon seeing how young the Herald is is “Shit.” “No kid deserves this bullshit,” he thinks, “I hope the Seeker was nicer to them than she was to me.” He, like Cassandra, becomes akin to a parental figure, a cool father-figure. He’s well aware of this, too, and looks out for them closely, and listens to what they have to say. When they’re stressed, he’ll encourage them to step away from it for awhile, and he’ll pull them aside, take them for a walk, telling them stories of Hawke. Secretly plans on making sure their financial future is set by hiring them for some sort of job in his business if the Inquisition thing doesn’t work out.

Josephine frets over everything– “Do they have enough to eat? How about clothes, are they warm? I need to hire a tutor, a good one.” She frequently tests them on their etiquette, not realizing sometimes how much it stresses them out. To balance it out, she often gives them some sort of reward, be it new clothes, a book, whatever they want, for working hard and behaving.

Leliana was kinder to them than Cassandra was in the beginning, and felt nothing but pity for them later on, when they were known to be innocent. She isn’t as hard on them as she can be on others, and always has an agent not far away to ensure their safety. She knows very well there are many who would take advantage of such a young Herald, and she makes sure that never happens.

Cullen frowns, deeply, when he first discovers how old they are. “Maker’s Breath! How did this happen to them?!” Once the initial shock and panic has faded, he tries to be calm and tries to be a good role model. When they’re more comfortable with him, he begins sparring with them, teaching them how to effectively use a sword and shield, and feels quiet pride when they can keep up with him after weeks of training.

Dragon Age Headcanons: Favorite Movies

Alistair: Monty Python and the Holy Grail (1975) - Alistair wishes being king was half as fun as this movie. Alistair is a simple man. He doesn’t want to overthink his movies. He wants to see silly French knights throw cows over the walls of a castle.

Leliana: The Passion of Joan of Arc (1928) - It’s French. It’s silent. And Leliana is fucking pretentious. But it is beautiful and moving and a masterpiece. Watching it fills her heart with the same unnamed emotion she felt when she saw the rose bloom in the Chantry garden.

Morrigan: The Wicker Man (1973) - It’s frightening how Morrigan simply nods along, like, “Yes, this is exactly how one would go about ensuring a bountiful harvest.” (Though she won’t touch the Nicholas Cage remake with a 10-foot pole)

Zevran: Caligula (1979) - Zevran states that it is a historical drama. He lies. It is porn. Also, it stars Helen Mirren, whom many fancast as Wynne. Her bosoms are just as magical as Zevran imagined.

Anders: One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest (1975) - Rebelling against authority and looking badass while doing it? Yes, of course this is Anders’ favorite movie. Hawke has to stop it before it gets to the end, though, otherwise there are tears.

Merrill: Coraline (2009) - Everybody laughs because of course Merrill’s favorite movie is some magical bullshit cartoon. Then they sit down and watch it and have nightmares for weeks, while Merrill eats popcorn, happy as a clam.

Sebastian: Sister Act (1992) - Sebastian identifies with Whoopi Goldberg’s character on some level, but what he loves most about the movie is the camaraderie between the sisters. The Chantry was his first real home, so watching it gives him all these warm fuzzies. Plus, Sebastian laughs at every stupid joke Hawke says, so I think he’d enjoy a silly, lighthearted comedy.

Varric: The Usual Suspects (1995) - Varric may or may not have taken his cue from Kevin Spacey’s Verbal Kint when telling the Champion’s story to Cassandra.

Cassandra: Twilight (2008) - Now that you know this about her, she can’t let you live.

Cole: Inside Out (2015) - The first time Cole sees this movie, he just lets out a little “Oh.” Sadness is important.

Sera: Home Alone (1990) - Sera has been banned from ever watching this movie again. It gives her ideas.

The Iron Bull: Mad Max: Fury Road (2015) - Of course Bull loves the action sequences. Did you see those guys swinging from the poles? That’s badass. But it’s the theme that gets him- “We Are Not Things.” Sometimes Bull needs to be reminded that he is not a thing, or a weapon.