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i just got back from oral surgery (tooth removal, still very sore!) and i was wondering if you would do da2 companions react to hawke winding up with a bad toothache?

(Sorry to hear that, Anon– that bites.)

Varric: Toothaches are a pain, no pun intendd, and the dwarf has been in his friends shoes before. Depending on how far into their cus the two of the are, Kirkwalls resident author may be in a slightly too helpful mindset. A string wrapped around the offending tooth and tied to one of Bianca’s bolts is partially effective, though the copious bleeding afterwards makes a run to Anders an Darktwon necessary.

Isabela: Of all the companions, or at least thouse without magical or medical training, the pirate is the best suited to handle this particular situation. A bad tooth can be deadly if left untreated, and being at sea can make it hard to fix such problems conventionally. The hilt of a dagger beneath the tooth in question pops the offending cuspid free, and the problem is handily solved.

Merrill: Removing the tooth seems  a tad extreme to her particularly as its a good way to end up with no teeth ovrtime. A flash of magic is all it takes to solve the problem, and her gentle and patient chair side demeanor will quickly make the Dalish mage a go-to dentist.

Anders: Honestly, friends like his are the best hands on healer training avaliable. If Hawke comes before shenanigans begin the tooth problem is solved with very little fuss. If they come in after a bungled attempt at extraction- and with subsewuent injuries following such foolishness- it’s a slightly larger issue, and he spends it lecturing them about the importance of proper hygiene and correct healing techniques. And gives them a manifesto for good measure.

Sebastian: As both a brother and a warrior Starkhaven’s prince is not unfamiliar with mouth and jaw issues. But as someone who has also ried to fix such problems himself he wil be quick to urge caution and go to a professional– or at the very least try to numb the area before doing anything drastic. And Maker preserve them, make sure they go for the right tooth!

Fenris: Fenhendis, what is he to know about tooth aches? In Tevinter slaves re expected to suffer in silence, and in those rare times when medical assistance was required is was often magical and often administired without his consent or even awareness. If alcohol is involved the idea is floated by -and possibly utilized, if they are too far gone- to call on his lyrium powers. There will almost certainly need to be professional intervention afterwards.

Bethany: For most of her early life it had been Malcom who had taken care of the family medical needs. But Bethany had learned at his knee, and picked up more besides over the years. Should her sibling develop a problem she will fix it with relative ease.

Carver: Can this be an excuse to punch his sibling? Because that seems reasonable to him.

Aveline: Like she would with any of her guardsman, the captain marches Hawke right to a healer. Such things should never be left alone to fester, and Maker only knows what their group with get up to unsupervised.

– Mod Fereldone

@ladyluthien: “I had a very weird dream last night that Danarius had used blood magic on Aveline to possess her, but she was unaware of his control, and only Fenris could tell. So I thought that could be a very cool angsty fic, although which companion gets controlled could be up to writer’s discretion - how does he convince the others one of them is possessed? Who believes him? Who doesn’t? What do you do when your friend might kill you at any moment? ANGST.”

Went for something slightly different. Hope you don’t mind! :) 

He’s not quite sure what wakes him. He wakes in a daze, the dog still a heavy weight in the bed beside him. Hot breath on his face, taking up the space Hawke used to. His ears are perked, his head cocked, listening to something Fenris cannot hear. It’s early enough. Sleep has been difficult to get, harder to keep. He rubs at his eyes, puts feet against cold wood. It’s only when he walks to the top of the stairs does he hear it. Gentle tapping at the door.

The sun has only just begun to rise. He makes his way to the door with irritation scratching in his chest. Some other person who wants to see where the Champion used to live, no doubt. Someone else who wants to know if she is truly dead. He was turning them away in droves at the beginning. Aveline had posted guards outside the door. She herself had even stayed for a while. All of them had… he was grateful for their company. It meant more to him than he could say. Not enough words for that.

He opens the door and at first he sees no one. “Fenris.” He looks down. She’s sitting in the doorway, knees at her chest. Paler than she should be, dried blood on her cheeks. “I seem to have lost my key,” she says weakly. He falls to his knees, trembling hands on her face. Warm to the touch. Real. She closes her eyes. Pulling her into his embrace, wrapping her arms around him, burying her face in his chest.

“They told me you were dead,” he says. The tremor of his hands seeps into his voice, coils around his words. Holding her tight as though she is a ghost, ensuring that she will not slip away. But she is here, she is in his arms, she is breathing and she is grinning.

“And abandon all of this? Never,” Hawke says.

“She is different,” Fenris says simply. Aveline turns her head, raises an eyebrow. They sit together, side by side, watching Hawke on the other side of the Hanged Man. She’s laughing with a bunch of strangers, wearing clothes he’s never known her to touch. Clothes that show she has coin, that shows her wealth, flaunts her status. Wearing gold earrings, a heavy necklace. He’d find her humming in front of a mirror, pressing fingers to her face. He’d never known her to be vain before.

“Perhaps she just wants a change,” Aveline tells him, “it’s only been a few months since she’s been back.” Despite what she says, she wears the same frown he does. “Has she spoken of what happened to her?”

“No.” They’ve barely spoken at all. She wakes early, stays out late. Attending parties she used to look down on. Flirting with nobility, campaigning for the Viscount’s office. Something he’s never known her to want. One by one they are folding, ready to hand the city to their Champion. It is only him, only her friends, who notice that something in her has changed. “This is not like her,” he says. Aveline’s frown deepens.

It’s Aveline who must have written to Varric. He receives a simple note of only two words, stamped with the sigil of a crossbow, delivered by an Inquisition courier. Envy demon. He crumples the note in his fist. It’s a poor imitation of her. She spares no more kind words for him. No lingering touches, longing looks. The love he thought had returned to him was still dead on the doorstep of when she first left. When she stayed in the Fade. A mockery has come to take her place.

He heads up the stairs. She is sitting in front of the mirror again. It wears her face. It speaks her voice. She pays him no mind as he stands behind her, as he studies the flecks of green that hide in the blue of her eyes. Hands rest on her shoulders. “You’re not Hawke,” he says. Her movements still. Her eyes gaze upwards at him. Cold. More stone and bone than blood and flesh. It begins to laugh. 

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companions and advisers react to discovering the inquisitor did a perfect wicked hearts quest with utterly no mistakes whatsoever and was utterly stone cold drunk as all hell the entire time without giving it away until the very end when they're alone.


Iron Bull + Chargers:


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Cole: Knew the whole time, so


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Can i ask the mod to choose gifs that they think best sums up each companion character in da2?

im sorry but this is gonna be shitposty af bc I’m too tired and sick to make up a coherent post











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I always though it would’ve been really cool if everyone’s appearances changed over the course of the game, their hairstyles at least. 

So, y’know, since it’s not in the game i did it myself :V

Changing hairstyles for erryone!!!

(except for Sebastian because I’ve never played with him and also Carver and Bethany because I’d wanna do separate ones for their separate routes and… well honestly I ran out of steam)