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Inquisition companions react to witnessing the inquisitor punch someone in the face for badmouthing them? Romance included?

Sorry, couldn’t figure out romances for all of them, bc for most of them it’d probably go to “hey babe let me kick their ass with you” with the exception of Josephine and a few other romances.



Iron Bull:

(If Romanced):


(If Romanced, she helps kick ass with…)









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@ravenshadows08: “11 Carver and hawk. Give me those deep roads feels.” (“You’re going to make it. Just stay awake.”)

He thinks it might be the mushrooms. After weeks of being stuck in the Deep Roads, they had run out of supplies. It was Merrill who found them, presenting them proudly. “We can eat these!” She had said. Now his stomach aches and sweat paints his back. It has to be the mushrooms. Carver runs a hand through his hair, looks at Hawke laughing with Varric. He talks with his hands and the wilder his movements, the more Hawke laughs.  

Merrill bounces along behind her, hands clasped behind her back, listening to everything Hawke says. It was hard not to look up to her. He remembers the nights when mom and dad would argue. She would lead Carver and Bethany up to the loft. Tucking them into bed, singing them a lullaby. The same one every night, such an old and tired tune. Braiding Bethany’s hair for her. Stealing a wood sword for Carver to practice with.

Their pace is slower as the days go on. Their fearless leader is tiring. Eventually Varric charts their course, while Merrill hums beside him. Hawke trails behind Carver. “I don’t feel good,” she tells him in a whisper. “I – one of the darkspawn got me. The wound has been – Carver I think I’ve got the blight.” No.

“It’s those damn mushrooms,” he says without turning around.

“Carver, I’m –” she reaches out, fists a hand in the back of his tunic. He can hear the sound of retching behind him. He doesn’t want to look. She uses him to pull herself forward, stand in front of him. How could he not have noticed sooner? The pale skin, the paler eyes. Veins that wind around her neck. He’s seen it too many times before. At Ostagar, and at Lothering. All of this was supposed to be something they left behind in Ferelden.

“Don’t let me become a darkspawn,” she says, “you have to do it Carver. Please.” No. He can see Varric and Merrill standing behind Hawke. She has her hands over her mouth. Varric is leading her away. “Carver.”

“We’ll get you back to the surface and then we can-”

“Carver,” she smiles, “have I ever told you how you make me so proud?” Big sister taking his hand, punching the kids that made Bethany cry. Finding Carver sweets, telling him not to tell mom. Their secret. Her with her staff and him with his sword, practicing together behind the barn. Ruffling his hair, laughing when his voice started to crack. Still finding him sweets.

“Look after mom,” she says. “Sometimes Isabela gets in a bit of trouble so make sure you have coin put away for that. Bring some proper food to Fenris’s place, okay? He can’t just exist off bread and wine. Force Aveline to take a vacation at least once a year. There are some runners in Darktown I’ve been paying to lead the Templars away from Anders’s place. Oh and-”

“They’re going to be okay,” Carver tells her. “They’ll be alright.” His hands tighten on her shoulders. She’s nodding to everything he says, staring at a stain on his tunic. She reaches upwards, touches fingertips against it. Taps her hand against it again and again. She’s still nodding, even as she steps forward, presses her face against his chest. “Everything’s going to be alright.”

“Okay,” she says as he wraps his arms around her. “Okay,” and he’s pressing a kiss to her head. “Okay,” as he finds the knife on her belt. “Okay,” pressing it between her ribs. She doesn’t make a sound when he stabs it upwards. She looks up at him, wide eyed, and brushes a hand against his cheek. He catches her when she falls, legs giving out. He falls with her. Crumples to the ground with her in his arms. Rocking back and forth as she closes her eyes. Brushing hair away from her face. He hums their lullaby.

“Okay,” he says.

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Can i ask the mod to choose gifs that they think best sums up each companion character in da2?

im sorry but this is gonna be shitposty af bc I’m too tired and sick to make up a coherent post











BONUS: Cullen:

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I always though it would’ve been really cool if everyone’s appearances changed over the course of the game, their hairstyles at least. 

So, y’know, since it’s not in the game i did it myself :V

Changing hairstyles for erryone!!!

(except for Sebastian because I’ve never played with him and also Carver and Bethany because I’d wanna do separate ones for their separate routes and… well honestly I ran out of steam)