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you draw all the characters so well, like they look EXACTLY like the video game. except better/more handsome/beautiful in many cases. That being said, can you draw Varric? I would love to see him in your style!

Thank you!  My trick for drawing old(er) Dragon Age characters is that I try to reference their “earlier” in-game versions first and then pick my favourite feature or two to incorporate from their appearance in Inquisition.  In this case, I kept Varric’s distinctive nose and jawline from DA2 and tried to emulate the softness that his eyes and eyebrows evoke in DAI (which I think is appropriate for his melancholia).  This method is by no means foolproof, but I like feeling like I can interchange different features and still capture the essence of that character without feeling like I’m tied down to one ‘canon’ look or endorsing only one imagining of that character.


Finally got some time to wind down from Fanime! This was the first time in years that I’m not tabling at the Artist Alley, so it was very liberating heading out to the con and not being tied down to it! Met a lot of old faces I’ve haven’t seen in years, as well as new ones!

On Friday, wore my Kenma cosplay and helped out around the Dealer’s Room and sold at Swap Met with kawaiiaya, sihaya47 and jeywo ! Was able to sell most of my Lolita stuff so that definitely help paying off for this con @_@ ran into pureterrorist and mhikaru in their awesome Gintama Shinsengumi cosplay there too~

Saturday was all Dragon Age! Got my Varric & Bianca and Met up with astelspirals (Solas), cosfeels (Cassandra) and spiritofrevelry (Morrigan) to the Dragon Age Gathering and it was much bigger than than I thought it would be! I’m so glad to met so many awesome people and so many cool cosplay! Also ran into shepherdpie and also met foetal who met at SacAnime last year! Went around Dealers Room (found an ayonoi!) and Artist Alley and spent all my monies @_@). Afterwards it’s dinner at the AFK Gaming Lounge with astelspirals, cosfeels, spiritofrevelry, etherelle, luckyblackcatxiii, jeywo, irishmoo, Diana, and a few others ^^. The place wasn’t too bad (service was a bit slow due to being a weekend) and we got a cute Mikasa cosplayer as our waitress :).

Sunday got into my Ryuji for our small Persona 5 shoot with Stella! Afterwards it’s back to helping out at the Dealer’s Room, then back to my place for amazing BBQ and Sihaya forcing us to watch Food Wars (still doesn’t make sense).

Monday was a chill day since I had to go to a Memorial Day service at the cemetery with my family. Then chilled out the rest of the day at the con and finally found mynameiseyyyyyy! Then had a really nice dinner with the rest of the folks at Japantown before everyone had to split up ^^

Wanted to thank every that I got a chance to meet and for the awesome times!

Varric Likes Small Frogs

I was given the prompt “Varric Likes Small Frogs” by downboy so here is my attempt at a little ficlet! 

Varric does not like small frogs.

As a general rule, Varric disliked nature, and the noisy, slimy, bug-eyed things tended to hang out where all the worst kind of nature was. Bogs, swamps, marshes, disgusting places Varric was all too happy to avoid. Even picturesque little ponds that seemed lovely enough in a painting or on the page were always lousy with mosquitos and frogs and WILDLIFE.

Varric swatted an offending insect on his arm and readjusted himself on his seat, an overturned bucket that kept his ass well enough away from the soggy Hinterlands dirt. Sighing deeply, he hoisted Bianca onto his lap and began to scrub off the evidence of the day’s adventuring.

He probably wouldn’t have noticed Cole looming over him if it hadn’t been for the choir of croaks and chirps and peeps, all of a sudden much louder and more present. Varric popped his eyes up to greet him, but was met instead with Cole’s upturned helmet, held loosely in the boy’s spindly fingers and positively brimming with tiny, noisy frogs.

“Kid did you…fill your hat with frogs?” Varric asked slowly, not wanting to sound judgmental. Cole blinked, his huge, owlish eyes shuffling back and forth between Varric and his helmet, the bundle of frogs squirming and chirping merrily in his grasp.

“Yes,” he said finally, extending his hat just a bit closer to Varric. “See?”

Varric grimaced slightly and leaned away, and Cole stiffened. He quickly drew the helmet back to his chest, peering into the mass of teeny wriggling things.

“You don’t like them,” he said quietly, watching one of the frogs spring free of the group and land soundlessly on the hat’s wide brim.

“No, no, they’re great kid,” Varric said quickly, willing himself to lean a little closer to Cole’s hat. He was now acutely aware that the frogs could start launching themselves at him at any moment. “So why in your hat? Were they not happy down by the water?”

“The seasons are changing,” Cole said a little wistfully, reaching into his hat to let one of the frogs clamber onto his hand. “They call out, the cold is coming, soon it will be time for them to sleep.”

Varric nodded and watched Cole bring his hand up to his face, closely observing the tiny creature through his veil of bangs.

“But they don’t WANT to sleep. They want to sing and swim, savor skittering things.” Cole blinked, and the frog blinked back. “They want to be awake.”

“And it’s always nice and warm in Skyhold,” Varric said with a smile. “Lots of bugs too.” Cole nodded.

“They will be happy there. And they’ll be happy in my hat. For a little while.” Varric chuckled warmly at Cole, who looked so pleased with his helmetful of frogs.

“Well kid, I think-” One of the frogs suddenly rocketed itself straight at Varric, who let out a manly yelp and flinched, throwing an arm in front of his face. The frog landed gently on the back of his gloved hand.

Cole’s laugh was airy and strange, but not unpleasant.

“He likes you,” he said as Varric reopened his eyes and carefully brought the little critter closer. It stared at him earnestly with its tremendous eyes, and just behind it, Cole did the same.

“It’s….cute,” Varric resigned, watching its little frog throat puff and wiggle as it chirped. Cole beamed, gently scooped the frog from Varric’s hand, and slinked away. The choir of noise spilling from Cole’s hat faded back into a low, ambient murmur as the boy wandered towards Bull, who’s general enthusiasm about everything would probably include a stupid amount of small frogs.

Well, if Cole liked them…

Varric could like small frogs too.


If Steve is going to cosplay Varric, he needs Bianca. Today I made the base out of foam core and cardboard, and thankfully didn’t pass out from the contact cement fumes. After this sets I’ll cover it in foam, plasti-dip the hell out of it, and get started on the various bits and bobs that make it so distinctive.

I intend to make the arms collapsible so it’s easier to carry, but we’ll see if I can manage it. I’m a much better sculptor than I am an engineer.

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Who's your fave non-mage character in DA?

for a character that I like so much I really don’t draw him enough.

stories of platonic love are important to me, and I tend to relate to them more than I would to any kind of romantic relationship… and Varric’s and Hawke’s friendship just. it gets me. it gets me real bad



So, my genderbent Varric isn’t finished, but it was done enough to get a quick photoshoot in and I AM SO PUMPED.

I need to finish stitching on a few more bits of embroidery, make the actual boot cuffs, attach the trim to the coat, draw the pattern onto the pants, make a tank top to match, touch up Bianca, and find the goddamn earrings I bought for this, BUT THEN. THEN..

“Never fear, Varric is here!”

“Andraste’s sanctified ass!”

“Bianca, baby, introduce yourself!”

..Pretty much I’ll just run around screaming Varric quotes, harassing every Cassandra I see with my copy of Swords & Shields. 

(I’ll be crazy spamming my FB page too:

Thanks to cosmic-ash-studios for getting Bianca done so fast and for taking the photos! Special thanks to emmabellish for making the beautiful swirly embroidery as well! ♡