Paperwick’s Sleepy Dragon Age Artstyle Guide

Just a quick style guide I whipped together in the last few hours. It’s in response to an anon from several days ago, I hope this helps! (And a sneak peak into the next card I’m working on for my personal deck.)

Process gif for my Solas Tarot

Gold-leaf tutorial

Tool set I use for these cards

Planning your Dragon Age tarot card

decertatio asked:

Who's your fave non-mage character in DA?

for a character that I like so much I really don’t draw him enough.

stories of platonic love are important to me, and I tend to relate to them more than I would to any kind of romantic relationship… and Varric’s and Hawke’s friendship just. it gets me. it gets me real bad



So, my genderbent Varric isn’t finished, but it was done enough to get a quick photoshoot in and I AM SO PUMPED.

I need to finish stitching on a few more bits of embroidery, make the actual boot cuffs, attach the trim to the coat, draw the pattern onto the pants, make a tank top to match, touch up Bianca, and find the goddamn earrings I bought for this, BUT THEN. THEN..

“Never fear, Varric is here!”

“Andraste’s sanctified ass!”

“Bianca, baby, introduce yourself!”

..Pretty much I’ll just run around screaming Varric quotes, harassing every Cassandra I see with my copy of Swords & Shields. 

(I’ll be crazy spamming my FB page too: http://www.facebook.com/paniccosplay)

Thanks to cosmic-ash-studios for getting Bianca done so fast and for taking the photos! Special thanks to emmabellish for making the beautiful swirly embroidery as well! ♡
Headcanon: Dog Banter in DA:I...

Prompted by a discussion with nomadic-goldfish​ about Dorian struggling with Fereldan customs


Dog: *whine*
Cassandra: She’s not a mutt, Mabari are famously bred for their loyalty and intelligence.
Varric: C'mon Sparkler, She’s as important to this Inquisition as you are.
Dorian: Did… you just compare me to a DOG?!
Dog: *Happy bark*
Dorian: One of us doesn’t have fleas or slobber all over everything, I will have you know.
Varric: Sorry, you’re right. Sorry dog. I shouldn’t have compared you to Sparkler like that. You don’t have fleas. 
Dog: *happy bark.*

Dorian: Enough is enough! I found a half-eaten, slime-covered, chewed-up boot in my bedroll! I had to wash everything to get rid of the smell.
Dog: *Happy bark*
Inquisitor: It’s a gift, you can’t just throw it away.
Varric: Yeah, she’d just think you were playing fetch and bring it back.

Dorian: That dog is in my library again! Look at all these paw prints! And my chair is covered in fur. Can’t you keep her out of here?
Inquisitor: She likes you.
Dorian: Why… is the dog…. in my library?!
Dog: *whine*
Dorian: Don’t look at me like that!
Dog:  *sad whine*
Dorian: Ugh. Fine. Just… stay off the chair and don’t chew anything.
Dog: *happy tail wags*

Iron Bull

Bull: So Cassandra, about these Mabari,
Cassandra: Yes?
Bull: How would one go about getting… one?
Cassandra: I believe that the dogs choose the owner.
Dog: *barks in agreement*
Bull: Ah.
Cassandra: …Why?
Bull: No, reason.

Inquisitor: Bull you wouldn’t happen to know why a large amount of meat has gone missing from the kitchens, do you?
Bull: Did you ask the Dog?
Dog: *whines*
Inquisitor: So, the fact that there were reports of a large, meat-covered, Qunari visiting a Mabari breeder must be about some one else?
Bull: …The puppies can’t be bribed, I’ll give them that. Damn cute, too.

Bull: Okay Dog, how would you like to be in charge of an army?
Dog: *whine?*
Bull: Commander Dog.
Dog: *Barks proudly*
Bull: Okay so here’s what we need: More dogs. An army full of dogs.
Inquisitor: Bull, cut that out. You can’t have an army of Mabari.
Bull: Aww… Boss… but think of the Mayhem!
Dog: *whines sadly*


Sera: So they say you’re pretty smart.
Dog: *Bark!*
Sera: Bet you can’t even understand what I’m saying.
Dog: *Barks twice*
Sera: stupid Shite dogs say ‘bark’!
Sera: … you n’ Solas. No bloody fun.
Dog: *whines*

Sera: Did you get it?
Dog: *Barks!*
Sera: Good girl! Go bury it.
Dog: *barks*
Solas: …Has anyone seen my spare trousers?
Sera: *giggling* Nope!

Sera: Okay, Dog. ….GO! *twang of bow*
Dog: *barks, panting*
Sera: no, you’re supposed to go get it.
Dog: *barks*
Sera: Feeeetch. Fetch the arrow.
Dog: *whine*
Sera: Useless. Now I’ve gone and lost an arrow.
Inquisitor: I don’t think she likes playing fetch with Fire Arrows, Sera.


Vivienne: What a fine animal you are, so noble and loyal.
Dog: *proud bark*
Vivienne: But in desperate need of a bath.
Dog: *yelps*

Vivienne: Are you battle trained?
Dog: *barks fiercely.*
Vivienne: But what of tricks?
Dog: *embarrassed whine*.
Vivienne: Well, then we have our work cut out for us.
Dog: *sad whine*

Vivienne: Go fetch me a potion, would you my pet?
Iron Bull: What kind of potion, Ma'am?
Vivienne: I was speaking to the dog, dear.
Dog: *bark!*
Iron Bull: Ah… awkward.
Vivienne: Quite.


Solas: This dog is exceptionally intelligent, even for a Mabari.
Dog: *growls*
Solas: In most cases.
Dog: *growls louder*
Solas: Except this one.
Vivienne: I don’t know dear Apostate, I think she’s got wonderful taste.
Dog: *Happy bark*

Solas: I think I’ve determined why the Dog doesn’t like me.
Dog: *snarling*
Dorian: Your bathing habits?
Solas: I was going to say the smell of the Fade. If her nose is offended, it would be by the perfumes you drench yourself in.
Dorian: Please, if I could get rid of the mutt, I would.
Dog: *Sad whine*

Solas: Ar'din nuvenin na'din, Da'Fen.
Dog: *low growl*
Solas: I am here to help, as are you.
Dog: *hesitant bark*
Solas: Good, I am glad we are in agreement.
Varric: Are you two going to kiss and make up now?
Solas: Ugh.
Dog: *retching sound*


Cole: Ears, soft and velvet. Teeth sharp, heart big and caring. Taught to hurt, bred to kill, meant to care.
Dog: *soft whine*
Dorian: Cole, you're talking to the Dog now?
Cole: She asked what The Iron Bull was.

Cole: They say you all go up, collars on your head not neck. She loves you.
Dog: *whine*
Cole: You are solid. Easy to remember. Thank you.

Dog: *barks*
Cole: Heart too full, wiser than they think.
Dog: *growl, bark bark, whine, bark, yip*
Cole: They learn, but slow. You lead, you lean, you love. They learn.
Dog: *snorts*
Cole: They try to learn.


Dog: *muffled barking*
Varric: Are those all my crossbow bolts?
Dog: *muffled bark*
Varric: Well… thanks.

Varric: I’m gonna have to change your name for the book
Dog: *whines*
Varric: Look, there’s already a famous book out about a mabari called-
Dog: *growls*
Varric: Hey, I didn’t write it.

Varric: You haven’t seen my notes anywhere, have you?
Dog: *sniffing heavily, barks*
Sera: traitor! Spoiled everything.


Blackwall: So. You’re a dog.
Dog: *happy bark*
Blackwall: er, yes. I’m glad it’s working out for you.

Dog: *happy barking*
Blackwall: Is this for me?
Dog: bark!
Blackwall: It’s… thank you. I needed this stick.
Dog: *Panting happily*

Blackwall: Here, don’t let anyone see.
Dog: *slurping and eating sounds*
Inquisitor: Blackwall… have you seen the extra chick-
Blackwall: Er.
Dog: *muffled bark*
Inquisitior: Never mind. Carry on.


Dog: *whines*
Cassandra: Yes? What is it?
Dog: *whines louder*
Cassandra: Fine, but this is the last belly rub until we return to camp.
Dog: *Happy bark!*

Varric: Cassandra… you haven’t seen my latest draft of the book… have you?
Cassandra: N-no. Not at all.
Dog: *whines*
Varric: Right. If you do, let me know.
Cassandra: Good dog. But best go put it back.
Dog: *sighs*
Cassandra: After… this chapter.

Dog: *Barking excitedly*
Cassandra: What is it? Is someone hurt?
Dog: *Barking*
Cassandra: Is it Iron Bull?
Dog: *barks!*
Cassandra: *sighs* Dog, the Qunari is hungover, not hurt.
Iron Bull: …can you get the dog to shut up?
Cassandra: *pauses* No.
Dog: *more happy barking*
Iron Bull: *cursing in Qunari*

A parody of Uptown Funk, featuring the stylin’ Dragon Age 2 crew as lead in this rendition by Varric Tethras (background vocals provided by the DA2 crew, especially Fenris and Anders). Hawke is over in the corner jamming on the guitar in a pink suit jacket.

Major thanks and inspiration comes from niklisson and their hilariously wonderful Hightown Funk art which can be found here. —> (x)

Also a great deal of thanks to qunaributts, officialvarrictethras, culllenrutherford and various anons and other followers for helping write the lyrics for this! You’re all the reason I was laughing while trying to record this damn thing.

Again, a link to the glorious person niklisson and their artwork that inspired this. –> (x)

Varric and additional voices/vocals done by: lightgetsout (me!)

And of course all thanks and respects go to Mark Ronson and Bruno Mars for this incredible song.

Hightown Funk lyrics:

This town
That Cone of Cold
That Deep Roads gold
This one for them Rose girls
Them dock girls
Straight masterpieces
Stylin’ while in
Yeah, Kirkwall is the city
Got boots on, my chest hair showin’
Gotta kiss myself I’m so pretty.

I’m too hot (Fenris: hot damn)
Call Aveline and Donnic, man
I’m too hot (Anders: hot damn)
Make a dragon wanna retire, man
I’m too hot (Fenris: hot damn)
Say my name you know how I am
I’m too hot (Anders: hot damn)
Am I bad ‘bout those sovereigns,
Break it down.

Girls hit your hallelujah (x3)
‘Cause Hightown Funk gon’ give it to you (x3)

Well it’s Saturday night and we in the spot
Don’t believe me just watch (come on!)

Don’t believe me just watch (x4)
Hey, hey, hey, oh

Wait a minute.
Fill my mug put some piss-ale in it.
Take a sip, sign a book
Hawke! Get the check!
Known from Orlais to Denerim, to Antiva City,
If we show up, we’ll be kicked out
Fast enough to make us dizzy

I’m too hot, (Fenris: hot damn!)
Call Aveline and Donnic, man
I’m too hot (Anders: hot damn!)
Make a dragon wanna retire, man
I’m too hot (Fenris: hot damn!)
Say my name, you know who I am,
I’m too hot, (Anders: hot damn!)
Am I bad about those sovereigns, break it down-

Girls hit your hallelujah (whoo) (x3)
‘Cause Hightown funk gon’ give it to you (x3)
Saturday night and we in the spot
Don’t believe me just watch (come on!)

Don’t believe me just watch (x4)
Hey, hey, hey, oh

Before we leave,
Let me tell y’all a little something,
Hightown funk you up, Hightown funk you up; (x4)
Come on, dance,
Jump on it,
If you’re magic, then flaunt it
If you rogue-ish, then own it
Don’t brag about it, come show me

Come on, dance,
Jump on it,
If you’re magic, then flaunt it
Well it’s Saturday night and we in the spot
Don’t believe me just watch (come on!)

Don’t believe me just watch 

Hightown funk you up

Hightown funk you up (Fenris: say whaaaat?)

(and so it continues)!

Thanks for listening!