varous said: the only thing that would have made that scene even more epic is if dany was screaming instructions to drogon while on his back like FIRE. FLY. FIREEEEEE haha 

Hahaha yes totally! It would have been so epic, BURN THEM ALL!!!!!

anonymous asked:

I need more blogs to follow. What are some you'd recommendddd?

I’ve had this ask sitting in my inbox for a while.
To be honest? I follow about 1200 blogs, so this was a really difficult question to answer! 

So, I’ve just decided to list a few:

My dailies/ my babes: 
mrselisabethdarcy -
padmeamidala -
skepsiss -
fishcustardandclintbarton -
fahrlight -
superheroselfmade -
captainimaginary -

Some blogs I find beautiful:
whispercouture -
lotrlorien -
helenabonboncarter -
varous -
cilntasha -

Just to name a few :) Again, I could list for days!!!!!

“ AAAAND GRIFFINDOR SCORES AGAIN!! Man, is it that Hufflepuff ’s Keeper sucks at his job or is it because his gf is the one scoring all these points?? WE WILL NEVER KNOW!”
“Sips.. do you know where Sjin is? It’s quite some time i don’t see him around….”
“He’s at St Mungo”
“Ah, wait what?”
“During the last match the dumbo implied that Lewis was letting Hannah win and he broke his skull with the quaffle…”

said: i was like THAT’S HER CHILD HE LOVES HER HE’S PROTECTING HER OMG. it was beautiful D: i only wish the other two could have been there

omg yes, imagine her 3 dragons to the rescue! It would have been incredible! But yes same! and DONT HURT DROGON PLEASE oh the feels!!!  So powerful i can’t wait for the season finale and her scenes, i hope they will really stick to the book for that too! (let’s forget that there is still some missing parts but wtv the most important is there!)

varous asked:

I have to ask you how you made the coloring for your picspams. They're beautiful :)

thank you :) it’s just trial and error until i find a look i like but i posted some psds the other day - which you can find here - and that explains it better than i can. and i just need to say that i love your doran/oberyn graphic.

varous replied to your post: “THEY DIDN’T INCLUDE LADY…”:

my thoughts exactly

goldenfurs replied to your post: “THEY DIDN’T INCLUDE LADY…”:

i’m so disappointed.

i’ve never been more disappointed in my life. seeing her at the end would be such an amazing cliffhanger, just imagine how non-readers would react! d&d missed out a huuuuuuge opportunity here, i can’t believe they would do that. i have no words..

varous asked:

Hi, I was wondering if I could use a picture of Cersei you made as my icon, in your last Cersei graphic? It's lovely :)

of course you can! thank you!

snowjon replied to your post: That moment when you realize you are a…

oh my god me

The accuracy of this quote is just outstanding (while being quite funny). I would totally print it on my wall if I had the possibility to do so I’m not kidding.

varous replied to your post: anonymous asked:top 5 fav food ?D…


I’m glad you agree ! There are not enough people liking cheese on this planet you need to be protected at all costs !!!!!

starkactual replied to your post: anonymous asked:Top five bandsThe…

OMG you are the only person that I have ever seem that loves foals OMG

Oh really ?? I thought they were quite well-known ! Everyone needs to listen to Foals.

ratchetgirlrealness replied to your post: anonymous asked:top 5 fears?The u…

These are also my top 5 fears �� I didn’t ask the question btw

Haha, I don’t feel too weird then ! :)

capaldiiscoming replied to your post: capaldiiscoming asked:Top 5 Blood…

I´m the worst I knooow

YOU FINALLY AGREE, good ! Now go away you demon