Tiny Bead Found in Bulgaria May Be Oldest Known Gold Artifact in the World

This summer archaeologists unearthed the oldest known gold artifact in the world at a site in Bulgaria in area that is called the “cradle of civilization in Europe.” More impressive prehistoric gold finds have been made in Bulgaria in terms of quantity and workmanship, but none so old as this tiny gold bead found in a 6,600-year-old city in Europe.

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Железопътният транспорт в България се появява с построяването на първата железопътна линия Русе – Варна през 1866 г. 

Bulgarian rail transport began with the building of the first railway line (Ruse - Varna) in 1966.

A CoronaRPH Masterlist: European Cities

Alright, you know how literally EVERY SINGLE rp is set in the US? Like, ALL OF THEM? Well, I’m sick and tired of that, so here’s a masterlist of European cities you could base your rp in! I will also be doing masterlists for all the other continents of the world ( + the middle east cause I feel like it deserves its own category). Once all the continents are done, I’ll start focusing on specific countries (like India, China, etc). Anyway, here some of the most populated cities in Europe!

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anonymous asked:

You've had now Dex the Swede, Caddicarus, Rosie Caddick and Vitas Varnas on your show, will you try to ask others like ProJared, brutalmoose, LGR, PushingUpRoses and any other people to cameo or guest collaborate on a video?

I have a couple of collabs planned that might happen sooner or later. :o

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In the description of your Bionicle video "Featuring the voice talent of Vitas Varnas!" Wait, what!? As in the same Vitas Varnas from Game Grumps, Did You Know Gaming and FTL Faster Than Light?

The very same! He did the Palpatine voice for that whole joke I did.

Csak egy kis szeretgetes kene. Egy kis torodes.

Kis puszik. Egy kis simogatas. Az ,hogy megertsen. Az, hogy meghallgasson. Barcsak vegig hallgatna. Jol esne ha vegre nem untatnam a hulyesegeimmel. Olyan jo lenne , ha a kis hulyesegeimet is kivancsian hallgatna. Vagy csak megolelne anelkul , hogy kernem. Barcsak varna, hogy felkeljek es csokjara ebredhetnek. Olyan jo lenne, ha egyszer nem kene konyorognom azert, hogy ne aludjon mert epp egyutt vagyunk. Es az az ido fontos. Jo lenne ha nem csak akkor kedveskedne amikor valamit nagyon elbaszott. Olyan jo lenne, ha kimutatna mit erez. Olyan jo lenne, ha nem kiabalna velem amikor padlon vagyok vagy amikor bebasztam. Masokkal miert tud olyankor kedves lenni es velem miert nem?

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bladder and stomach

I live in Varna,Bulgaria.. I’d like to be a better version of me - more understanding , more self-aware,no broken nose , taller , blonder