VARNA, BULGARIA FLOOD (if you reblog, choose to reblog as text, not as link please)

So, my hometown had a really sudden outburst of rain and a huge wave of water and dirt came down without anyone anticipating it and ruined many people’s lives. 11 people died, 2 of which little children, 4 are missing and many are left homeless, many businesses are destroyed, people are left without electricity and practically cut off, everyone is afraid. My country is doing great at raising money, but everyone can help now and this is the first time I ask my followers to help me by donating money. I have an acquaintance that died in the flood, we are all devastated.

UPDATE: The water in the entire city is now diseased with salmonella and hepatitis as well as other diseases, so it is even more crucial to get support!!!!

But I have not seen a post that has any helpful information, just pictures, so I’m doing what I can. Here is what you should know.

This is Bulgaria

This is Varna

This is where I live. This is what Varna looks like right now.

Here is a BBC article for anyone interested (opens in new tab):

It’s truly terrible.


This is what you can do to help.


Send a text message with the words DMS VARNA to the number 17 777
Изпратете смс на номер 17 777 с текст DMS VARNA моля ви!!



you can now donate online from another place that is entirely translated into English and there is a second bank account for those interested. Thanks to the Bulgarian Red Cross Organisation, anyone who wishes to help by donating online can do it much easier now. CLICK HERE TO DONATE

There is a bank account that you can donate to. Your donation will NOT be taxed. The details are:

IBAN: BG50 UNCR 7000 1520 9423 89
Bank: UniCredit Bulbank (Уникредит Булбанк)
Address: Sofia, “St. Nedelya” square, №7 (София, пл. “Св. Неделя” № 7)
Name: BCAF (Bulgarian Charities Aid Foundation ; written in Bulgarian like ФПББ)
Reason: Flood 2014 (наводнение 2014)

You can also donate online, but I am afraid the website is not fully translated in English. Anyone who wishes to donate online can message me for help with the transaction. The web address for doing so is the following (opens in a new window):

I hope this information is sufficient enough! Now, all that is left is for you to help me spread the word! You may not be able to donate, but somebody else might be! Please help me and my town! I am truly terrified! 

Thank you,


приличаш на усещане
за пролет
през ноември,
но не безкрайно закъсняло и
твърде преждевременно,
а някак не на време.