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My Top 5 most favorite DCEU Superman moments

I wanted to do post like this for a long time, but laziness was taking the best of me for most of the time. But lately I’ve got so many emotions about Henry Cavill’s Superman that needs to be put somewhere in some form. So here it is, my five most favorite moments regarding Superman in DCEU. The moments that define this character to me in DCEU.

5. The dialogue between Jonathan and Clark in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice. 

Very important moment in a sense of formation this Superman as a character in this universe. For the most part of the movie he encounters with nothing else but criticism for his actions, no matter how much of a good he did, majority still looked at him with a suspicion, even though all he ever wanted is for people to follow his example and become heroes of their own, for people to see him like his closest ones do. In this scene Jonathan told Clark a story from his childhood where his heroic deed caused an unfortunate result, which morally broke him. Keep in mind that right before this Superman witnessed bombing of the entire senate and he thought it was his fault for not being more cautious so he could prevent it. So he was most likely thinking something along the lines like what is the point of even trying if it takes one mistake in order for the entire world to turn on you? But back to Jonathan, in his story he and his father saved their farm from being sunk by a river, but because of them changing river’s direction, Lang’s farm suffered the consequences and all their horses died. Because of it Jonathan started seeing nightames and hearing cries of those horses while trying to sleep. This story was meant to mirror Clark’s situation, because in Man of Steel even though he was saving the world, a lot of people died in the process of his fight with Zod and he also couldn’t save those people back at the senate. When Clark asks if nightmares ever stopped for Jonathan, his father’s answer was yes, when he met Martha. She helped him to believe in good of this world again, she became his world. I think this way Joanthan was trying to explain to Clark that if there is any good in this world, even if it is one person, this reason is enough to keep fighting and doing what is right, because where is one, there will be many. Every action leads to certain consequences and your failures shouldn’t cause you to stop doing what you believe in, you just have to keep in mind that outcomes might not always be the ones you expect Good of the world doesn’t stop existing if you failed one or more times, it is always there. The world is worth saving for those who still believes in good and in better tomorrow. While those who oppose you will either come to terms and follow your example or will fail themselves. In the end I just love how they compared Clark and Lois’s relationship to Jonathan and Martha’s.

4. The dialogue between Martha and Clark in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice. 

One more very important scene and is very dear to me as Superman’s fan. Martha explains to Clark that he doesn’t owe this world anything, he is not forced to do what he does, he has a choice who he wants to be and to become and this choice he has to make on his own and only like that. That way by the end of the movie we get that kind of Superman who does what he does because he wants to, because he sincerely and selflessly enjoys doing good and relieved people’s faces is all he would ever need in return like in that scene when he saves the girl from burning building. DCEU Superman becomes a hero not because he has to, but because he wants to and this is very important. This is the Superman that I love.

3. Saving the girl from the burning building in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice. 

I love the entire sequence, starting from the moment when Clark notices the TV news about Day of the Dead. He was in the process of his journalistic investigation about Batman vigilante and about his means to achieve justice in Gotham He got suspicious of Bruce once he heard his communication with Alfred through hidden coms and started following him. But in the process he stopped once he overheard the message on TV on a foreign for him language and when he realized that no one is going to rescue her, he immediately forgets about right now and started undoing his tie and flew to save her. In that moment I realized that this Superman is always listening, he is always cautious and on guard in order if somebody is going to need his help and when somebody does need his help, he puts that situation above anything else. Which is exactly why senate bombing harmed him that much as it did and why it made him feel guilty. Unfortunately they didn’t shoot how Kal-El was undressing from Clark into Superman. We immediately go to the moment he carries the girl in his hands, which also is a very cool moment that showcases how fast Superman is, because girl was already in the burning building when TV news were streaming the accident and it was in Mexico, so he had to be very fast in order to be in time. What I love the most about this scene is that Superman carries the girl with a smile towards her parents, you can literally see how happy he is and how much he enjoys what he is doing. Even though his expression changes a bit later, it is only because he doesn’t want people to see him as a messiah, he wants them to see him as a guy who is trying to do the right thing and for them to follow this example so people will be willing to help each other no matter the odds. He wants to show that in order to be a hero you don’t need super powers, all you need is a good and kind heart and will to do what is right for those around you.

2. Lois saves Superman, Superman saves Lois in Man of Steel. 

Very strong and cool scene where Lois teams up with AI Jor-El in order to save Kal-El, which is followed by a very badass escape on Lois’s part, during which we are witnessing her military roots, since she was very good on using that alien gun, she was literally headshoting those kryptonians. But as soon as Lois gets to saving pod, it gets damaged by kryptonian lady and as a result she starts falling to Earth. When Superman gets his powers back thanks to Lois using his kryptonian key that had AI Jor-El inside of it and he reprogrammed kryptonian atmosphere of the ship to Earth’s, his biological father appears in front of him and explains how he and Lara wanted him to learn what it meant to be human first, so that one day when the time was right, he could be the bridge between two peoples. Kal-El smashes the wall of the ship to open space and after that dialogues occurred, Jor-El pointed Clark to look outside to see Lois which is followed by: “You can save her, Kal. You can save all of them”. In that exact moment Clark/Kal-El becomes Superman and goes to do his job of saving Lois and the world. What is especially great about this entire sequence is that through Lois we are witnessing that in order to be hero you don’t need super powers, you need to be brave and have a good heart that is willing to help those in need and Superman was the one in need that time around. All of that leads us one more time to the point that everyone can be a hero in his/hers own way.

1. Superman’s first Flight in Man of Steel. 

I need to be clear that I love this entire scene from the moment when Clark is learning about this kryptonian heritage through Jor-El. This entire dialogue that leads them to Superman’s costume and Jor-El explaining that the symbol of House of El mean hope and it embodies a fundamental belief that potential of every person to be a force for good and this is exactly what Superman is going to become for every living being in the universe. Every time Jor-El open’s his mouth he speaks Superman is a sense that he defines all that this character means, what he is and what he will be. The meaning behind symbol of House of El defines the word hero, that all it needs is to be hopeful and do good however you can, super powers are not necessary, it’s just an instrument, but we can all contribute as far as our capabilities allow. Which again leads me to the point of DCEU’s Superman and DCEU in general - everyone can be a hero and it is expressed through various supporting characters. And of course my most favorite part of this scene is Russell Crowe quoting Grant Morrison’s All-Star Superman: “You will give the people of Earth an ideal to strive towards. They will race behind you. They will stumble, they will fall. But in time, they will join you in the sun, Kal. In time, you will help them accomplish wonders” and right after that Superman takes his first Flight and I love so much how Henry Cavill expressed the reaction to such an event. This Clark was happy as if like a human being suddenly discovered that you can fly and this is freaking amazing! He is so happy and so amazed by himself that it just warms my heart every single time I rewatch this scene. As Jor-El said, Superman embodies the best from two worlds, two different civilizations, he expresses unity, that different cultures can exist together and be embodied in a person. But most importantly, he shows humanity’s potential, even while being an alien, he takes the best from us and through his example shows what we can become, that we can be our own heroes from the world around us.

I guess this wraps up my Top 5 definitive DCEU Superman moments.

But I have to be honest, I still love ALL scenes with DCEU Superman and I want to talk about every single one for eternity. The scene of Jor-El and Lara-El sending their son away; scene with Jonathan looking at little Clark with red cape; the moment with Clark and Lois on military base and him explaining that it’s “not and S’ and her making an amazing face expression when she asks “You let them handcuff you?” and him explaining that if it makes them feel safe, then better to do it this way and she is just so in love with this incredibly kind person; bathtub scene with Clark and Lois; that moment when Batman is punching Superman while kryptonite effect fades away with every hit, that was actually hilarious; all Superman fight scenes with kryptonians and Doomsday; the moment when Superman says his goodbyes to Lois; the entire Krypton sequence in Man of Steel, etc. I LOVE THEM ALL. 

I love DCEU Superman and I have all the reasons to do so, but I really wanted to share my insight on these particular moments that made me love Henry Cavill’s Man of Steel so much. This version of Superman literally changed my life I can’t freaking wait for Justice League, it has to be glorious. Thank you, Zack Snyder.

look, there were plenty of good counterpoints in this episode re: various supporting characters being heroic or not, but like … why are there for real so many people out here squawking about Mon-El not helping with the spaceship?

in case you somehow missed this from the previous 14 episodes: he. can’t. fucking. fly.

shortlist of podcasts with queer and trans characters

Welcome to Night Vale - gay main character, various queer and trans supporting characters
Ars Paradoxica - lesbian supporting characters (as of episode 13), ace main character
The Bright Sessions - multiple gay, bi, and ace supporting characters
Alice Isn’t Dead - lesbian main character
Eos 10 - multiple queer supporting characters
Archive 81 - lesbian main character (as of episode 5)
The Message - nonbinary supporting character

The Penumbra Podcast - everyone? everyone is queer
The Bridge - creators have confirmed multiple queer charas tho it hasn’t been explored in canon yet
The Adventure Zone - gay main character, multiple gay/queer supporting characters
Wooden Overcoats - gay supporting characters
Friends at the Table - I honestly can’t think of a single str8 character in this show, also all the players aren’t cis white str8 dudes which is amazing!
Within the Wires - main gay characters

Things I haven’t listened to yet but have heard good things about - Sable, The Once And Future Nerd, Jim Robbie and the Wanderers

feel free to add more if i’m missing any!!

anonymous asked:

As a television show, sherlock is 10x better than elementary. The story is better, the adaptation of characters is better, it's cinematically better, truer to plot which is always nice, acting is better. As someone who is less than a year from going into television as a profession, i can tell you in many ways Sherlock as done a way better job with Sherlock Holmes than Elementary has. If you only gripe with it is that the fandom isn't great, don't pay attention to them. It's as simple as that!

While Sherlock does have it’s strong points (I’m not denying that it doesn’t because that would be stupid– the cinematography is phenomenal and the production value is insane, probably because they only have 3 episodes to edit and produce), I feel like, as a singular series, Elementary has done a better job at fleshing out the characters than Sherlock has.

Let’s run this character by character:

  • Sherlock: Elementary Sherlock is a viciously human character. He has glaring flaws (like drug addiction and a history of abusive relationships) that he deals with in an actual human way. BBC Sherlock is up on a pedestal: we’re meant to idolize him, not identify with him. Other than good looks and charm(??? I think he’s mostly an asshole and charming only when it suits him), BBC Sherlock has given me zero reason to be invested in his character. He is very good at his job and has many good qualities, but he treats people like shit, even his “friends”. Constant emotional manipulation is his norm. Elementary Sherlock is not 100% empathetic, but he’s developing a sense of true emotional empathy over the course of the series, which is incredible. Do you think BBC Sherlock would volunteer to be a sponsor or donate blankets to the homeless? No. He’d make an assholish comment about how it’s too much bother and how other people are idiots.
  • Watson: Ohhhh where to begin. Let’s for the sake of argument not include the fact that she’s a woc (even though that’s SO FUCKING GODDAMN IMPORTANT) and just focus on her as a character. She’s simply a more developed character than BBC Watson. She has been consistent in wanting to be a detective and giving back since day 1. She’s actually making an attempt to broaden her horizons and become a well rounded person. BBC Watson does very little, let’s be real. He follows Sherlock around and is a sounding board/insult receiver, and occasionally does something vaguely medical to remind everyone that he’s a doctor. Or a soldier. Who knows? Not me. We know he was in Afghanistan, had a sister, and is now married. That’s it. Elementary Watson volunteers at homeless shelters because her biological father is schizophrenic. She turned into a sober companion from a doctor because of paralyzing guilt. She is a caregiver, but not an enabler (constantly inflating Sherlock’s ego by reminding him of how amazing he is, etc). She is constantly not only an amazing support system for someone with a habit of drug abuse, but also a damn good detective IN HER OWN RIGHT.
  • Various supporting characters: This isn’t even a competition. BBC Sherlock has one or two recurring cast members and we know almost nothing about them (Sherlock never remember’s Lestrade’s name haha! He’s too self absorbed to even spend a thought on someone he considers a friend! Anderson likes dinosaurs! Who the fuck cares about any of them?? No one! We know virtually NOTHING about them other than what fandom has invented). Elementary has Marcus Bell, a skilled detective who has a brother and was framed for murder by his ex-girlfriend, and has a really fabulous ongoing storyline where he got shot and it was Sherlock’s fault, and they are dealing with the healing of their relationship in a COMPLETELY REALISTIC WAY. No one’s saying, “Oh, we have to forgive him because he’s just Sherlock and that’s how he is,” and Sherlock’s not saying “Oh, it’s fine, he’ll get over it,” he ACTUALLY CARES. They also have Thomas Gregson, a not-cardboard-cutout of an old white police captain who has an actual reason to trust Sherlock (because they’ve worked together before). He has a wife and children. Does Lestrade have children? A girlfriend? We don’t know! We see five minutes of him an episode and then he’s never spoken about again! Half of the shit we know about these characters the fandom made up!
  • Then there’s the background cast, like the members of Sherlock’s homeless network whose NAMES WE ACTUALLY KNOW AND GET TO SEE, the young man he’s sponsoring as part of his AA program, JAMIE MORIARTY WHO IS THE MOST FLAWLESS VILLAIN TO EVER GRACE TV IN YEARS, and a bunch of others I can’t think of right now because I’m so tired but I just can’t sleep.
  • Oh yeah and let’s not forget the SHERLOCK WATSON RELATIONSHIP, which wasn’t haphazardly slapped together with no explanation from episode one, but was built up realistically over the whole first half of a season. They had an arc. They built up trust over time. It’s so fucking important to have that in a story. It’s impossible to have that kind of development in BBC Sherlock, because they’re flash over substance. They like looking shiny and stirring up a buzz over whateverthefuck they’re doing this week, but at the end there’s no real development. No one comes away any different or changes. It’s a flashy story, that’s all.

The point is, I can watch BBC Sherlock and be entertained for an hour and a half, then turn it off and not care. About any of them. Because they don’t give me a real reason to be invested. They portray them as interesting, slap on a few jokes and dry humor (I’m not even going to touch the blatant misogyny in some episodes because it’ll just turn into Moffat wank and no one has time for that especially me), and I’ll enjoy watching it, but that’s it. I watch out of habit, not any genuine affection. And that’s not great.

There’s a new TMNT comic series coming from @idwcomics and it’s going to be RAD.

This new series will tell stories focused on various supporting characters in the TMNT world. Characters named by series editor Bobby Curnow include Casey Jones, Fugitoid, Old Hob, April, Nobody, Harold, and Baxter Stockman, plus he teased we’ll get a couple brand new villains.

“Essentially, over the past four-plus years our TMNT world has grown too large to contain to one monthly title. There are dozens of fan-favorite characters. In short, we need a second title to do the ‘TMNT Universe’ justice,” Curnow said. “With two series we can flesh out these supporting characters more and devote greater time to the Turtles themselves and expanding their world. Our aim is to tell stories that are self-contained but complementary to the original ongoing TMNT title.”

Read more at IGN and keep your eyes peeled for TMNT Universe!

I honestly feel very baited by Kishimoto. Not even gonna lie. All these parallels, developing feelings on both parties, support by various characters like Jiraiya, Minato, Sai, Yamato, etc. BAIT. Even before I became an avid NS shipper, I always thought they would be endgame based on the manga and what was happening. How did this even happen. This is insulting to my reading comprehension skills. 

I mean I knew Sasuhina wasn’t gonna happen because I have a brain, but NS had the whole manga! 

Get ready: Star Wars to release 20 books in journey to The Force Awakens

A lot can happen in 32 years of space-time. In the Star Wars universe, we’re about to find out just how much. EW reports that at least 20 new books - from novels for adults and teens to storybooks and stickerbooks for younger kids - will be released this fall to fill the gap between Return of the Jedi and The Force Awakens.

Those hoping to find out what Luke Skywalker, Princess Leia, and Han Solo have been up to for the past three decades will find it first on the page, with Disney Worldwide Publishing and Lucasfilm Press confirming that the titles will be filled with easter eggs foreshadowing events in the upcoming movie. These new books, like the Rebels animated series and the new comics from Marvel, will be considered official canon

Check for more details below:

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