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Nessa & Oliver as Marinette and Adrien / Ladybug and Chat Noir

Advanced Merry Christmas to @taylordraws! I’m such a fan of your work in drawing and writing and I adore your OCs, so I made you a tiny art gift! 

One anon asked about an ML AU, and it gave me the idea to draw for your OCs! It’s my first time drawing them so I hope I did them justice! (they look a little different in both because i used various refs and their eye colors changed when they transform for some reason) (also nessa’s hair is shorter as ladybug?? bc i felt it was cool for some reason hah..)

But I hope you love it! They were so much fun to draw  ♡

Teaching Myself to Draw: April 23, 2017

It’s been over a month since I painted my last full portrait. This sketch took forever (literally hours). A lot of that was trying to match up the various refs I’m using (a photo ref for the facial angle and light, another for the hair, and another for the actual facial features). But, I’m happy with the sketch; I think it will be a good base for the painting. I will probably be adjusting the skin, lip, and hair colors before I start painting. This is my Lavellan, but I still need to get a screenshot of her under white light as a base for her skin tone (most of my current screenshots are either indoors or in Haven, which have yellow casts). So, that’s probably what I’ll be doing tonight.

I plan on starting painting tomorrow. Hopefully I’ll get the base colors laid in and maybe the nose finished.

“ Magic is dangerous, just as fire is dangerous. Anyone who forgets this truth gets burned. “

Radical its finally finished! Madame Vivienne de Fer!

Happy Vivienne appreciation month!!!

Thank you kingsiha and elgarnan for your help with this piece!

Check out my commission info here!!!

Been practicing with watercolour paints again