various fairies

some fae facts from lore

  • ‘fae’ range from anything like goblins and imps to the little pixies with the wings that everyone associated with fairies to the seven-foot tall members of the royal courts. some even consider the banshee to be fae. (also trolls, gnomes, elves, djinn, dwarves, leprechauns, will-o-wisps, etc.)
  • some think the fae are evil, some think they are fallen angels, but most are considered to be a chaotic neutral force. some might call this ‘whimsically evil.’
  • honey makes them drunk.
  • iron poisons them, as it does many magical beings.
  • some were-creatures were probably just fae in disguise, since fae can assume any form.
  • they sometimes lure humans with music that makes them want to follow and dance. they have to dance for what feels like a year and a day but it actually only seconds.
  • true names of the fae have power over them. they often use aliases when dealing with non-fae.
  • some people are gifted with fae sight, which allows them to see the fae and also sometimes peeks into the future through their dreams.
  • cats hate the fae, and the fae hate them back. 
  • iron horseshoes over the door can act as a fae deterrent.
  • they sometimes kidnap human children and leave their own children or elderly behind. these are called changelings.
  • fae are generous with gifts, especially for polite people, but prefer gifts in return.
  • that being said, better to avoid accepting gifts. you probably don’t have enough to pay them back. by saying ‘thank you,’ you acknowledge that a gift was given and that you now owe something in return. being indebted to the fae = bad time
  • fae can’t lie, but truth and honesty aren’t always the same.
  • asking for a favor will cause offense. make it seem like it’s their idea to help you.
  • most things offend them, actually.
  • some fae can smell a lie. there’s no way of knowing which ones unless they tell you.
  • fae use ‘glamour’ to hide their appearance or habitations around humans. ‘glamour’ can be gifted for use by humans.
  • it’s better for fae to have half-breed children than no children at all, so relationshops with humans are fine. it just rarely works out fine for the human.

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The Dresden Files: a wizard private eye named Harry Dresden who lives in modern day Chicago. Basically takes every fairy tale, lore, mythology, and even religious story and assumes they're all real and coexist in some way. You get some seriously bad ass fairies, various kinds of vampires, demons, necromancers, Norse gods, angels, ghosts, zombies, etc cetera. The writing is top notch and reminds me of yours because the characters are snarky but have heart. I think you'd dig that part for sure.

wait that sounds so good imma write this down thank you!!!

Kisses for Natsu

I’m starting up a new series. It’s just a bunch of one shots in which Natsu gets kissed by various characters in Fairy Tail because the boy needs more love.

I bet you can’t guess who he’ll be kissing first yes you can I am such trash

Gray Fullbuster

Gray sits at the bar of his favourite club, fingers idly tapping the counter as the music pounds.

“Cheer up,” Loke insists yet again. “Your resting bitch face is scaring all the sexy people away.”

“I told you I didn’t wanna come out tonight,” Gray says defensively. Loke tuts, blowing stray bangs out of his face.

Gray shrugs. It’s not like he wasn’t warned.

It is odd, though. He normally loves coming here. The drinks are cheap, the music is right up his alley, the crowd is always interesting. The sweaty grind of bodies and bass rocking in his ears simply isn’t intriguing him tonight.

“Oooh, I know what will cheer you up,” Loke hums in his ear. “Pink hair, 5 o'clock.”

Gray slowly turns on his bar stool, eyes flitting over the dance floor until they land on the man Loke’s currently eye-fucking.

Not that Gray’s faring any better. He can’t help it, the man’s gorgeous. Pink hair, bright green eyes, muscular build, flawless skin. He’s so damn– “Beautiful.”

“You say something?” Loke half shouts over the music.

Gray shakes his head, turning his attention back to his drink. Loke continues to stare, unabashed. “You’re shameless,” Gray calls. He gets a feral grin in return.

“Can you blame me?” Loke asks.

Gray turns to look at him once more. “I suppose not.”

Green Eyes turns to them, smile gracing his face. Loke enthusiastically waves him over.

Loke looks Gray dead in the eyes. “Dibs!”

“Like hell!” Gray snarls.

“Fine then, Code K,” Loke rushes out as the man saunters up.

Gray stifles a pout. Code K. Whoever kisses him first gets his chance. Gray isn’t half as outgoing as Loke, this shit rarely ever works out in his favour. In fact Loke’s success ratio compared to his is… Gray shakes his head. He doesn’t want to think about it. It’s borderline depressing.

Gray rolls his eyes as Loke starts laying down the charm. Loke shakes his hand, leaning in close to talk in his ear. His tanned hands fist in the scarf wrapped around his neck. He laughs at whatever Loke says, the sound is barely audible over the music but it pits a burning jealousy deep in Gray’s gut, wishing it were him leaning his head against pink hair.

But this man’s even more stunning up close, maybe even breathtaking. Prettier than anyone Gray’s ever seen and something about this is so damn unfair it makes his heart sink. Maybe it’s that Gray doesn’t stand a chance with someone so radiant. Loke’s definitely more his type, just has to be.

Who knows? If Gray just tries… He snorts at himself. No. Better to quit while he’s ahead. Not that knowing that will stop him from brooding into his drink.

Gray learns his name is Natsu from the bits and pieces he can hear of their conversation. He smiles. Summer.

“And what about you?” Natsu gazes up at him expectantly. Gray blinks at him. “What’s your name?”


Natsu smiles, nothing short of awe inspiring even if the smell of tequila hangs on his breath a little. “Did you parents name you that ‘cause of your eye colour?” He steps in closer, face inches away. “But I guess they’re more dark blue than grey aren’t they?”

Gray can’t answer, is too occupied trying to calm the roar of blood in his ears and the fire spreading in his veins.

Natsu grins at him again, backing off to take a long sip of Gray’s beer. Natsu’s eyes glimmer. “You don’t mind, do you?”

Normally yes, but watching his tongue peek out to lap up the excess on his lips– fuck. “Not at all.”

Natsu stares a moment longer, pearly teeth digging into his lip. His very, very pouty lip. Gray’s throat feels tight. He wants to say something, anything. He just wants to let Natsu know he’s never seen anyone like him before.

“You have a lot of fans tonight,” Loke comments, nodding to a man pushing his way through the crowd, eyes focused on Natsu.

“Shit, that’s my ex,” Natsu groans. “Quick, make out with me!”

Gray sighs, slowly turning in his seat to give Loke room, who’s gearing up to help Natsu out. This is the last thing he wants to watch. Maybe he should leave.

Natsu turns a moment, cheeks burning red and muttering to himself. Gray sees Loke reach for him and squeezes his eyes shut. Definitely time to leave.

Except there are warm fingers wrapping around his arm and yanking him close.

“Huh?” Gray nearly yelps, eyes flying open.

Natsu’s lips crash against his own. Eyes fluttering closed and lashes resting against cheeks adorned with a handful of freckles.

“Holy shit,” Gray manages against his mouth. Natsu pulls back, confusion flashing in his eyes. “You kissed me,” Gray breathes.

“Yeah,” Natsu purrs, “and I’d love to do it again.”

Gray doesn’t care that he said that so his ex could hear. He tugs Natsu between his legs and captures his lips. His fingers tangle in that pink hair, he cranes his neck, finding a better angle to let his tongue fuck into Natsu’s mouth.

Natsu gasps, warm breath fanning across Gray’s lips. Gray’s nails dig into Natsu’s scalp and he can hear the faintest moan rip from the man’s throat. Natsu grabs onto his shirt, pushing closer, closer, closer.

“You guys,” Loke laughs. “He’s gone.”

Natsu breaks away first, face flushed as he stammers out a thank you. He reaches to pull Gray into a hug, only succeeding in knocking his beer off the bar.

Gray chuckles. “Looks like you owe me a drink.”

“Yeah, well, you owe me a proper first kiss,” Natsu retorts haughtily as if making out weren’t his idea.

“How about a dance first?”

Magickal Uses for Mullein

Planetary Association: Saturn

Element: Fire

Gender: Feminine

Deity Association: Hecate

In Great Britain it was used to help bring back children who had been kidnapped by fairies. Various Native Americans knew a good thing when they saw it and used this Eurasian native that became naturalized in North America to return people to their right mind. For instance, the Hopi mixed the leaves with osnomodium to be used as a smoke by crazy people and those who had been betwitched. The Navajo wrapped the leaves in a corn husk to be smoked to help a mind return if it was lost, and the Potowatami smudged unconcscious people with the leaves to help them return to consciousness. Consider mullein useful in centering the spirit and add it to the pipe smoked as an aid to astral work.

Magickal Uses:

If you are making your own candles for ritual, consider using Mullein stalks for the wicks. Or the whole stalk may be burnt as a candle of itself. In Indian lore, mullein is considered a sure safe guard against evil spirits and magic.

Powdered mullein can be used in spells that call for graveyard dirt. It belongs to the crossroads, to Saturn, and to the underworld. It is Hecate’s torch and Lucifer’s staff. It is a key and a door. Mullein resembles a torch with it’s tip covered in bright yellow flowers with orange and red pollen mimicking flames. Perhaps Hecate’s saffron robe was dyed with rich yellow Mullein flowers instead of actual saffron. The flowers were once used in ancient Roman dyes and pigments.

Add the flowers to a recipe for a yellow magical ink – perhaps steeped in vodka with tumeric and saffron heated with frankincense or pine resin. Use for drawing prosperity sigils, sigils of the sun, wealth, success, and strength. Witches can use the soft leaves as candle wicks or soak the dried stalk in beeswax or tallow to make a torch for rituals of necromancy. Mullein is used to see manifestations of spirits, to see into the otherworld, and to commune with the spirits and deities who dwell there. It is used for divination and dream work or a combination of the two (prophetic dreaming).

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The Student Prince
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Fandom: MERLIN
Pairing: Merthur

Author: FayJay
Length: 145k
Rating: Mature

Summary: A Modern day Merlin AU set at the University of St Andrews, featuring teetotal kickboxers, secret wizards, magnificent bodyguards of various genders, irate fairies, imprisoned dragons, crumbling gothic architecture, arrogant princes, adorable engineering students, stolen gold, magical doorways, attempted assassination, drunken students, shaving foam fights, embarrassing mornings after, The Hammer Dance, duty, responsibility, friendship and true love…

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17 & 42 - get to know me meme- :D

17. Opinion on Insecurities

Like… everyone has them. It’s part of being human. All we can do is support others and work with them so we can all get through with the least amount of discomfort. Of course, getting passed them is super helpful, too!

42. Favourite book(s)

This is really bad, but I haven’t read a proper book in forever. The titles that always come back to me, though, are as follows:

• Pride and Prejudice - Jane Austen

• Waiting for Sarah - (I totally can’t remember the dude’s name, but I really liked the whole thing)

• Various fairy tales and such - Hans Christian Andersen, Brothers Grimm, others

• Mythology, particularly Norse, Celtic, Japanese, various Middle East (also religions), etc.

• General nonfiction that I can apply to stories, such as medical, historical, etc.

Thanks for asking! I appreciate it and hope you have a lovely day~!

Gajeel and Levy???

Okay. So at first I thought ya’ll were crazy to think that Gajeel and Levy were sleeping together, but then after looking closely at the panels myself, I think I agree.

I’ll explain why:

Ok, first when they’re all alarmed because Zeref and his army have decided to attack quicker than expected. It shows panels of various Fairy Tail guild members.

Gajeel and Levy are the only ones shown to be sleeping or in bed. It’s a bit suspicious. Of course, a lot of you have pointed out that the blanket was the same. Still, I wasn’t convinced at first, but then look closely at this panel below:

If you look closely there seems to be another pillow next to Gajeel and the possibility of another person next to him. So I put these two clues together and found myself thinking that Gajeel and Levy really did sleep together. BOOM!

I hope I’m not overthinking this.

I hope we’ll get more clarity in the next chapter.

Probably not.

I’m just crazy.

Anyways, thanks for reading!