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Peoples of my world

Well here’s the second part which is the peoples of the world and their various aspects.

Human: Humans in this world are just like us. They come in a range of sizes and shapes and there are separate races of humanity living together on the continent. Humans can have brown, red, black, and blonde hair. Their eyes come in many different shades of color. Humanity is a constant source for change and passion and this leads them to discover and create many new things for themselves and others. Humans inhabit nearly every country in large numbers and many hold important positions in the governments.

Elf: The elves of this world are creatures which have dwelled within the woods for thousands of years. Their skin comes in various shades of browns and has small lines along it which makes their skin resemble the bark of a tree when viewed from a distance. Their hair is normally black but they have a tendency to dye it various shades of green or other colors. Their eyes have no pupil but instead are just one continuous color throughout, the most common colors for their eyes are green and black but there are a few with blue. They have excellent eyesight and can see great distances with ease. Elvish ears are pointed at the end and are sensitive, able to pick up sounds easily. Elves have an extended life span which causes them to live about twice as long as most of the humanoids of this world and they also have an excellent memory which sometimes causes them to hold onto grudges for a long time. Most elves are naturally nimble and are often seen climbing trees and jumping between branches. Elves are normally found living within large woods where they create homes among the trees.

Satyr: Satyr are a people who have grown within the mountains and fields of the world to become warriors who value honor above all else. Satyr are often referred to as goat men by others because of their hairy hooved legs and the horns which sprout from their heads. Their legs are strong and allow them to easily run and leap across uneven surfaces. Satyr are excellent mountain climbers and have been known to race each other to the top of various mountains in order to prove their worth. The horns that sprout forth from their heads can curl in a number of ways, each pair of horns is unique to the satyr who has them, female horns tend to be shorter than the males and there have been instances when satyr, both male and female, have no horns at all. Satyr normally have long goat-like ears which they can move individually. A satyr’s hair comes in a variety of colors and is often curly and thick. The males tend to grow long luxurious beards as a sign of status and pride. Satyr eyes resemble a goats with the large horizontal irises and the colored outsides which can range from dark brown to light blue. Satyr are known to be hard headed both literally and figuratively and it is not uncommon for then to butt heads with each other or use their heads to attack when fighting others. Satyr are also known to be quite mischievous and this causes them to get into trouble frequently.

Merfolk: Merfolk are the people of the sea who have lived beneath the waves for centuries. Merfolk are amphibious humanoids who resemble many of the species of fish found beneath the waves. This may be the most diverse group of individuals with the many varying races among its numbers. Most of them are bipedal with the exception usually being the race which resembles octopi which usually has six legs and two arms. Their bodies are covered in scales which come in a variety of shades and cover their entire exterior. They have gills normally on their neck or the sides of their abdomens which open and close as they breathe even on land. Their hair comes in a variety of colors and resembles braids but it is not really hair. Their “hair” is in fact sensory follicles that are used to pick up changes in temperature, pressure, and even to pick up the electrical fields of living organisms while in the water. While on land they can be used to sense air pressure and temperature. Their eyes are very large to allow them to see easily in dark murky water and they have decent night vision as a result. The eyes come in a variety of colors. Some of them have fangs while others just have teeth, some have claws as well while others do not. Their fingers and toes are webbed and they have fins along their bodies, usually on their limbs and abdomen and their bodies are streamlined. They can not swim as fast as some of the fish they resemble but they are still fantastic swimmers when compared to most of the other humanoid species of this world. Most of an individuals physical characteristics are normally taken from the species they resemble, some have barbs, some tentacles, others have whiskers or scales that change color. Because of how they have adapted over the years they need to keep their skin wet in order to stay alive and so they have developed magically imbued clothes to wear when travelling on land. A number of them are also immune to most poisons.

Naga, Lizardmen: The creatures of the desert who build great palaces. This group is separated into two classes, the snakes, and the reptiles. There are a number of races within the classes. The snakes or naga, are large creatures with the top of their body usually resembling a man’s torso and head while the bottom resembles the body of a snake. They are covered in scales and do not grow any hair on their bodies. Their tail is their main force of locomotion and moves just as a normal snake’s does. Their torso is like a mans except covered in scales and their arms have a tendency to grow long and their fingers are sometimes tipped by claws. Their heads are round with no hair and flat noses. Many snakes are born deaf but have excellent senses of smell which is contained in their forked tongues. Their eyes can be round or slits and they have fangs. The only variations are the ones who are born with rattles on the ends of their tails and some which have a hood that surrounds their head and neck. The lizardmen most closely resemble bipedal lizards. They are creatures with thick scales and large bodies. They normally have tails. Their hands and feet are usually tipped by claws. Their heads tend to resemble a lizard’s more than a mans with how they are angled. They have sensitive tongues which they use to smell the air. Many of the lizards are gifted climbers and can scale even shear walls with ease. Both classes are excellent swimmers and have scales which are about as tough as leather though their bellies tend to be softer and more vulnerable. They also have an ability to heal quickly from minor injuries and have been able to grow back whole hands, tails, or feet at times. Some also have the ability to sense the heat that a body gives off. Only one race of snake is venomous, and only one race of lizard has the ability to change the color of their scales to blend in with their surroundings. They are cold blooded and tend to prefer warm climates such as swamps or desserts.

Minotaur: The military of rocky places, working to create a society of status. The minotaur of this world are a people who live together in groups and work towards common goals. They have large strong bodies which are covered in hair. Their legs have backwards knees and their feet are hooves, they also have short tails. Their heads tend to resemble a bull’s with their pronounced snouts, individually moving ears, but their eyes are very human. They also have large horns which sprout from the sides of their heads and come in a variety of shapes. Their eyes come in many shades as does the color of their hair. They have a tendency to decorate their horns with metal rings or beads. They prefer to live in rocky places, canyons, mountains, ravines, and they are excellent at climbing up any rocky surfaces.

Faery: The folk of the hills who live underground and fly through the air. These people are often regarded with mystery and wonder by the other humanoids of the world. They resemble insects. They have bodies covered in dense exoskeletons which look like armor to others and practically serve as an armor since it is about as strong as bronze. They usually have six limbs but there are some who walk on four legs and others who walk on two all depending on the race. They have antenna and use them to smell, touch, and sense many things in their environment. Their limbs are usually long and thin, including their fingers which are spindly. Their bodies are in divided into segments connected by their joints and the shells covering them. A number of them do have wings with which they can fly. The wings usually resemble a dragonflies or a butterflies and can create gusts of wind when used. They are very nimble and most can climb up shear surfaces or even on ceilings. Their heads tend to be in the shape of a human’s with angled faces and moving mouths or at least mouths that look human, though some do have pincers or mandibles’. Their eyes are compound eyes but they sometimes have dark spots which resemble pupils. Their eyes and body both come in a variety of colors and are often multicolored. Many of the races have different phases in their lives they go through as they age and they can often undergo great physical and mental changes as result of these phases. The males are the smaller of the species and are a little shorter than the average human whereas the females can be anywhere from two to three times the size of the males. Most of these live underground in great hives which have been made in the caves of mountains or hills of the land. There are only a handful of them who choose not to live like this.

Houndmen: A nomadic group who wanders from one place to the next in a pack. The houndmen are a people who resemble wolves. They are bipeds whose bodies are covered in thin fur. They have backwards knees and large feet. Many have tails and only a few are born without them. Their heads closely resemble a dogs in structure. They have ears they can move individually, long snouts, and large teeth. They have excellent senses of smell and pretty good hearing but their eyesight is somewhat weak compared to many of the other peoples of this world as they cannot see certain colors. They are very fast and can even run on all four limbs to give themselves a burst of speed. This people are excellent team players and excel at working in groups even with other races and peoples. They are also fiercely loyal. These people use howls to communicate over long distances. A second race of this people is one that resembles foxes but are seldom seen as they are normally hermits or recluses. This people prefer dense woods and large fields to live in.

Catmen: A quiet and mysterious people who are often falsely accused of being thieves and murderers by the other races. They resemble cats closely with their heads and fur covered bodies. They have graceful legs and long tails they use for balance. Their fingers and toes are tipped with retractable claws. They possess many enhanced senses such as ears adapted to hear low frequency sounds, eyes which see excellently in the dark, sharp noses, and whiskers on their faces which can sense vibrations and air movement. They have an excellent sense of balance and are able to balance on thin surfaces and can even orientate their bodies when falling to ensure they land on their feet. They seem to be obsessed with cleanliness and often spend great amounts of time devoted to cleaning themselves. Most sleep during the days and are more active during the night which is part of how they got such a bad reputation. They also have a tendency to be obsessed with territory and possessions. This group has been forced out of many places by suspicious or hateful people but they have adapted to live just about anywhere.

I elected to create peoples who are essentially humanoid animals because I felt it would give the book a colorful fantasy setting and because I’m frankly more versed in animals than I am in fantasy races. I did consider a species of bird humanoids instead of the insect ones but I feel with the insects I’ll be able to create a more diverse group and have lots of fun with creating characters from it. Along with this it was also quite puzzling about how to write a bird people because if they followed the rules of these other groups they would be required to have wings for arms and talons on their feet and goodness isn’t that a logistical nightmare.

I did decide to give these various peoples different names in the books, aside from the humans and elves, and so for this purpose I did some research and decided to create names which use a combination of the Latin names for the animal groups as well as a Welsh word for man. And so in the book they are normally called Hircudyn (satyr), Piscidyn (merfolk), Reptidyn (lizardmen/naga), Bovidyn (minotaur), Insecdyn (faery), Canidyn (houndmen), and Felidyn (catmen). I would like to point out that I am not a language major and don’t really know if these words line up well in this context but I’ll probably still use them.

The next one of these I’ll do will be covering how magic works in this world and the different types of magic’s that the peoples of this world use along with why they use that particular magic. So stay tuned and should you have any thoughts or questions feel free to message me. I always love to hear feedback and thoughts! Thank you for reading and have a pleasant day.


10 Banners (Installation View)
2016, Minecraft World

In-game, Banners can be ‘crafted’ as blank 1x2 vertical decorative pieces and later crafted with various materials and colour dyes in game to create layers of effects applied stage by stage, by combining colours and pattern, it is possible to create several various abstract pieces in the virtual space.

“You have witchcraft in your lips...” -- Shakespeare

Since time immemorial, witches and other practitioners of the fey arts and crafts have used various paints and dyes on their lips to highlight verbal components of spells and various rites.

The modern proliferation of bright-hued lipsticks has been an incredible boon, allowing unprecedented variety and subtle shifts in tone, meaning, and affect.

Bolt Hole Conversations #2
  • Molly: Sherlock, where's Toby?
  • Sherlock: Toby?
  • Molly: Yes Toby. My cat.
  • Sherlock: Oh him? He's um - convalescing at Mrs Hudson's.
  • Molly: What? What's happened? What did you do?
  • Sherlock: Nothing.
  • Molly: Nothing?
  • Sherlock: Nothing permanent.
  • Molly: Then what's wrong?
  • Sherlock: He's just a little - um, blue.
  • Molly: What do you mean he's blue?
  • Sherlock: The colour. Blue. All over.
  • Molly: How did that happen?
  • Sherlock: I had a case where I had to test the strength of various hair dyes. You were out.
  • Molly: So you're saying it was him or me?
  • Sherlock: Precisely.
An experiment

I’ve got a burgundy dye bath for a silk blouse going on the stove.

The dye I used was a mixture of various semi-permanent hair dyes. Splat!, Special Effects, and Manic Panic. With a spare bottle of red-black fountain pen ink tossed in there. I know all of those things indelibly stain white and ivory fabrics, so why not put that to good use?

I’ll report back on how it turns out!