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You Should Know Better Pt.7

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Summary: Literally, just…just…just read it. 
Warnings: Fuck me up cause there’s hot smut in this.   
POV: I finally decided to use Joe’s POV this time around and I’ll continue with his POV most likely
Characters: Joe Merriweather, Natalie
Word Count: 4700ish
Quote: “Hey, Merriweather, get your ass back to the station. That arrestee you gave me is acting up and since you’re the original arresting officer, you need to deal with this mess.” 



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Skinny Dip

Here’s my submission for this week’s writing prompt from the Wolfstar Introvert Club @introvert-club​. This week’s prompt was:

James Potter and Sirius Black are awfully close friends. For some reason, Remus develops a pit in his stomach whenever he sees the boys display their (platonic) affection for one another.

Reminder that prompts are posted every Saturday, and are open to everyone. Just be sure to #wolfstar introvert prompt or tag the club so we can find your work!

Hugs to @definitivly for the quick beta. <3 

Read it under the cut, or check it out on AO3. Thanks for reading!

March 1976

“Merlin’s pants, it’s colder than a Grindylow’s arse!”

“Then you’d best walk a little faster, eh, granny?”

“Stuff it- oi! Don’t trip me, you bloody- auughh!”

The loud whispers startle Remus, who screeches to a halt to peer down the seemingly empty corridor. He frowns, narrowing his eyes at a slight shimmer that’s barrelling towards him.

“Why do you two have to show up and be prats every time I’ve got prefect rounds?”

Two mischievous grins framed in damp, dark hair appear suddenly, floating in mid-air next to Remus.

“Seems that you’ve answered your own question there, Mr. Moony.” James snickers as he shoves his glasses up on his nose, elbowing Sirius’ face in the process.

“Ow! You fucking git!” Sirius is laughing as he pushes a stray lock of wet hair out of his face. Remus notices a drop of water running down his neck towards his collarbone. He looks away and quickly starts walking back towards the common room with two sopping wet gits trailing behind him.

“You were in the lake again, then?” Remus tries to sound disapproving, but he can’t stifle a snicker of his own as Sirius shakes his hair at James, spraying droplets of water on his glasses. His laughter dies down, however, as the invisibility cloak slips down slightly, revealing the bare curve of Sirius’ shoulder.

Remus blinks a few times before raising an eyebrow. “Er, Pads, where are your robes?”

Sirius rolls his eyes, hiking the cloak back up. “One doesn’t generally wear robes while swimming. Obviously.”

Remus sighs irritably. “I wasn’t implying that you would. Obviously. But one does generally put their robes back once they’re out of the water, particularly when it’s bloody freezing out.”

“Well, Moony, one generally doesn’t have their robes nicked by the giant squid. Obviously- oh shite!” James’ eyes widen as he pulls the cloak up over their heads as the sound of footsteps echoes from around the corridor.

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Got these cute book pins from my local bookstore recently. My bag is covered with various badges, pins, and buttons, and I thought it was about time to display some bookish pride on there.

Do you have any bookish accessories?

“During Colin Baker’s original television tenure as the Doctor, fans noticed his Doctor’s cat badges and began giving Colin new cat badges as gifts when sending fan mail, meeting him at personal appearances, and so on. Colin eventually amassed a collection of nearly 100 cat badges of various designs. During "The Ultimate Adventure” Colin decided to finally put his collection to practical use; he wore a different one of his cat badges for every performance of the play.“

Oh my heart

anonymous asked:

I'm trying to decide which of the (newer) tamagotchi I should nut?? I have been wanting to buy a new one for awhile but my last ones I bought were music stars when I was in high school and I've been inspired to buy a new one because of your blog!!

i’m not sure exactly what to recommend but i’ll explain what the different kinds are to help you make a decision!

tamagotchi plus color

  • first color tamagotchis ever
  • your tama earns “happy badges” by experiencing cute life events (seeing a shooting star for the first time, finding a four leaf clover, etc.)
  • all special item codes can be found online.

tamagotchi ID and IDL

  • they apparently have downloadable items and are the first to let you dress up your tama
  • IDL version is just the next-gen, has more items and stuff, and your tama can have their own pet!
  • IDLE is the english version.

tamagotchi P’s

  • shell has a port in the front for plugging in accessories called “deco pierces”
  • theyre like tiny thumb drives with various games, locations, and just extra stuff.
  • SO MUCH custom content for tamagotchi P’s! people fill google drives with custom clothing and backgrounds, i’ve seen everything from sailor moon to vocaloid outfits!

tamagotchi 4u and 4u+

  • removable faceplates! you can replace with official ones or custom ones people make and sell
  • send your tama to school to earn skill badges in various fields (science, fashion, cooking, etc.)
  • discover your tama’s favorite food / snack / etc to earn all four clover pieces
  • 4u+ is just updated, it’s prettier and has more items and stuff

tamagotchi m!x

  • newest color tamagotchis
  • lots of locations to unlock, different models have different possible locations and characters to meet (sanrio version has puroland and sanrio characters, melody version has melody land, spacey version has etc etc etc)
  • most expensive lol
  • GENETICS! the most shining feature of the m!x is its ability to “mix” the parents’ appearances when they have a child. it’s slightly randomized but if you selectively marry your tama, as each generation goes on you can fine-tune their appearance. yes you can marry and mix with sanrio characters!!!

I hope this helped, if you have any more questions lmk <3

personally, my favorites are the plus color and the sanrio m!x. good luck!

Steampunk costumes as a trend fad look like just what they represent - a futuristic yet underdeveloped style reminiscent of something out of a Jules Verne or HG Wells science fiction novel. Imagine a mixture of present day Goth and futuristic Goth rolled into one! The look is not objectionable, and in fact is kind of cool looking and brings on an edge! Picture Edward Scissorhands meets Elvira Mistress of the dark and Xena the Warrior Princess meets Sherlock Holmes meet. Sort of.

A number of the more widespread apparatus involved in Steampunk clothes is as follows:

Spats; old fashioned albeit with a Steampunk fashion that is awesome
Fingerless gloves, leather of course
Machinist goggles, I don’t know what they are riding but apparently they want eye protection
Long old English coat with tails, top hat or bowler (cane discretionary)

A completely different appearance for Steampunk clothing to get a man is of a Victorian driver:

Herringbone cap
Pouch belt; this resembles something one might carry ammunition in, which gives an entirely new meaning to the expression ‘road rage’
White ruffled shirt (with ammo…)
Brown suede jacket with fur collar and 'badge’ of types

Another look for men, the 'Studly Gentleman’:

Grey jacket with braided decorations, golden buttons at each braid-end (reminiscent of civil war coat cosmetic design)

Now for the women:

Skirts that are frilly however somehow find a way to share a tough and rough exterior
Small tops with plenty of ruffles and sequined studs emitting exactly the same atmosphere
And, machinist, you guessed it goggles

Or perhaps:

Miniature small bowler hat hair pinned to the very top of her head, Janis Joplin -esque round glasses that are tinted
Leather choker with attached gold brooch, leather belts worn diagonally from shoulder right down to waist (ammunition belt style)
Only a little brownish short vest over kick butt, and a tight short black dress, high heeled boots to die for!
Various bobbles, trinkets, badges, pocket watches, brooches, chains studded leather arm and wrist bands and as such serve as Steampunk jewelry and accessories.

Cyberpunk and Steampunk are often incorrectly associated with each other.Interesting Steampunk Costume Ideas


The following is a list of items Jeffrey Dahmer, Ted Bundy, and Richard Ramirez used to help in their murders that would later give them extreme notoriety:

Jeffrey Dahmer:

•alcohol laced with sleeping pills (5 or 6)
•his hands or a leather strap (for strangulation)
•battery acid, hot water, etc., which he would pour into their heads
•a Polaroid camera, for taking pictures of his victims
•a power drill for drilling into their heads
•a power saw for dismembering them
•soilex (cleaning powder) to rid the skull of meat and hair
•various chemicals and acids to dissolve some of the dismembered parts
•formaldehyde to preserve some of them

Ted Bundy:

•his vehicle, a Volkswagen Beetle
•a crowbar to bludgeon his victims with
•various badges to gain trust from his victims (claimed he was a police officer or fire fighter)
•a cast, crutches, or heavy books to deceive his victims into “helping” him
•fire, to burn the victims’ clothing
•two different types of masks
•trash bags
•an ice pick
•other burglary items
•a Polaroid camera to take pictures of his victims
•makeup that he would occasionally put on the dead bodies of his victims

Richard Ramirez:

•tire iron
•electrical/telephone cords
•a lamp
•lipstick, to draw pentagrams

Cool Steampunk Costumes Ideas

Imagine a combination of present day Goth and futuristic Goth rolled into one! In fact is kind of trendy looking, and the appearance isn’t objectionable and brings on an edge! Picture Edward Scissorhands meets Elvira Mistress of the dark and Xena the Warrior Princess meets Sherlock Holmes meet. Sort of.

A few of the more common equipment involved in Steampunk attire is as follows:

Spats; old fashioned albeit with a funky Steampunk fashion
Fingerless gloves, leather of course
Buckles, buckles, and much more buckles… everywhere!
Machinist goggles, I actually don’t know what they’re riding but seemingly they need eye protection
Long old English jacket with tails, top hat or bowler (cane elective)

An entirely distinct look for Steampunk clothing to get a man is of a Victorian driver:

Pouch belt; this resembles something one might carry ammunition in, which gives a whole new meaning to the expression ‘road rage’
White ruffled top (with ammo…)
Brown suede coat with fur collar and 'badge’ of sorts

Another look for men, the 'Studly Gentleman’:

Bowler hat, monocle, handlebar moustache
Grey jacket with braided decorations, gold buttons at each braid-end (reminiscent of civil war jacket cosmetic design)

Now for the women:

Short skirts that are frilly yet somehow find a way to share a tough and rough outside
Small tops with lots of ruffles and sequined studs emitting the exact same atmosphere
And, you machinist goggles

Or possibly:

Tiny small bowler hat hair pinned to the top of her head, Janis Joplin -esque round glasses that are tinted
Leather choker with attached gold brooch, leather belts worn diagonally from shoulder all the way down to midsection (ammunition belt style)
Only a little brownish short vest on a tight short black dress, and kick butt, high heeled boots to die for!
Various bobbles, pocket watches, badges, trinkets, brooches, chains studded leather arm and wrist bands and as such function as Steampunk jewelry and accessories.

Steampunk and cyberpunk are often incorrectly connected with each other.


*EDIT: I made a mistake in the details about Alicein brothers’ duet (I think I automatically put Misono and Lily together, haha…..). OTL It’s amended now, sorry about that! :-(

Okay, now that I’ve finally finished liking all the GIFs and spoiler images of Episode 11…..

The cover of the new character song mini album is out! :D This CD, which is priced at ¥2,300 (tax exclusive) and will be released on 12 October 2016, consists of 5 songs by the Servamp-Eve pairs (except for poor Lily & Jeje and Tsubaki who has no Eve and probably hogging the mic from all his Subclasses, lol). Here’s the song list:

(“Mikansei DESTINATION”)
(Rough translation: “Unfinished DESTINATION”)
-> as heard in episode 11 of the anime
Sung by: Shirota Mahiru (Terashima Takuma) & Kuro (Kaji Yuki)

2.) さあ、その先の希望へと。
(“Saa, Sono Saki no Kibou he to.”)
(Rough translation: “Now, Let’s Advance to That Hope Ahead.“)
-> as heard in episode 10 of the anime
Sung by: Licht Jekylland Todoroki (Nobunaga Shimazaki) & Lawless (Kimura Ryouhei)

3.) おいでませ!ここは愉快な温泉郷
(“Oidemase! Koko ha Yukaina Onsenkyo”)
(Rough translation: “Welcome! This is the Hot Spring Paradise”)
Sung by: Sendagaya Tetsu (Ono Yūki) & Hugh the Dark Algernon III (Murase Ayumu)

4.) スパイラル*パンセ
(“Spairaru Panse”)
(Rough translation: “Spiral Pensée”)
Sung by: Alicein Misono (Shimono Hiro) & Alicein Mikuni (Kakihara Tetsuya)

5.) 憂鬱坂は今日も雨
(“Yuutsu Zaka ha Kyou mo Ame”)
(Rough translation: “It’s Raining Again Today at Melancholy Hill”)
Sung by: Tsubaki (Tatsuhisa Suzuki)

There are also bonuses if you buy at various shops: square badge (Animate), postcard (7Net), and A4 clear file (Animega).

Roxy’s Romantic Troubles

theneonwerewolf asked:

(apologies if you already explained this but) What do you make of Roxy and John holding hands and Roxy blushing? It kind of throws a bit of a wrench in the JohnVris, although we don’t know for sure how John feels. Me and my friends are predicting that part of Roxy’s arc is that she will be heartbroken once again. What is your take on it?

Hoo boy. 

Okay, this is going to be a long one, brace yourselves guys. And it’s going to be brutal. Apologies to JohnRox fans in advance. I swear on my gravestone I’m not trying to hate on the pairing. Yes, I’m not fond of it myself, and yes, JohnVris is my OTP, but I make a conscious effort to not it let inform my meta stuff. It will probably come off that way anyway though, FML, I try.


To put it bluntly: Evidence is pointing towards JohnRox crashing. Possibly hard. 

See, here the thing. JohnRox isn’t even about John’s character arc. I’m afraid JohnVris has that honor. It’s about *Roxy’s* character arc. It’s about her growth and the undercurrent of ‘wanting to find a boyfriend to make me happy’ that’s run through most of her story. Anyone else see a serious issue with the bolded line?

That’s a genuine problem for her. She has this idea in her head that a relationship is the key to happiness for her. That’s why she desperate, and hits on nearly everything. Like her ‘flirtLARPing’ with the Auto-Responder, while suggesting Dirk should be ‘more’ like the AR because the latter is willing to indulge her.

This was actually a red flag of how this is a problem for her. During one of her first pesterlogs with Dirk, she makes it clear she’s not very happy with Dirk being gay since it means he’s ‘off limits’:

‘Too bad he’s gay’? Does that sound like something you should say to a gay friend? Like, ever? Combine with the implication that Dirk should indulge her flirting every now and then, and, well…

To be fair to Roxy, she does realize it’s wrong:

But that doesn’t excuse the underlying issue of just how much Roxy has put stock into the idea of a boyfriend/husband being able to make her happy. To the point that Dirk has this very telling pesterlog post-Trickster pre-God Tier:

Dirk here reminds me of myself in a scarily similar situation. I had this friend who was really nice, had a crush on me, but I couldn’t recepriocate ‘cause I’m aro-asex. He respected it, but as he tried desperately to look for a girlfriend I felt guilty that I couldn’t just fall for him and help make him happy.

We aren’t in touch anymore, but in hindsight, I realized I shouldn’t have had to feel that way. Repeat after me: *No one* is entitled to a relationship. Those who believe a relationship will make them happy are effectively saying ‘I refuse to take responsibility for my own happiness. I want someone else to make me happy.’ Going into a relationship thinking that is a recipe for disaster. And that’s kinda Roxy’s issue…

Another notable incident is when, in her first pesterlog, she (intentionally or not) guilt-trips Jane by reminding her that she’s ‘being a good friend’ by having declared Jake ‘off-limits’ on account of Jane being interested in him. Because she would be *totally* all over him if it wasn’t for that and you should be grateful I’m sacrificing potential happiness for yours:

Got a little snarky there, sorry. I’m not dissing Roxy here, okay? She actually ranks up there in terms of favorite characters. But the emphasis she puts on romance shows signs of being unhealthy.

Like during the moon conversation post-Trickster:

She acts like the non-existance of a lovelife is a horrible, depressing thing. While she admits how ‘pathetic’ it is, if you keep in mind she thinks love=happiness it reads more as ‘Am I not allowed to find someone and be happy?’ I sorta want to shake her and yell, ‘You don’t NEED anyone to be happy!’

We had another name for a character like this before Act 6: Eridan:

Now, don’t get me wrong here. Roxy is nowhere *near* as horrible as Eridan. But they have similar ‘romantic desperation’ problems. See the above conversation, where Eridan just sees Nepeta as the ‘kittycat shipper girl’ and Karkat makes it clear that was wrong?

We’ve already seen a similar problem with Roxy towards John. To quote:

It brings up a question: Does Roxy really see John as his own person, or does she view him more as ‘Jake, with some of her best friend Jane’ mixed in?

It does NOT help that during her FIRST conversation with John, Roxy was already thinking this:

‘Boyfriend material’? What happened to, you know, being *friends* first? How can she think something like that when she knows practically *nothing* about John? She wasn’t even really listening when he was telling her about himself!:

If the Vriskagram upd8 proved anything, it’s that Hussie knows his characters, and that he knows what he’s doing with them. Roxy is probably no exception. She and John have had only, what, three or four conversations? And just within those conversations, I’m seeing some pretty worrying stuff. Like:

John expresses that he’s uncomfortable with the idea that Roxy is technically the mother of his friends. Roxy doesn’t have a problem with it, but it’s still a concerning disconnect.

Combined with signs she views him more as ‘Jake/Jane combo’ then an actual person, and it really doesn’t look good…

There are a couple other things I wanted to address.

First, there’s a point in Homosuck where Caliborn addresses the various ‘badges’ God Tiers receive as they level up. And there’s one he mentions that EXPLAINS SO FUCKING MUCH:

Read that underlined one. Read it over and over until it sinks in. THIS is why JohnVris was our first ‘serious’ romantic arc. Because Vriska, by virtue of having climbed many, many God Tier levels, must have that badge! Allowing her to pursue a romantic interest in John without it being ‘awkward.’

Roxy, being freshly God Tiered with no chance to level up, doesn’t have that badge. And given the conversation here:

It’s probably fair to say John doesn’t have the badge either.

The second thing is, the whole ‘forced romantic arc’ seems to be a reference to Roxy’s Wizardly Herbert story, which lampshades the very thing we’re seeing with JohnRox now (the story building romantic tension between them quickly):

Underlined something important: The characters in the story weren’t very happy with the ‘forced’ relationship either, and decided to just ‘ride it out,’ implying that they *wouldn’t* be getting together despite the story’s attempts otherwise.

These scenes help further establish the parallel:

Here’s the thing: The point of the Wizardly Herbert story was that the romantic tension was built up quickly in a forced manner and it was AWFUL. Even the characters admitted such!

The Wizardly Herbert story is often cited as ‘JohnRox’ evidence, but I think that’s missing the point. And it strikes me as self-defeating since the WH story was lampshading and parodying couples forced together by the story. I’m just saying, the parallel probably isn’t a *good* thing for a potential ship.

The last thing I want to address: The ring.

Well, given the Wizardly Herbert parallel above…

And there’s something extremely important to remember. Remember WHY John gave Roxy the Ring of Life?:

Because he wanted to help her help her friend, Calliope. There wasn’t anything romantic implied about this. It was just John, in his usual heroic way, deciding to help someone in trouble. Roxy, however, seems to read more into it…

Know what I think? I think the ring is a red herring. There’s some real signs of trouble in JohnRox. Especially on Roxy’s side. Look at her blush. ‘Squee! I finally found someone! I can finally be happy!’ But that’s the thing. She knows precisely *zip* about John. And given how for her love=happiness…It really, really doesn’t look good.

If/When the ship crashes, it will be in service of Roxy’s character arc. She needs to learn that she doesn’t need a guy, or anyone else, to be happy.

Apologies for using your ask as a springboard for a theory post, Neon, but it seemed like as a good an opportunity as any.

Hope you enjoyed!

On December 13, 1978, after obtaining a search warrant, investigators searched serial killer John Wayne Gacy’s home. Gacy was not home at the time of the search. Police found the following objects:

A jewelry box, in which law enforcement found two driver’s licenses and two rings. The first ring had “Maine West High School, Class of 1975″ etched onto it while the other had the initials J.A.S.

• A box containing marijuana and rolling papers

• Seven pornographic, Swedish movies

• Various types of pills, such as amyl nitrate and Valium

• A switchblade knife

• A stained rug

• Pictures of pharmacies and drugstores

•An address book

•A scale

• Plenty of books, most notably “Tight Teenagers,” “The Rights of Gay People,” “Bike Boy,” “Pederasty,” “Sex Between Men and Boys,” “Twenty-One Abnormal Sex Cases,” and “The American”

•A pair of handcuffs, complete with keys

•A 3 foot, 2x4 wooden plank with two holes drilled on each end

•A six mm Italian pistol

•Various police badges

•An 18-inch rubber dildo, which was found in the attic buried under insulation

•A hypodermic syringe and needle alongside a small, brown bottle

•Clothing that was irrefutably too small for Gacy

•A pharmacy receipt for a roll of film

•A nylon rope

My good friend went to Gallifrey One this past weekend.  She sent me some photos of the various badge-ribbons that she collected there.  The one with the celery completely cracks me up.

“If you ask me about my son-in-law I’ll regenerate and choke you”


my first giveaway!! if this goes good, i’ll probably do another, bigger one! :)


  • blink 182 aliens exist shirt
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DanganRonpa 3: The End of Kibougamine Academy.

As a friendly reminder, this is NOT a video game, nor is it the upcoming DanganRonpa V3 for the PS4/Vita.

This is the official anime sequel/conclusion to the original DanganRonpa series. Naegi and company’s story finale. V3 is supposedly a fresh reboot of the whole franchise.

New info out of Famitsu this week, so let’s go over some of the quick details, starting with Future Foundation characters from left to right:

  • Andou Ruruka
  • Izayoi Sounosuke
  • Kimura Seiko
  • Kizakura Kouichi
  • Sakakura Juuzou
  • Great Gozu (Ox Head Horse Guy Whatever Face)
  • Gekkougahara Miaya/Gekkouga Haramiaya/Gekkougaharami Aya/I DON’T KNOW.
  • Tengan Kasuo
  • Bandai Daisaku
  • Mitarai Ryouta
  • Munakata Kyousuke
  • Yukizome Chisa

Naegi, Kirigiri, Asahina, and Migakure are all back, along with Monokuma and Monomi(!?!!). All members of the Future Foundation where a badge on their person, serving as proof of their membership. While most members of the organization wear suits, some like to be a little more stylish, including placing the badge in various places on their outfit.

Conversations with my Husband

Me: “So what’s our budget for each other’s christmas gifts this year?”

Husband: “Ten quid each?”

Me: “Great!”

Husband: “Is there any Gays on Ice stuff for that?”

Me: “Hmmm…some here’s the link to a store.”

Husband: “Okay any of this stuff in particular?”

Me: *sends direct links to various different badges and charms etc*

Husband: “So basically you want all the gay.”

Me: “Pretty much.”