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Conversations with my Husband

Me: “So what’s our budget for each other’s christmas gifts this year?”

Husband: “Ten quid each?”

Me: “Great!”

Husband: “Is there any Gays on Ice stuff for that?”

Me: “Hmmm…some here’s the link to a store.”

Husband: “Okay any of this stuff in particular?”

Me: *sends direct links to various different badges and charms etc*

Husband: “So basically you want all the gay.”

Me: “Pretty much.”


The following is a list of items Jeffrey Dahmer, Ted Bundy, and Richard Ramirez used to help in their murders that would later give them extreme notoriety:

Jeffrey Dahmer:

•alcohol laced with sleeping pills (5 or 6)
•his hands or a leather strap (for strangulation)
•battery acid, hot water, etc., which he would pour into their heads
•a Polaroid camera, for taking pictures of his victims
•a power drill for drilling into their heads
•a power saw for dismembering them
•soilex (cleaning powder) to rid the skull of meat and hair
•various chemicals and acids to dissolve some of the dismembered parts
•formaldehyde to preserve some of them

Ted Bundy:

•his vehicle, a Volkswagen Beetle
•a crowbar to bludgeon his victims with
•various badges to gain trust from his victims (claimed he was a police officer or fire fighter)
•a cast, crutches, or heavy books to deceive his victims into “helping” him
•fire, to burn the victims’ clothing
•two different types of masks
•trash bags
•an ice pick
•other burglary items
•a Polaroid camera to take pictures of his victims
•makeup that he would occasionally put on the dead bodies of his victims

Richard Ramirez:

•tire iron
•electrical/telephone cords
•a lamp
•lipstick, to draw pentagrams