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“Gal Pals” is often code, not cluelessness.

The female lead actor in a huge movie franchise was recently seen at a public event enjoying the company of a woman friend.  Their body language led many observers to wonder about the nature of the relationship.  There was much mockery on tumblr of descriptions by the press of the two of them being “gal pals”.  

“Straights are clueless!”  “Heteronormativity makes people blind!”, etc.

Well, probably not, at least not in this particular circumstance.  Consider:  

1.  Press outlets have been blacklisted or sued for publishing information that stars, powerful agents, or studios haven’t wanted published, like the real romantic lives or sexual orientations of various actors.  This is less of an issue today, where more and more celebs come out casually in social media and whatnot, but it’s still an issue.  

2.  While the love lives of stars captures eyeballs, directly outing people is considered unethical by many outlets (and rightly so).  

3.  Many journalists who cover gossip and entertainment news are themselves not “clueless straights”.

So, code.  Euphemism.  Read unironically, “Gal pals” is a goofy, 30′s screwball comedy-esque way to describe a female friendship in 2017, but it’s a useful way to hint while skirting saying something outright that might be proven wrong later or get you into trouble.  The articles documenting say, K-Stew when she was constantly being seen out and about with various women, but before she started openly talking about her sexuality, weren’t written by idiots. “Gal pals” is the modern version of “confirmed bachelor”.
"The Truth According To Darren Wilson" A Narrative Scene Directed by Ezra Miller and Sol Guy
This narrative scene was inspired by Darren Wilson's first and only television interview. All dialogue was taken directly from Wilson’s post acquittal ABC in...

So I watched it. And here’s the summary. It’s four minutes long so you can watch it as well (especially if all you know about this is a screencap of an article one year old).

It starts off with the actor playing Darren reading Wilson’s post acquittal ABC interview with George Stephanopolous verbatim. “It was a normal day,” starts off the actor. Throughout the video, there are various shots of the actors hands clenching, his eyebrows furrowed, lots of blurring, lots of off-center shots. As you go on, it becomes more and more clear that this is actually portraying Darren as a liar. His words sound rehearsed, he is clearly not telling the truth but instead trying to portray himself as a victim. 

And sure enough, at the end, you hear a door open and a women saying “We’re ready for you,” and it moves to this shot:

He was rehearsing all of this in front of a mirror, before what I presume was the very ABC interview mentioned at the beginning.

TL;DR this was done very clearly to portray Darren as a scumbag who spewed the same rehearsed story every time to portray himself as a victim. This is no way suggests that Ezra or Sol support him, but in fact it clearly shows that they believe the exact opposite. 

And you know what’s the funniest thing? The video has only 166 views. Meaning, Twitter and Dumblr were reblogging the screenshots of the tweet or article and pretty much no one actually went out to watch the video. The article is also dated nearly a year ago, so someone actually went digging to find that.

I know that it’s the sexy thing to bandwagon and demonize someone over little to no context, but this is an actual serious matter, so take the time to watch the video before you reblog the screenshots and see if your opinion is still the same.

What I absolutely love about Rogue One is just how international it was. You have all these various actors in it, all playing important roles that not one of them was insignificant. Not one of them was overlooked or even overshadowed. I loved each and everyone one of them. 


There’s an indie game that was released at the end of April this year. It’s called Chroma Squad and it’s FUCKING AWESOME.

You like Tactical RPGs?

You like Mecha Battles with giant monsters?

You like the idea of creating your own Ranger team with different stunt actors of various races, genders, and abilities?

You like the option of having your Rangers being TONS OF DIFFERENT COLORS?



Well then what’re you waiting for?! Get Chroma Squad and get in on this action! Chroma Squad is available on GOG and Steam for $15 and $13.49 respectively. It’s a meaty, lengthy, deep experience. Check out the trailer if you’re interested. What’re you waiting for? Get it!

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jensen, misha & others respond some really weird questions 

& of cource jensen & misha have the best reactions/responces so they insert them all over the video

Thirsty? Really?

So, now Tom Hiddleston is a disappointment for a shirtless photoshoot? 

So, also RDJ must have been equally thirsty and a disappontment.

And Mark Ruffalo

And Idris Elba

And Chris Hemsworth

also, talking of Chrises

and what about Aaron Taylor Johnson? 

and let’s not forget Jeremy Renner

And they are just my fav ones in the MCU male cast. Randomly picked just because I can’t bother to seek for all of them. But I’m sure I could find ALL of them. 

And I am leaving the ladies out just because it seems to be mandatory for actress in hollywood to strip naked for sexy photoshoots, even the most serious and talented have done that at least one. I bet that most of the bloggers I have read complaining about how much disappointed they were by Tom, have plenty reblogged shirtless actors from various fandoms. 


Keye Luke (1904-1991), the Chinese-American actor whose Hollywood career spanned seven decades, made his screen debut in an uncredited supporting role in The Painted Veil (1934), but his big break came when he was cast as Lee Chan, detective Charlie Chan’s “Number One Son,” at Fox (soon to become Twentieth Century-Fox). The Chan series, starring Warner Oland, had begun several years earlier, but really hit its stride when Luke stepped in as a sleuthing sidekick and youthful comic foil for Oland. Both are seen below in Charlie Chan on Broadway (1937).

Luke appeared with Oland in eight of the Chan films, and their on-screen by-play was reflective of a genuine warmth between the two actors. Luke departed the series following Oland’s death in 1938 but remained active as a character actor for various studios. (He later reprised the Lee Chan role in the final two Chan films, produced at Monogram in the late 1940s, although by then he was slightly older than Roland Winters, the actor playing his father.)

Luke later scored a great success on Broadway in 1958 as a member of the original cast of Rodgers and Hammerstein’s Flower Drum Song, and he also became a familiar presence on network television, both as a frequent guest star and in the recurring role of Master Po on the Kung Fu series from 1972 to 1975. He made memorable big-screen appearances in The Chairman (1969), opposite Gregory Peck, and in both Gremlins films for director Joe Dante. His final role was as Dr. Yang in Woody Allen’s Alice (1990).

What’s less well known about Keye Luke, however, is that his initial ambition – and his first employment in Hollywood – was not as an actor but as an artist. Although born in China, he grew up in Seattle, and showed great talent from an early age. His youthful work included cartoons and beautiful line drawings for his high school newspaper and yearbook, and upon graduation he established himself as a commercial artist.

His first job after coming to Los Angeles in 1928 was as an advertising illustrator for Fox West Coast Theatres, and he was soon hired to create special advertising art for Grauman’s Chinese Theatre. He also executed several of the theatre’s interior murals, and occasionally designed elaborate souvenir programs for selected film premieres, among them King Kong (seen below), Little Women and Strange Interlude. He was working as an artist in the publicity department at RKO when his former boss there, who had moved on to M-G-M, asked him to come over and test for the role in The Painted Veil.

The Academy’s Margaret Herrick Library Special Collections has recently received, as a gift from Mr. Luke’s granddaughter, the Keye Luke papers, a collection of his career memorabilia that includes numerous examples of his movie ad artwork from the early 1930s. Concurrently with his acting career, Luke lectured on art and exhibited his work in many venues, while still receiving occasional art-related assignments from the studios – as when he was hired to paint several large murals for the interior of Mother Gin Sling’s exotic dining room in Josef von Sternberg’s The Shanghai Gesture (1941), seen below (with actress Ona Munson).

He was also known to sketch portraits or caricatures of his fellow actors, many of which are also included in the Library’s collection. Below he shows his drawings to actresses Loretta Young (as she appears in The Farmer’s Daughter, 1947) and Anna May Wong.

Anyone ever think about the quote from various writers/actors of TBBT about the moms? About how despite their love for their respective mothers, Leonard and Sheldon each had the mother that the other wanted/needed?

Anyone ever think about how similar Penny is to Mary, both having grown up in the rural midwest, not being the bookish kinda smart but still wise in their own right, and possessing natural mothering instincts, especially towards Sheldon? Ever think about how similar Amy is to Beverly, both straightforward and painfully blunt, both with backgrounds in neuroscience, both one of the few people Sheldon ever respected as an intellectual equal?

Anyone ever think of how in Leonard dating Penny and Sheldon dating Amy, they both finally found the female figure in their lives they had so desperately craved since they were born, yet still with some of the characteristics of their original mothers (Penny’s lack of fear in calling Leonard out on his crap, Amy’s gentleness and patience with Sheldon), making them the perfect respective mates for Leonard and Sheldon?

Because I do.


He had waited for a good job - a bigger job, something more exciting than just driving in circles or winding around a dirt road. If he was going to take Thompson to see his work, he wanted to make it worthwhile. 

He had picked the man up at his apartment and driven out to a piece of town that had been sectioned-off, not too difficult a feat considering the rather rundown area. But upon arrival, the place was quite populated - filled out with camera equipment, the people who operated the camera equipment, actors, other various coordinators that went into making a movie scene, and all the accompanying trailers and transportation that had gotten them here.

EMT personnel stood by their ambulance, too, which was perhaps telling of the nature of the day’s filming.

“Might have to sit around a little while stuff gets ready,” Jacket cautioned his passenger once he had parked. “They might be finishing up another scene… Then they gotta get the new scene ready, get me ready.. It’s all a lot of…” Jacket smiled, made a vague motion with his hand. “.. stuff.” He lifted his door open to exit the DeLorean, swept his gaze over the groups of people in search of his stunt coordinator. “I’ll introduce you, get you the NDA stuff to sign,” he explained.

I ran out of queue.

I mean don’t get me wrong, I have like ten thousand posts in “drafts” of various Marvel actors being meatballs, just waiting for Robert Downey Jr. to advise them, but being as wise as RDJ is hard work, okay, and I did not come onto this social media site to work hard

What I’m saying is if I seem quiet today it’s not that I’m sad or dead or anything it’s just that I’m three weeks behind on comics reading and I need RDJ to come relieve me in the advising department. :D