variety: gamushara


Gamushara 2014.11.08 II

The first two ‘girls’ completed their missions without a hitch. But when it came to Matsukura-chan it got close to failing. For one, the mission was to buy pump shoes and with his 26 cm feet it was suspicious enough but he didn’t really bother to change his walking style or voice so it was pretty clear the employee girl found out his secret. However, she didn’t say anything and he was able to come back with his new purchase. I bet working in Harajuku you’d have seen odder things than a crossdressing gyaru. 

Last one to go was Iwahashi. But before he even made it to the shop some girl passing by called out his name. And he could just keep walking, she’d probably just think she was mistaken but he freaked out and began to run failing the mission. Iwahashi’s mission was “present for the boyfriend”. I guess Jin will not get his present but he’ll probably be happy just watching this episode.

Also in the 2014.12.27 episode they show a deleted scene from the show where they go and ask men in the street who they would date out of the four. The 3 dudes they asked all chose the charming Taiga. However, when he got out of the car to face one of those dudes he said “Is that an impostor?” Wow, rude.