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me @ those haters who’re trying to smear super junior members

EXO Ranks #4 on Forbes Korea 2017 Power Celebrity List!

1. Park Bogum
2. Song Joongki
4. EXO
5. BTS
6. Suzy 
7. Song Hyekyo
8. Kim Yoojung
9. Jo Jungsuk
10. Oh Seunghwan
11. I.O.I

EXO ranks #1 in sales (매출) and #1 professionalism/expertise (전문성)! EXO also ranks #24 in media (미디어) and #26 in broadcast (방송).

매출 = Total sales/Total income = #1
(Appearance fee, CF, reported overseas income)

전문성 = Professionalism = #1
(Gaon Digital and Physical sales)

미디아 = Media exposure = #24
(Number of appearances in top 3 newspapers, 8 main magazines)

방송 = Broadcast activities = #26
(CF appearances, appearances on talk shows & variety shows)

EXO’s previous rankings
2014: #5
2015: #1
2016: #1

Congratulations EXO!

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i dont really know how to explain how nice is being part of the monsta x fandom,. monbebes are truly nice people trying to make the boys proud of themselves and their hard work. i dont think we can consider ourselves a small fandom but i know we are not really large yet, but monbebes work really hard for the boys, we support them in the way we can. you will never see monbebes bashing other groups, cause we are only here to make our boys happy, because we dont want to see them feeling guilty for not achiving high goals. we are slowly getting there, things just get better. even tho its been almost two years since their debut they improved so much, some members feel more comfortable talking on variety shows, other members are appearing on commercials and dramas, other members are composing and producing their own songs. i hope that with every comeback monsta x gains new fans. i promise you its worth it.

Why Running Man Was a Game Changer

Maybe Newer kpop fans may not know the hype behind that variety show. The past year or so it’s been kinda weird, but as a whole series, running man was epic. The original concept of hide and seek tag is amazing, because especially as a non korean fan, who might not get some of the humor on talk variety shows, seeing physical comedy through slapstick and just these grown ass people running around to rip off name tags was hilarious. Another thing is that the Cast members are amazing. Some shows,  you only watch the episodes your faves are on. on running man, you could be entertained by the regular cast, it didn’t matter who the guests were, or if there even were guests that week, it was fun. And all the members are just really kind people, they take care of guests so well. In some shows, if a guest doesn’t vibe well with the show and its regulars they’ll just be in the back, edited out with a few seconds of screen time. But the running man cast makes an effort to have the guests engaged in the show. even the quietest idols will somehow get an integral part in the episode because the cast members find a way to adapt to the guests personalities and actions. That’s something I find very rare. I love the original 7, their characters, Monday couple, Ace Jihyo, Tiger/Sparta JongKook, Grasshopper Jaesuk, Haroro, Impala Sukjin, Giraffe Kwangsoo, Squid Gary… I even remember Lizzy and Joong-ki… I’m sad it’s gonna end this way, with SBS backstabbing the members, who have stayed loyal to the show, who made this show the greatness that it is… But overall i encourage any kpop fans not familiar with the series to watch some older episodes, because it’s so funny and worth the time.

MC: *mentions girl group dances*


SEVENTEEN’s Hoshi Talks About How He Became A Big Fan Of SHINee

Seventeen guests on this week’s episode of the variety and talk show “Star Show 360,” and Hoshi, the group’s representative Shawol, gets to talk about his love for SHINee!
When the hosts announce that one of the topic titles is “A Successful Fan,” the guys immediately point towards Hoshi, who acknowledges it’s about him right away.
“I’ve always liked SHINee,” says Hoshi. He adds that his dad is acquaintances with Taemin’s uncle, and so he received one of their albums as a gift.
“I used to listen to their music every night before I went to sleep,” he says. “Their songs are so great.”
Hosts Tak Jae Hoon and Super Junior’s Leeteuk joke that since Hoshi’s not a fan of them, they’re not really able to focus on what he’s saying. Everyone cracks up as they tell him to keep talking while they chat on their own, so Hoshi laughs and adds, “When I got to see them in real life, I was so happy.” 
The hosts then give Hoshi another chance to talk about SHINee, and so he says, “They made me dream of becoming a singer.” As they jokingly pretend to talk over him again, Hoshi adds that he thought the album was so great and pretty that he felt like he should buy a copy too. 

BIGBANG’s “Happy Together” Episode to Be Aired as 100-Minute Special

BIGBANG’s “Happy Together” Episode to Be Aired as 100-Minute Special


The upcoming episode of “Happy Together” featuring all of the members of group BIGBANG will be broadcast for longer than the usual allotted time, which means more BIGBANG filling up your screen!

The next episode of KBS’ variety talk show “Happy Together,” which will be hitting the air this coming May 21, is scheduled to be aired as a 100-minute “BIGBANG Special,” without any other guests.

It is…

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GOT7’s Jackson Explains His Top 3 Biggest Culture Shocks in Korea

GOT7 members Yugyeom and Youngjae recently made an appearance alongside fellow group member Jackson on “Quiz to Change the World” to discuss the topic of Korean culture.

On the March 7 broadcast of MBC’s variety talk show “Quiz to Change the World,” Jackson was one of the main guests on the show’s ‘lonely people’ special.

During the episode, Yugyeom and Youngjae joined Jackson in a brief video clip in which Jackson said to Yugyeom, “Don’t you know the things that I couldn’t understand about the culture when I first came to Korea?”

The three of them then started to talk about Jackson’s top three biggest culture shock experiences in Korea, starting out with food: “Why do people always have to eat ‘danmuji’ (pickled radish) with ‘jajangmyeon’ (black bean sauce noodles)? I don’t understand.”

The second one was related to a greeting that literally translates to ‘you went through a lot of trouble.’ Jackson explained, “In Hong Kong, they just say ‘good job’ after a program finishes.”

The last culture shock he introduced was a compliment about a physical feature: “In China, saying that someone’s head or face looks small is a tease. I couldn’t understand how having a small head could be a compliment [when I first came to Korea].”


The hard numbers on Sunday night’s Primetime Emmy Awards told a story that could look a little dull to the glancing eye.

HBO, representing the old guard of premium television at a time when more players are getting attention than ever, won 14 of the night’s trophies, leaving the closest competitor — Comedy Central, with four — in the dust. Game Of Thrones, an extravagantly costumed fantasy epic that’s been nominated five times, won for Outstanding Drama Series. Veep, which has been nominated four times, won for Outstanding Comedy Series and its star, Julia Louis-Dreyfus, won her sixth Emmy. Jon Stewart mostly cleaned up in the Variety Talk Show category, as he has approximately a zillion times in the past, and HBO’s Olive Kitteridge rolled over everybody else in most of the Limited Series categories.

There were parts of it, in short, that felt like an Emmy ceremony that could have happened 10 years ago, despite the entry of new networks like Netflix and Amazon and new shows like John Oliver’s fantastic and genuinely provocative Last Week Tonight.

And yet: it turned out to be a pretty great show.

There’s A Story There: Why The Emmys Rocked Even As HBO Rolled

Photo: Viola Davis poses with her Emmy on Sunday night. Credit: Mark Davis/Getty Images

Minho and Lee Ji Hoon...

SHINee member Minho recently stepped up as a special one-day host for MBC’s variety talk show “Radio Star” in place of Super Junior’s Kyuhyun. During the broadcast, actor Lee Ji Hoon showcased his ‘three level kiss,’ of which the youngest MC, Minho, became a victim.  

Lee Ji Hoon, who is also called the ‘lip king’ due to his plump lips, was asked, “Do you really kiss during the kiss scenes in musicals?” to which he answered that he does. The MCs then requested that Lee Ji Hoon reenact his kiss scene with Minho. After the reenactment, Minho shared, “I couldn’t breathe. It made my heart beat fast. There’s a reason why women fall for him”, causing laughter.

(Source, soompi)

BTS, VIXX, And I.O.I To Feature On New Variety Show "Star Show 360"

BTS, VIXX, And I.O.I To Feature On New Variety Show “Star Show 360”

External image

The new variety and talk show “Star Show 360” will soon feature groups VIXX, I.O.I, and BTS!

The MBC every1 and MBC Music show “Star Show 360” held a press conference on September 19 on the day of its premiere episode, which stars EXO. According to the show’s producing director (PD) Park Chan Wook, the show has filmed up to episode three so far. “EXO, VIXX, and I.O.I have filmed appearances,” he…

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