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Hi! I love your blog and was wondering if you could help me with somethings about SJ. After 2 years I finally managed to get a friend to become an elf and she asked me vs to watch with SJ, but I only have been able to point out Explorers of the Human Body and a few others, but I don't remember much of programmes to recommend. Could you help me with some tips of what to show her? Thank you and I'm sorry if I made a mistake with my English, it's not my first language and sometimes I get confused!

Hello! Thank you so much! Here is a list of some of their shows since 2005:

Super Junior Show
Super Adonis Camp
Mystery 6
Full House
Super Junior Mini-Drama
Super Junior Animal Farm
Super Junior’s Music Diary
Explore The Human Body
Unbelievable Outing 
Attack on Pin-Up Boys

Star King with Super Junior 
Strong Heart with Super Junior
Super Junior Kiss The Radio
Let’s Go! Dream Team with Eunhyuk
Intimate Note with Super Junior
Super Junior Foresight
Super Junior Star Life Theater
High Society with Super Junior
Shinhwa Broadcast with Super Junior
Super Junior Guest House
Super Junior Devil’s Feast
One Fine Day (in Switzerland)

Boys in City 1 - Kuala Lumpur
Boys in City 2 - Tokyo
Boys in City 3 - Hong Kong
Boy in City 4 - Paris

Memories in Hawaii - Aloha, Mahalo
All About Super Junior (Treasure Within Us) 

SJ Returns 
Running Man with Super Junior 
Weekly Idol with Super Junior (ep 328 and 329)
Home Shopping with Super Junior 



The Sammy Davis Jr. Show (1966)

In the fall of 1965, Davis made a special for ABC called Sammy and His Friends and signed a contract with the network which said that he was legally prohibited from appearing on any other network show during the three weeks leading up to the broadcast of the special. In October 1965, Davis met with NBC about getting his own TV series, one which would start in January 1966. ABC then scheduled to air Sammy and His Friends on February 1, which meant that after the debut of The Sammy Davis Jr. Show on January 7, the show was hosted by other people for the following three weeks. The guest host was first Johnny Carson, then Sean Connery, and finally Jerry Lewis. The show was cancelled soon after Davis returned.


Lee DaeHwi

- likely to be in charge of girl group dance

- american lad to introduce wanna one in english

- pouts at least once

- gets the blame when they get random play dance wrong

- shoe lifts talk and the members all shut up in case he drags more people down with him this time

- nothing to lose so he reveals every members shoe lift height

Kim Jae Hwan

- god’s voice

- psychotic laughter somewhere along the way

- called out for his laughter and it becomes even more sadistic sounding

- talent time and pulls a guitar out of nowhere

- no agency rich kid

Lai Guan Lin

- asked to introduce himself in chinese but doesnt sound right

- tries again in english but sounds odd too

- what langugage does this boy speak in really???

- intrigues mc with how he’s a foreigner trainee but debut after 6 months  

- throw back to when ioi called guanlin out to freestyle dance

- re-dance iconic troublemAKER

- maknae but most manly and smirks a lot

Kang Daniel

- replay his sexy solo shots

- forced to recreate those scenes 

- half the members are in awe and the rest r cringing their lives away 

- thigh grabbing and open up’s opening scene

- actually a cinnamon roll

- talks about his cats excessively

Park JiHoon 

- jeOJANG gugugaga & his doubtful fashion choices

- popping skills 

- wink ending cut and asked to shoot cfs on the spot 

- extreme good looks 

- is actually very extra even if he doesnt look like it

Ong Seong Woo

- good looking + facial expressions on point 

- says he has actor vibes… actually a actor trainee

- actually hits the slate for once

- in the running for wanna one’s best dancer

- too well rounded

Park Woo Jin

- everyone waiting for him to lose random play dance so that they can show his dark past

- shows his embarrassing history anyway

- 180 change from his low n deep n sexy rap voice

- FINALLY shows us his satoori rap

- teased for his satoori and tries to use seoul accent more but it sounds even funnier when he pays more attention to it

Bae Jin Young

- where’s his face its too small i cant find it

- joins idol line of visual wonder with astro’s eunwoo

- probably will be edited out a lot this shy boy  

Ha Sung woon

- most likely to mess up on random play dance

- spongebob imitation

- verified as the mother of the team and shows us a whats-in-your-bag challenge

- pulls out health drinks n makeup n sunblock n food n sunglasses n hair dryer n neck pillow n idk is his bag doraemon’s pouch or something

- did he sell his soul for that skin condition

- competes with jaehwan for high notes

Yoon Ji Sung 

- funnier than the mcs

- recreate iconic facial expression

- called out on his age but he knew it was coming 

- madam yoon gossip session revealing everything about his members

- likely to be caught for messing up random play dance and blames someone else before he gets punished

Hwang Min Hyun 

- just… good looking no matter what he does

- actor face & boyfriend idol

- probably asked to act out a boyfriend scene while singing a ballad (jihoon would swoon the most lets be honest)

- gets caught for making a mistake but let off bcos of how good looking he is

- remember minhyun’s freestyle dance from produce’s audition