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Cheap Vegan Essentials

Below is a short list of foods which I think should be in the basket of every new vegan when they go on that first vegan shopping trip. Prices will vary according to location, but in the vast majority of places these foods will be some of the cheapest items in any supermarket.  You can find a selection of simple recipes that make use of these items as their main ingredients here.

  • Rice: Rice is an extremely cheap and filling staple. A cup of rice contains roughly 45 grams of carbohydrates and 4-5 grams of protein. In an airtight container it lasts around 6 months. It is even cheaper when bought in bulk. 

  • Beans: Beans are one of the most accessible protein sources and have been a staple around the world for thousands of years. Just one cup of soybeans, for example, contains a massive 28.62 grams of protein, while even standard baked beans contain around 14 grams. They also contain lysine, which is missing from most other plant sources.

  • Chickpeas: Chickpeas can be purchased very cheaply canned, and in large bags in bulk if you’re willing to prep them yourself.  Each cup contains about 15 grams of protein, tonnes of fibre as well as magnesium and folate. 

  • Lentils: Similar to chickpeas, lentils can be bought canned or in large bags as bulk products. A cup of cooked lentils contains a massive 18 grams of protein, they also lower cholesterol, improve heart health and help stabilise blood sugar. 

  • Oats: Oats are very cheap, can be bought in bulk and have great shelf life. They are high in protein, fibre, and B12; they are even thought to help lower blood pressure and cholesterol. 

  • Cereals: Most cereals, especially supermarket’s own brand products are very cheap. Whole grain cereals like bran or oat based products are high in fiber, calcium and iron, and most are fortified with B vitamins.

  • Pasta:  Pasta is another great product to always have on hand, it is one of the least expensive items in any supermarket, can be bought in bulk and has a very long shelf life. Depending on the type, pasta can be a good source of fibre and carbohydrates; it is a high energy food and is very filling.

  • Potatoes: Potatoes are one of the cheapest foods available in most supermarkets, at an average of just $0.56 per pound. They are versatile, filling and despite their reputation as unhealthy, they are an excellent source B6 and a good source of potassium, copper, vitamin C, manganese, phosphorus, niacin, dietary fiber, and pantothenic acid.

  • Sweet potatoes: Sweet potatoes are as versatile as white potatoes, are high in vitamins B6, C, D, iron, magnesium and potassium. They’re also a more balanced source of energy than white potatoes, as their natural sugars release slowly, avoiding blood-sugar spikes.

  • Noodles: Many varieties of noodles are vegan, they are very cheap and last a long time. Noodles are very filling and contain high levels of B vitamins, vitamin E, magnesium, iron, riboflavin, and calcium.

  • Nut butters: Depending on the type, nut butters can be purchased very cheaply and in large quantities. It has a surprisingly good shelf life, is an excellent source of heart healthy fats and is very high in protein. 

  • Falafel: Falafel is usually cheap to buy pre-made but it is even cheaper when made at home just using chickpeas and spices. It is filling, can be used to make great vegan burgers and is a good source of protein, fat and soluble fibre. 

  • Hummus: Though buying pre-prepared hummus is usually relatively cheap, it is far more cost effective to make your own in larger quantities, depending on the recipe you usually only need chickpeas, tahini and  lemon. 

  • Couscous: Couscous can be great in salad or as its own side dish, it is cheap to buy and is a convenient option since it is so easy to prepare. It is a good source of lean protein, dietary fibre and B vitamins. 

  • Tofu: Tofu has an odd reputation for being expensive, quite probably among people who have never bought it. Tofu has been a Chinese staple for thousands of years, it is now widely available in supermarkets and is far cheaper than comparable animal products, averaging less than $2 per pound. It is filling and is high in both protein and calcium.

  • Tempeh: Tempeh is similar to tofu in price and use, but has a different texture and slightly different nutritional properties. The fermentation process and its retention of the whole bean give it a higher content of protein, dietary fibre and vitamins compared to tofu, as well as firmer texture and a stronger flavour

  • Seitan: Seitan is made with wheat gluten and is extremely high in protein, as well as being one of the cheapest sources of protein per dollar when made at home and is around the same price as low quality beef in stores. It has a steaky texture and is very filling.

  • Frozen fruit/vegetables: Large bags of mixed frozen vegetables can be bought extremely cheaply almost anywhere. Despite popular opinion to the contrary, frozen vegetables are almost as healthy as fresh produce since they are frozen while fresh and don’t endure the loss of nutrients associated with long travel and extended shelf time. Frozen fruit like mixed berries can be a cheap way to prepare smoothies or dessert.

  • Canned fruit/vegetables: Having a few cans of fruit or vegetables around is always a good idea, things like canned peas or corn can be a side on their own, canned peaches or orange pieces are an instant dessert and canned tomatoes can be used to make sauces. 

  • Bananas: Bananas are one of the cheapest fruits available, especially when bought in bulk and deserve a mention based on their nutritional value and their versatility. They can be used in desserts, as a healthy snack and can be used to make cheap vegan ice cream.

  • Citrus Fruits: Citrus fruits like lemon, orange and limes are cheap to buy in bunches, especially when in season and can be eaten as a healthy snack or used as a cheap way to add flavour to existing dishes. 

  • Vegetable stock: Vegetable stock is good to have around for a variety of purposes; it will add flavour to any dish from gravies to soups and roast dinners. It is extremely cheap and relatively healthy if you go for a low sodium option.

  • Olives: Olives are a healthy source of fat, they are thought to have anti-inflammatory properties and contribute to good health health, as well as being good sources of iron. They can be bought in large jars very cheaply and can be a healthy snack. 

  • Olive Oil: Thought to be the healthiest oil to cook with, it is heart healthy and can be used to add flavour to a variety of dishes like pastas and salad.

  • Spinach: Spinach is often called a super-food in terms of nutritional content, it is is high in niacin and zinc, as well as protein, fiber, calcium, iron and a multitude of vitamins. You can also buy large bags of pre-prepared spinach very cheaply.

  • Kale: Kale has a different flavour and texture to spinach, but has similar uses. It is a great source of dietary fibre and is packed with nutrients, vitamins, folate and magnesium. Even a 500g bag should only set you back around $2.50. 

  • Bread: Many new vegans assume bread is off limits, but many breads are vegan. Even speciality loafs are very cheap considering the amount of meals they can contribute towards, and they can be a good source of carbohydrates and protein. 

  • Plant Milks: Plant milks have an undeserved reputation for being expensive, this is only in comparison to heavily subsidised dairy milks, though even then the price is comparable, in fact, some supermarket’s own brands are even cheaper. Plant milks are packed with calcium and are usually supplemented with vitamins B6 and B12.

  • Non-Dairy Spreads: Non-dairy spreads can be made form a variety of sources, from soy or olives to coconut oil. They tend to be comparable to dairy butter in terms of calcium, but without the unhealthy fats and cholesterol. They are usually priced similarly or cheaper than their dairy counterparts.

  • Peppers: Peppers tend to be very cheap to pick up in large bags, particularly bell peppers. They can be stretched over several meals, and can add flavour and texture to curries, stir fries and salads.

  • Nutritional Yeast: Seen as something of a speciality health food, nutritional yeast is actually very cheap, lasts a long time and is one of the best sources of vitamin B12. It has a nutty, cheesy taste, so you can use it in place of anything you’d usually sprinkle cheese on. It is also great in soups and when used to make “cheesy”, creamy sauces. 

  • Flax seeds: Each tablespoon of ground flax seed contains about 1.8 grams of  omega-3s. It is included in this list as they make a great egg substitute in baking, can be sprinkled on cereal, yogurt or oatmeal. It is cheap to buy, and even a small packet lasts a long time.
  • Dark chocolate: Dark chocolate is not only far healthier than milk chocolate, it is usually cheaper to buy in the same quantities and is far more filling. It is versatile for use in baking and desserts and is a healthy snack in small quantities.

  • Selected Produce: Fresh vegetables are not always expensive. Seasonal vegetables are usually cheap in most supermarkets, but some vegetables like carrots, turnips, onions, cabbage and cauliflower are inexpensive all year round, and can often be bought on offer or as “irregular” (but still perfectly edible) for even less.
  • Herbs and Spices: Having a range of spices on hand is always a good idea; things like cumin and garlic can add depth and flavour to simple meals and they last a very long time. Investing in a good spice rack and some curry powder will save you money in the long term.
[ Why I Love ] - Chpt. 19

 To Be Alone With You 

Negan x Addison

A/N: I’m going to try updating this fic series once or every other week :3 I’m not quite sure when my next update for my Jason fic will be or if I’ll even continue it we shall see ¯\_(ツ)_/¯. Please let me know if you want to be on or off the tag lists <3 xxx

Chapter 18 || Masterlist 

(gif by @mypapawinchester


Birds chirped melodically as the sun rose. The gentle rays lit through my window and painted a soft, yellow square on the dark floor.

I can’t remember the last time I heard birds sing to announce the breaking dawn. In another life, I would have resented their bothersome noise but in this moment I felt an overwhelming sense of gratitude for the familiarity which they brought back.

My head weighed a ton and my eyes were dry after last night’s emotional release.

That’s when I remembered clinging onto Negan like a child as I purged all my tears on his shoulder. He maneuvered me into his arms, gently leaning back against the bed and holding me close. His fingers stroked my hair, while he sat there quietly and allowed me to have my moment. I should have been petrified by my outburst, but instead I’m oddly comforted and completely surprised by his response. Eventually the exhaustion took over, and after managing to synchronize my breathing with his, I drifted off into deep sleep.

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BTS React to You Trying to Tell Him Your Pregnant

When you go about trying to get him to realize you’re pregnant without coming right out and saying it.

RAP MONSTER: Namjoon made it no secret that he loved seeing you wearing your red converse. So, you went out and bought baby red converse because one they were super adorable and it was the perfect thing to tell Nam you were pregnant without actually coming right out and saying it. When you get home you take the baby shoes from the box and coo over how adorable they were. All you could see was a tiny version of Namjoon wearing these shoes! You made sure to place them in the bedroom where Nam would see them. “[Y/N], is one of your friends having a baby”, he asks while admiring the baby converse. In your mind you were screaming yes, my best friend but he’s still being clueless. “Aren’t they the cutest thing ever”, you question avoiding answering his question for as long as you possibly could. Glancing back at you, “no”, he replies. What? He didn’t find them cute? Did this mean he wasn’t ready for children? Too late for that now buddy you should’ve thought about that before you….you’re the cutest thing I’ve ever seen", he says breaking you from your thoughts. Seeing you’re crawling into bed he follows you, “so is a friend having a baby”, he asks again as he flops down on his pillow. Shaking your head gently is all you could bring yourself to do. Telling him wasn’t an option. OK, it was but it’s not what you wanted. “Cool, do I know her”, he says looking over at you. Shaking your head once more you get a glimpse of his shoulders shrug as he turns over. Another night is going to slip by and he still has no clue that’s he’s going to be a Daddy! Why hasn’t he figured this out already you wondered as you rolled over to glare at his back. “It’s a he and you do know him”, you whisper. He turns over enough to be able to hear you better, “well, who is he?” Honestly, if you didn’t know better you’d never guess his IQ was what it was based on his cluelessness right now. “Kim Namjoon, are you seriously this cluesless? Red converse, BABY red converse! Enlighten me baby on who you think I’m talking about.” He jumps out of bed and walks over to grab the shoes and spins back around smiling like such a cute goofball that you know he’s finally put two an two together. Flopping back down on the bed beside you he holds the shoes up, “I’m the friend, right? Sweetheart, please tell me I’m the friend?” Yet again all you could manage to do was shake your head, but this time you were shaking it meaning yes.

JIN: It was the perfect thing to do. Dinner would be ready to serve or already on the table by the time he got home. Everything he’d have on his plate would be of the baby variety. Baby pasta with mixed baby veggies and baby back ribs. He should figure it out rather quick unless he was too tired and then you’d have to think of something else. “Princess, you should’ve waited and I’d helped with dinner”, he says as he comes up behind you wrapping his arms around you. “I know, but I wanted to have dinner already done by the time you got home so go wash up now, handsome.” Placing the plates down on the table as he walks back in the kitchen. Listening to him tell you about his day and how tired he is you start losing hope that he’s not going to figure it out. “Why aren’t you eating princess”, he questions looking at you with concern in his eyes. It wasn’t that the food didn’t look good to you because it did and the aroma was divine. You just thought this was a clear giveaway to what was really going on here but maybe it wasn’t to Jin. It wasn’t like you two didn’t ever eat this type of meal because you did, it just wasn’t ever all baby before tonight. “I’ll do the dishes, you go lie down and rest”, he gently instructs you. He wasn’t going to get an agreement out of you on this matter. No longer being able to fight hungry you make your way back to the kitchen, “babe, I couldn’t help noticing that dinner tonight was completely baby style. By some chance was I suppose to realize you were telling me we’re having a baby?” You happily giggle and nod your head at his words.

SUGA: There was no two ways about it Yoongi and you both loved your sleep, but how would he feel about the baby that was coming? A baby who like all babies would cry out in the middle of the night. Would he get adjusted to it alright? Would he just sleep through it or would he get up himself to check on his son? Time would tell how Yoongi would react. “Yoongi, if our future son cried out in the middle of the night would you get up to check on him”, you ask while you attempt to fall asleep one night. When he doesn’t answer right away you snuggle close to your rapper thinking he’s already asleep. “Isn’t that the mother’s job”, you hear him mumble. Did that mean he had no intentions of ever getting up at night to care for his son? Lifting your head you giggle while asking, “and just what’s the Daddy’s job then?” Opening one eye as he smirks, “sleep!” You just bury your head into him because you couldn’t have a serious conversation with him when he was like this. You couldn’t deny you loved his answer though. A few days later you hear Yoongi call your name and you make your way toward him. He was playing something you didn’t recognize but it was sweet nonetheless. “What’s in front of us”, he asks while softly playing whatever song he was playing, “baby grand piano.” You see he nods his head but just continues playing. Trying to figure out what that was all about you realize he’s stopped playing and has turned to face you, “is it possible that the other night my baby was telling me she’s having our baby?”

J-HOPE: He had always been the one you ran too over every little thing since you two became friends. It wasn’t like you to keep secrets from him but this pregnancy was remaining a secret for the time being. You wanted to see if he could figure it out on his own, with a few little remarks here and there, of course. Cuddling back against him on the sofa one night you show him the cutest little baby ballerina slippers, you didn’t care about the outfit the slippers is what caught your eye. He just laughs at you going on and on how adorable they were. “Do you want your children to have a love for dancing like you”, you ask him. “I want them to chase after their dreams, my love, whether that be dancing or not.” Snuggling closer against him as you become sleepy. “Hobi?” You mumble as you start to doze off. “I know, my love” and with that you sit up asking, “you know what?” Taking your hand he leads you to the bathroom and points to the home pregnancy box on the counter top. Didn’t I throw that away, you thought. “You went through our trash? That’s gross Hoseok!” Laughing he pulls you into his arms, “no, because you’re right it is gross, you threw the test result itself away but left the box right where you see it.”

V: Tae was one who never had any trouble getting you to smile or laugh. That was one thing you loved about him. No matter your mood he would always find a way to put a smile back in your face. He could even manage to make you smile when you were mad at him. Which was completely unfair, but it’s probably what kept fights from spinning out of control. As you watched him making faces as he looked in the mirror you could see the baby you had just recently found out you were carrying imitating Taehyung’s every single move. Smiling at the thought of that you hear, “I see that smile on your face beautiful.” Smiling bigger now you think this smile is because of you, Tae but the one earlier wasn’t. “Do you picture your mini me copying your every move”, you ask him. He starts giving his thinking face and there you go again smiling because he makes the cutest faces ever. “I don’t guess I have, why?” Shrugging you just try to brush the question off as if it was nothing. He slowly makes his way over to you with that look in his eye. You’ve seen that look before, so many times and it always leads to one thing, shaking your head and holding your arms out in attempts to keep him away. He laughs at seeing once again trying to stop him but he just pulls you close and begins tickling the daylights out of you. You squirm and try shoving his hands away but it was useless Tae had too much power for you to break free. Reaching up you run your fingers through his hair as you coo his name. He stops tickling you and looks at you and dives right toward your lips. The moment he pulls back you mumble “I’m pregnant.” He looks at you for a moment while he processes what he just heard and then your adult child is running around the room announcing repeatedly to you and himself, “I’m going to be a Dad!”

JIMIN: He had always wanted your full attention but how was he going to react to having to share you with his mini me? There was only one thing to do stop giving him your undivided attention. Of course, you’d have to pace this just right or he’d end up assuming the worst case scenario and you didn’t want that. You loved your Chim Chim. He was your everything. The two of you adored each other. “Sweetness, you aren’t watching me”, he whined like he usually did when your eyes weren’t completely focused on him. He was so cute with how he went about it that you didn’t help matters any with your reactions. This most certainly wasn’t going to be an easy task. “Sorry, I was just thinking…” and you didn’t want to say nothing because he wouldn’t believe you, he knew you so well in fact sometimes you thought he knew you better than you knew yourself and yet you didn’t want to tell him the truth just yet either. He just goes back to dancing once he sees he’s got your attention again. You just kept thinking about how he was going to feel about no longer being your favorite Park anymore. Before you’re fully aware of what your saying you’re telling him to stop dancing for a minute so you could think. He does as you request but not without giving you a worried looked. “Umm, I’m fine so don’t look so worried. I just… I was just wondering if we could go eat. Yeah, that’s it can we go eat?” You weren’t hungry but you couldn’t just blurt out questions asking him how would he handle having to share you, how would he feel when your eyes weren’t always on him? While watching him eat you couldn’t help asking, “if you had to share me, would you?” He looks up at you more confused than you had ever seen him before. “I don’t want to share you, you’re mine still, right?” Quickly getting up you go sit down on his lap because you’ve already screwed this up. No more trying to find a way to get him to question you about being pregnant. “Jimin, I’m just saying what if the day came that I could no longer give you my undivided attention? What if my eyes couldn’t always be on you? What if you had to learn to share me with someone else?” Staring at you not saying a word you start to panic. Why wasn’t he saying something? If he was thinking the worst possible thing why wasn’t he yelling at you? This silence was killing you and right then he just snuggles his face into you whispering, “I need you, [Y/N], I need you.” Was that a tear just now? OMG, what have I done?! Tilting your head to look at him you whisper his name and he lifts his eyes up, “Baby Park is that someone”, you whisper.

JUNGKOOK: He was and would always be your baby Kookie, but he wasn’t going to be the only baby in the house anymore. “Kookie, you aren’t going to turn getting my attention into a competition with our future children, are you”, you ask one afternoon. Looking at you he laughs, “No, I just did that with Jimin because he knew you before I did.” Smiling because you’d hardly refer to Jimin knowing you before Jungkook. You met both of them the same day, same time, it just happened to be Jimin who spoke to you first. As you sit there watching him watch whatever he was watching on TV you kept asking questions like, “so, if we’re cuddling like we are now and our baby starts to cry you aren’t going to do something to try to get me to stay with you, you aren’t going to pull me to back down on the bed when the baby wakes up in the middle of the night?” Snuggling you tighter, “I’m not sure what you’re exactly getting at but I’m going to love our babies and I know I’ll have to share you with them. That’s okay though because I’ve got my ways, ways that you won’t be able to refuse giving your love and attention to me.” Seeing that satisfied grin on his face you mumble, “alright, but nine months from now you better not get all competitive with your mini me.”


Tunisian food: lunch

we  have many dishes and delish meals. they are a blend of Mediterranean and desert dwellers’ culinary traditions.  Like all countries in the Mediterranean basin, Tunisia offers a “sun cuisine,” based mainly on olive oil, spices, tomatoes, seafood and meat ( notice the red tomatoish color of the dishes).

Unlike other North African cuisine, our food is quite spicy. Harissa ( sauce or more accurate a “seasoning sauce” of  red chilies and many spices),  is used extensively in Tunisian cooking. We add it to everything you can imagine!  There is an old wives’ tale that says a husband can judge his wife’s affections by the amount of hot peppers she uses when preparing his food. If the food becomes bland then a man may believe that his wife no longer loves him. However, when the food is prepared for guests the hot peppers are often toned down to suit the possibly more delicate palate of the visitor

the tomato is also an ingredient integral to the cuisine of Tunisia. Tuna, eggs, olives and various varieties of pasta, cereals, herbs and spices are also ingredients which feature prominently in Tunisian cooking.

Tunisian sauces, which are closer to spicy broths, are an integral part of the dish. Otherwise olive oils are often used as sauces. 

The pics above show the most common main dishes. kosksi ( or couscous in French), maqrouna, marqa, rice.; Except kosksi, the other dishes contain world-wide known ingredients like pasta, rice.. but cooked in our way.


The Field Museum’s Economic Botany collection contains everything from a seed bank (literally vials upon vials of organized seeds), to hats made out of various grasses and straw material, musical instruments and shoes made from certain trees and barks, stalks of wheat, cobs of corn, bags of tea, dyes, medicines. Some of the items are decades old, and a large portion date back to the 1893 World’s Fair, when the trade and sale of such products was essential to industry growth.

This is a collection about the relationship between people and plants, documenting our use and interactions with items we’ve grown and harvested. It’s botanical as much as it is anthropological: the variety of uses for plants that people have discovered and created over thousands of years is staggering and astounding. As we continue to move towards automated agriculture and become further removed from the direct sources for our food and raw materials, I am grateful and intrigued that we may look into a jar of cherry syrup from the 1890′s and gain a bit more knowledge about the way we used to live. 


  • A jar of cherry syrup from Guyana, 1893
  • A variety of pasta products, presented by the National Macaroni Association, 1920′s
  • Tortillas from Mexico, 1901 
  • Sugars from Egypt, 1904 
  • Maize from Brazil, 1948-1949

See more about the Economic Botanical Collection on The Brain Scoop!

Holiday romance - part 2

*Harry’s POV*

“Niall you are a bloody genius” I cheered as I wandered down the path and back towards the boys who were still sitting on the bench underneath the shade of the palm trees, several empty beer glasses littering the wooden top.

“Why did it go well?” He asked and I nodded. Lux had run ahead of me once we left the beach, desperate to tell her mum everything she had seen today. I was too wrapped up in my barely controlled glee to really pay much attention to what she had been chattering about as we walked together.

“It did indeed, bagged myself a date the next time she has time off work” I said, not even attempting to wipe the smug smile off my face as I look a seat next to Niall, Louis and Liam opposite us. The boys cheered and each patted me on the back.

“So, does that mean we won’t have to put up with you talking about her all the time then?” Louis asked and I laughed.

“Nope, if things go well, might just talk about her even more” the boys laughed and Louis groaned before we descended in to a meaningless conversation about something, I wasn’t really paying attention, my mind was elsewhere. I hope Y/N’s next break was soon, I was far too aware that time was not on our side. I was leaving in two weeks and I wanted to spend as much time with her as possible before we had to head home. I was also aware that when the time did come to go on a date, I had no idea where to take her. I didn’t know the island like she does and chances are she would have been to all the places anyway. I’m not stupid, I know she must have been on a couple of dates since she started working here, a girl like her doesn’t stay single long in a place like this, with tall, tanned, well built guys walking around with their shirts off and wooing unsuspecting guests with their foreign accents. There was no doubt I had some stiff competition here, so I had to make a lasting impression if I didn’t want her snatched away from me.

For the rest of the early afternoon, the boys and I continued to chat and sip pints, laughing and reminiscing over times we had shared together and what we hoped would come after the break. Each of us said relatively the same thing, we wanted to continue to make music together and do more world tours, but maybe not each year like we had been doing before, there is only so much we could handle. We were so consumed in out conversations that we had barely noticed the lights coming on around us. Across the resort there were a number of small white lights, larger than fairy lights but smaller than flood lights, that bordered each path and lit up some of the trees. It was one of my favourite times of the day, being able to wander the resort, only have to light of the moon and the paths to guide you. It was magical.

“Boys!” Johanna called from the doorway to the cabin she was sharing with Louis and his family.

“If you are wanting to come to dinner with us then you better start getting ready” she called. The four of us replied with an ‘ok’ before we each rose from our seats and returned to our cabins, changing into smarter wear for dinner tonight. There were three restaurants on the resort, one was a family type establishment, with a buffet and kids area where they could make their own pizzas and eat until they were sick at the ice cream parlour. We had gone there on the first day with Lux. The second was a classy restaurant. It was one of those places where you spent £20 on a starter and were presented with a mouthful of food. Not my style, if I’m going to be paying a lot for my food I want something that fills me up. The third was more what we were all looking for. It was a humble little Italian restaurant, serving a variety of pizzas, pastas and so on. We had been there three times already I would bet good money that is where we were heading tonight. Of course, if we didn’t want to eat out, each cabin had its own kitchen, but so far, my family and I had yet to work out where the nearest supermarket was to buy any food.

After a quick shower I changed. I selected a pair of black skinny jeans with a hole in the right knee and a plain, white long sleeved shirt, leaving a few of the buttons undone at the top. I paired it with my brown leather boots and ran my fingers through my now dry hair, pushing it back off my face and tugging out some of the knots.

“Harry are you ready?” My mum asked, peaking her head though the door. I nodded and slipped my phone and my wallet in to my pockets.

“Yep, ready” I said, following her, my sister and Robin outside. Everyone was dressed well, smart clothes but nothing too fancy, we were on holiday after all. Once everyone had gathering in the small clearing in the centre of our circle of lodges we all began to wander down the series of paths toward the restaurant. My mum hooked her arm through mine and smiled up at me, I returned the gesture and we fell in to an easy conversation as we followed the others. As we rounded one corner, my mums body collided with another, she gasped and stepped back.

“Oh I’m sorry dear, I didn’t even see you there” she gasped.

“It’s alright, I wasn’t looking either. Are you alright?” She asked. My mum smiled and ensured her that she was fine. Y/N’s eyes drifted to me and then back to my mum. I smiled. Everyone in front stopped and watched the small exchange.

“Good, well I better be on my way” Y/N said with a kind smile before taking a step around my mother.

“Have you had your dinner already dear?” My mum asked and Y/N shook her head.

“No, not yet. Was just going for a walk actually” she said, gesturing down the path our little congregation had just come from. Lux was attached to Y/N’s leg in seconds once she had weaved her way from her mother and towards us. Y/N smiled and took hold of one of her small hands. Lux beamed.

“Well why don’t you join us dear?” My mum asked and Y/N hesitated.

“Oh yes, please do. It will give me a chance to thank you for taking Lux out this afternoon” Lou said as she approached us and removed Lux from her side. Lux whined in protest but said nothing.

“I don’t know, I wouldn’t want to intrude” she said, “and I’m not exactly dressed for dinner”. She was in a pair of blue jeans and a long, loose vest top which flowed down to her mid thigh. It was simple and plain but suited her so well, she would look perfect in a paper bag in my eyes. Her hair was falling loosely around her shoulder and was curlier than it had been earlier, like she hadn’t had time to dry it when she got out of the shower. She had a light layer of make-up dusted over her face and her eyes glistened under the lights surrounding us. Did I ever mention she was beautiful?

“Don’t be silly darling, you look lovely and we would be more than happy to have you” Lou said with a kind smile. Y/N caught my eye and I smiled at her. Her body seemed to relax and I tried to hide the bright smile on my face. I did that, I made her relax. Well done me, pat on the back.

“Eh, yeah, ok then, that would be nice. Thank you” she said softly and wound her hand together. Everyone smiled and Lux cheered causing a laugh to erupt from Y/N’s soft, pink lips. My mum walked ahead of me with Lou and Lux, leaving me and Y/N at the back of the group. I smiled at her and she grinned.

“Would you look at that, my mum has more balls to ask you to dinner than I have” I chuckled and Y/N laughed wholeheartedly. We began to walk and struck up a little conversation about this afternoon and our upcoming trip around the the island.

“You’ll love it, I promise. I remember when I was first shown around, practically had to be dragged from every shop to the next one” she giggled and I smiled. She was so easy to please. The simplest act of kindness could spark the most genuine smile on her face and could make you feel like you have given her the world. I bent down and picked a small pink flower from beside the path and placed it behind her ear before fixing her hair around it, so that only the flower was sticking out beside her face. She smiled and looked down at her feet.

“To wish you luck with my family” I said and she giggled before looking at me with a small smile and bright eyes. My night just got so much better.

* * *

“Thank you for inviting me” Y/N said as we wandered back to our cabins. Dinner had been eventful. Louis spilled his drink all over the floor and one of the waiter slipped on it, causing an empty plate to fall on the ground and smash. His face turned bright red and none of us knew whether to laugh or help the waiter clean up the mess. Y/N being the person she is bent down to help (giving me a perfect view of her arse but being the gentleman I am I didn’t look (much)) but was told by the waiter not to worry about it and the mess was soon cleared. After a moment of silence we all burst in to a fit of laughter. Y/N sat in the middle of Lux and I. She spent most of the early evening helping Lux colour in her menu before she was able to join in the conversation. My mum engaged her for most of the evening, asking her about her work, her education and her family. Turns out she isn’t just a pretty face. Her family comes from good money, not rich but not struggling for cash either. She studied business management at university and graduated with a good score and she is working here for 12 months as work experience with a hope of managing and owning an establishment like this one in the future. Everyone seemed very impressed by her, myself included, but I didn’t fail to notice the slight unease she felt when everyone’s attention was on her. But she breezed through the evening, quickly integrating in to our group and becoming one of us.

“You are more than welcome dear, and thank you again for today. Lux really enjoyed herself” Lou smiled kindly and gave Y/N a quick hug before she carried a sleeping Lux back towards our cabins.

“Mum, I’m going to walk Y/N home if that’s ok, I won’t be long” I said as everyone but my mum and Robin disappeared into the darkness of the Palm trees.

“Alright dear. I’ll leave the door unlocked for you” she smiled before kissing Y/N on the cheek and walking into the distance with Robin.

“I had fun tonight” I said as we began to walk down a separate path towards the staff cabins.

“Me too, your family and friends are really nice” she said, her fingers fiddling with the flower which was still behind her ear before they fell at her side. I was unusual, this situation. Neither of us quite sure what to say or how to act. Was this a date? I didn’t think so, usually a date is between two people getting to know each other, not between two people and the rest of the family, that is more like a gathering. But this part, the after dinner, walking her back to her place part, felt like a date. And I’m not sure how to handle it. I could do all the usual things I do after a date, take her hand, kiss her on the doorstep and promise to take her out again but it seemed wrong here, because I hadn’t actually taken her out yet. So I settled on something simple, I took her hand gently in mine, praying silently that she wouldn’t pull away, and when she didn’t, I did another internal jump for joy. Her hand was small and slender, her palm was soft and rested securely with mine as her fingers laced through my own.

“I promise the next date won’t include my family” I said and she giggled.

“Speaking of our 'next date’ I finish work tomorrow at 4 if you wanted to do anything tomorrow night?” She said quietly.

“Hmm two nights in a row, don’t know if I can suffer you for that long” I teased and she bumped me with her shoulder gently. I smiled.

“Yeah, that sounds good. I’ll come pick you up at 6?” I said and she nodded.

Her cabin was smaller than ours, nestled in a small group of four. They were less elegant and the finish on the outside wasn’t as neat and tidy but it looked decent enough for one person. She lead me to the cabin at the back of the cluster, nearest the line of Palm trees. Through the branches the ocean could be heard lapping against the shore gently. It was quiet and peaceful. She let go of my hand and opened the door, I couldn’t help but feel a slight emptiness at the loss of contact.

“So, I’ll see you tomorrow then? She said, lingering in the doorway to her cabin. I smiled and nodded.

"See you tomorrow” I said.

She leaned forward and pressed a light kiss to my lips before pulling away and walking inside, closing the door softly behind her. My lips tingled and as I turned away I ran my fingers over them lightly. There was a lingering taste but I couldn’t work out what it was. As I walked back to my cabin, engulfed by the silence around me, I knew one thing for sure. Tomorrow had to be the best date I could manage if I wanted this to go somewhere. And boy, did I want it to go somewhere.

* * *

By 5.30 I was a nervous wreck. I had showered, dried my hair, changed my clothes six times and made sure everything was ready twice. This wasn’t like me, I was usually so composed before a date, a clear plan and an idea how the night would play out in my head. But this time there was only one coherent thought bouncing around in my brain and I brought me no comfort. 'Don’t screw it up’.

In all honesty, tonight had been my mums idea, I came to her this morning with my dilemma and she came up with the plan and the things I needed (having found the local store earlier that morning on a walk with Robin). I sighed. It was now 5.45 and I would need to leave to pick Y/N up any minute. I settled for something simple, black jeans, a black t-shirt and a red and black flannel over the top paired with a worn set of converse. After all, we would be doing a bit of walking, I didn’t want to be uncomfortable. I stuffed my phone in my pocket, leaving my wallet on the side and walked into the living room. My mum, Gemma and Robin were sitting on the sofa watching a movie, empty pizza boxes sitting on the table. Everyone had decided to do their own thing for dinner tonight, my family decided to order pizza from the restaurant in the resort. I had none.

“You ready?” Gemma asked, looking up from the tv and drawing everyone’s attention towards me. I nodded.

“I think so” I said and she smiled.

“You look good Haz, and she likes you, no need to be worried” she said and I sighed.

“We don’t know if she likes me yet” I said, walking into the kitchen and taking the basket from the counter and one of the spare sets of keys from the worktop.

“She does, don’t worry” Gemma said with a knowing smile before turning her attention back towards the film. They each wished me luck before I walked into the warm night air. The sun was still lingering in the sky above me, not due to set for another hour or so, perfect for me. I took in a deep breath before making my way towards Y/N’s cluster of cabins. I arrived exactly at 6 and knocked softly on the door. It took a couple of minutes before she greeted me.

“Hi” she smiled. I was lost for words. It was now that I realised beautiful was no word to describe this girl. There was no word to describe this girl. Of course there were the usual, perfect, flawless, breathtaking but there was no word that combined those all in to one. Y/N was the combination of all those things and so much more. She had her hair loosely curled and pulled over one shoulder, the other side pinned down so that it wouldn’t fall out. She was wearing a short black skirt which hugged her body perfectly and ended mid-thigh. She had on a loose white top which fell just short of the top of the black skirt and highlighted the swell of her breast perfectly, not too much but not too little. She had a light layer of make-up on her face, a soft pink blush dusting her cheeks, a perfect line of eyeliner and mascara shaping her glittering eyes. Her feet were bare.

“I wasn’t sure what we were doing, whether I should wear heels or flats” she said. Is smiled at her, she didn’t notice my obvious gazes at her.

“I would suggest flats” I said with a kind smile. She nodded and slipped on a plain pair of black flats before grabbing her small clutch bag and stepping out on to the porch, locking the door behind her. She looked at me.

“You look beautiful” I said. She smiled and looked down at her shoes shyly.

“Thanks, you look good too” she said. I thanked her and laced our fingers together.

“Ready to go?” I asked her and she nodded.

Our conversation was easy as we walked hand in hand towards the shore and across the sand. After a few moments Y/N stopped to take off her shoes before we continued. The air was warm and the sun was slowly sinking down towards the horizon. We walked further along the beach than I had ever been but I wasn’t worried, it just meant we were further away from everyone and wouldn’t be interrupted.

“Here,” I said, stopping, “this spot is good”. It was a small strip of soft, flat sand which was nestled near the tree line at the top of the beach but still had a perfect view of the water in front of us. Y/N stood beside me patiently and waited as I set the basket down and pulled out the large blanket, spreading it out across the sand. I took Y/N’s hand once again and led her to the blanket before signalling her to take a seat. She did. I sat next to her and placed the basket between us before placing its content on the rug. There were several plates of food, sandwiches, chicken wraps, crisps, salads and of course, chocolate covered strawberries. Finally I took out two glasses and a bottle of wine. I handed her a glass which she took gratefully and filled the glass with the red liquid. She thanked me and took a sip.

“Tuck in” I said and we did just that. We ate and talked and then ate some more. By the time the sun had set we had eaten nearly all of the food I had set out in front of us.

“Thank you Harry it was delicious” she said and I smiled.

“You’re welcome, I would have done better if I knew any places to eat that weren’t in the resort” I said and she smiled.

“Well maybe on our next date I can take you somewhere new” she said, looking me in the eye with a s small smile on her face. I looked her in the eye.

“So there is going to be another date?” I asked, the corner of one of my lips pulling up.

“I hope so” she smiled. I didn’t reply, I simply leant across the food between us and pressed my lips gently against her. We were both still for a few moments before our lips began to work against each other’s. Her lips tasted of wine and something else. It was delicious whatever it was, something that was just, her. I ran my tongue across her bottom lip and she opened her mouth, allowing my tongue to slip inside. We kissed for what felt like forever, our lips moulding perfectly with one another’s until we had to pull away for air. Even after pulling away, we were still close enough to each other to fell the breath on our faces. I pecked her lips a couple more times before pulling away.

“I think there might be a second date too” I said.

7 Idol Family Restaurants To Visit When In Korea

There are all types of tourist attractions that people usually want to visit when in Korea such as Namsan Tower and Lotte World. However, what people don’t know is that there are many restaurants in Korea that are owned by idol families. 

Here is a list of 7 idol family restaurants that you should visit next time you go to Korea.

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Imagine Bucky and Steve doing their weekly grocery shop, buying enough food to fill two supersoldiers with rapid metabolisms.

“Sweet merciful heaven,” Tony’s eyes bugged out of his skull.

“Are you just going to stand there, or are you going to help?”  Steve shoved several bags of potatoes into Tony’s arms.  The borrowed SUV was filled to bursting with every color and type of food imaginable.  Tony could only see maybe a tenth of the booty (bright blue Power Bar wrappers were discernible through at least three clear bags).

“How did you even get all that in there?”

“Well, some of it wouldn’t fit in the back, so we just popped open the sun roof and dropped the excess in.”

“Next time, we should take a tarp and bungee cords.  Then, we can bundle more food on the top,” Bucky was nearly invisible behind all the shopping bags and was vainly trying to grab more.

“Or we could rent a trailer or something.  Buck, just take those upstairs before you clobber someone.”

“Uh-uh.  One trip or die, Steve.”

Steve rolled his eyes, “Then let Tony grab some more things to take up.  That’s what he’s here for.”

“Uh, I thought I was here to get my car back.”  Steve and Bucky shared an amused glance.  At least, Tony assumed that Bucky was also amused.   He couldn’t exactly see his face behind all the Texas Toast.

“Come on, Tony.  You can’t pretend you’re not even a little bit curious to see what we found.  I’m telling you, Costco is a gift to mankind.”

“To be honest, I’m more interested in where you’re going to put it all.”

“Don’t worry, we’ve got it all mapped out.”  Steve juggled a variety of veggies and pasta boxes.  “We’re very good at making things fit.”  Tony couldn’t see Bucky waggle his eyebrows, but he heard the lewd snicker and immediately wanted to bleach his brain.

“I don’t know if you guys are the best or worst thing that’s ever happened to Costco,” Tony mused as he hauled potatoes

“They didn’t mind us that much.”

“Until you ate all the churros.”

“Hey, don’t try to play innocent.  You ate just as many.”

“Bullshit.  You definitely ate more and you terrorized the manager.”

“He wanted to turn away paying customers.  I was just correcting his business sense.”

“Right,” Steve drawled.  "You’re thoughtful that way.“

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Why is macaroni shaped like macaroni?

If you just used Wikipedia you would know that

Macaroni /ˌmækəˈroʊni/ is a variety of dry pasta in the shape of narrow tubes[2] originating from Italy[1] and made with durum wheat, usually without egg. It is normally cut in short lengths; if cut in lengths with a curve it is sometimes called elbow macaroni. Some home machines can make macaroni shapes but, like most pasta, macaroni is usually made commercially by large-scale extrusion. The curved shape is caused by different speeds on opposite sides of the pasta tube as it comes out of the machine.

Want to lose weight with no effort at all?
  • Remove white processed food - white bread, potatoes of the packaged variety, pasta and wheat in general, packed goods in short. No nutritional value by the way.
  • Salad one meal with protein - tuna is the easiest for most, Italian dressings not thousand island (creamy shit that isn’t cream by any stretch of the imagination). Make your own dressing, olive oil, balsamic vinegar, pinch of salt. Salad does not have to mean lettuce. It can be tomatoes and fruit and other leafy greens
  • If you insist no bread, one slice of toast (yes one processed food useless per day. Slather some butter and jam on it and have your creamer and coffee for breakfast and a thin bit of cheese old preferably.
  • Dinner, a nice bit of veggie and substantial protein.
  • 2 snacks per day, two fruit of your choosing.

One month later…if you do the above…20 pound loss. Oh and for toning as you go get some 21b, 51b and 10 pound weights and do 10-15 repetitons, overhead lifts, peck flexes, side to side twists, 2x a day, in the morning and right before bed.

  • 40-100 sit ups - really crunches more than sit ups
  • 100 scissors whilst lying flat on bed.

Walk 20 minutes per day. Even if you have to break it up 10 in the morning and 10 at night. By the way, the human body LIKES work. it will forgive you and show results. That little machine that houses you is a marvelous thing. Give it blessings and your attention and no that does not involve McDonalds and other shit.

Essential that you have 6-8 glasses of water per day, Brita will do.

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Congrats! 47 :)

We had one really bad date and never spoke again and now our friends have set us up on a blind date.

Word Count: 1711

She’s currently hiding in the restroom browsing PeoplePlace. To be honest, this date had been doomed from the start.

He showed up late on his motorcycle (which he failed to mention that he drove).  They got stuck in traffic behind a really loud truck with roaring music.  Then he brought her to this dingy little diner called Granny’s. And it was their bathroom she was currently hiding in.

The worst part was that he refused to say more then three words to her at a time. She had tried to start a conversation a few times, but he said nothing. He just stared at the menu like he was trying to memorize it.

She glances at the time on her phone. She’d been in here for ten minutes. Any longer and he was going to think that she fell in. She braces herself and practically drags herself back to the booth they are sharing near the window.  

Killian is watching something on TV. He doesn’t even acknowledge that she was gone. She sighs and decides that she’d try to start the conversation again.

“That pop quiz in Professor Mills class was a bitch, huh?” She inquires. “I think I got every single question wrong. I swear that woman is evil.”

When he doesn’t answer she fiddles with the corner of her napkin.  Just then the older lady  who had been serving them comes up to their table.  Emma notices that she’s wearing a name tag.

Granny Lucas.

“Hello folks how was your meal?”

“Good, thanks,” Emma replies.

“Is there anything else I can get you?”

Emma shakes her head and  she disappears. Silence falls like an anchor.

“How did you find this place?” She asks the question without really expecting an answer.

“Friend,” he roughly replies.

“It’s nice,” she answers in surprise.

He shrugs. “I guess.”

When Granny brings them their receipt Killian looks up at her. His deep blue eyes are rimmed with red. She sighs and tucks her own credit card into the black book.

“Perhaps you should take me home?”

“If that’s what you want.”

She nods. “That’s what I want.

The drive home is worse then the drive there. He takes all the corners super fast (which makes the greasy grilled cheese she ate tumble around in her stomach.) And the September night is cold.

She shivers as they pull up to her apartment. He nods and then speeds away. She sighs deeply and heads inside.  

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