The secret is out. Birds are free until people cage them. The Biosphere, Mother Earth herself, is free when she moistens herself, when she sprawls in the sun and lets her skin erupt with varicoloured hair teeming with crawlers and fliers. She is not determined by anything beyond her own nature or being until another sphere of equal magnitude crashes into her, or until a cadaverous beast cuts into her skin and renders her bowels. Trees, fish, and insects are free as they grow from seed to maturity, each realising its own potential, its wish - until the insect’s freedom is curtailed by the bird’s. The eaten insect has made a gift of its freedom to the bird’s freedom. The bird, in its turn, drops and manures the seed of the insect’s favourite plant, enhancing the freedom of the insect’s heirs. The state of nature is a community of freedoms.
—  Against His-story, Against Leviathan! - Fredy Perlman

Volleyball is a game predicted on “height”… It’s obvious that the bigger you are, the stronger you are. It is a strength to hone “individual” skill towards perfection. It is also a strength to discover new ways to fight. That is why a diverse range of attacks and set ups are born. The meaning of actual “strength” truly is varicoloured. The great coach… Arie Selinger once said… “There is no reason to not believe that advancement and revolution will come in the future.”