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In collaboration with @psmiffy. 😊
We challenged each other to a “#collab fun” project. We each sent a picture from our part of the world for eachother edit.
This is my photo shot in middle U.S.A..
The middle is the original no edit.
The left was edited by yours truly.
The right was the edit by @psmiffy.
This was an absolute blast to do !!¡¡
Thank you @psmiffy for the collaboration!

okay tho but where is that fic where an amount of time has passed, maybe the kids are second years or third years or something and like the Bros Are Hanging Out and somehow they get onto the topic of girls (wonder how that could’ve happened) and like kaminari laments like “ah by midoriya you’re so lucky because you have uraraka!” and like a few of the other boys agree and izuku just laughs and says “ha yeah as if, there’s no way she’d like me back” and all the boys just stop and stare and are just like Are You Fucking Kidding Me and they tell him that she has been crushing on him since their first year and Izuku is Shooketh and Can’t Process and the boys just sigh and accept that while the guy is smart and strong as hell hes about as clueless as the rest of them in the romance department

where is this fic because this is the Highest of Tiers of shipping fics. it is fanfiction in its purest form. it is SHIPPING in its purest form. Where Is It


The people walking past did not call them ‘f*ggots’. The first person shouted “He’s vlogging, yo!”, to which one of their friend’s responded with “It’s a livestream!The f word was not used at any point

Yes, Jooheon does turn around to look at them, but it was not because he was offended by anything that they said - it was more of a shock that people were questioning what they were doing. Changkyun mumbles something after that, and Jooheon replies with “YE, KOREAN ARTISTS!”, so it’s safe to assume that it was something to do with the group of people thinking that the boys were celebrities.

You have all been spreading misinformation without listening to the stream properly, which has resulted in others fuelling this fire that has no real purpose. Please kill the oxygen to the flame, and stop causing drama where it’s unnecessary. It makes the fandom look bad.

im korean and i dont insert random “aish”’s and “yah”’s into my otherwise english posts u know why? bc it doesnt make sense and it serves no purpose other than using korean for the sake of using korean. so tell me why u non koreans think u can do it?

when you non korean ppl do this ur using korean just for the sake of using korean, and hence accessoring my language. ur using korean slang that u, as a non korean person, would never really use irl, to try and closer yourself to korean culture and at the end of the day it makes you a koreaboo. ur using my language to accessorize ur posts to seem More Korean when ur not korean at all.

most of u have seemed to grasp the concept that using hangul as a non korean person is appropriation so tell me why i still see so much of korean slang thrown around? do you think that just bc now its in an english translation its suddenly an english word? does changing 오빠 to oppa now suddenly make it an english word? its just as embarassing and racist as using straightup hangul

if you’re going to consume so much korean media then you have an obligation to respect korean culture and korean people as more than just figments of ur dream idol. pretending you’re korean for listening to kpop is not respectful, its not cute, it fetishizes korean people and works against us being treated as complex human beings