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“I take refuge in beige because it’s natural”, said Mademoiselle Chanel. An elusive colour with infinite variations, beige may seem quite ordinary. And yet, behind this apparent simplicity, it hides a discreet sensuality that builds slowly before revealing itself fully…in other words, a breath of beige.“


hate 2 be that guy but….be careful what you wish for

i can’t even count the number of times i’ve tagged pictures of frank with some variation of ‘spit in my eye’ and now here i am, with some terrible illness in the final week of my senior year of college all cause my wish came true

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how do i tell this dumb boy who is also my fwb that i caught feelings and also how do i be sure he also has the feelings bc i think he does but im terrible at this kind of thing

first things first: this guy will no longer be your fwb. fwb time is over. gone. done. the second you caught feelings it was dead. an fwb relationship immediately becomes unhealthy once one party catches feelings. you either start dating(or some variation thereof) or stop fucking.

if you extend the fwb relationship longer than this it will end very very badly. there are several results to choose from here:

- you have feelings and he has feelings. you talk about these feelings and begin dating or whatever. Good End. (provided nothing weird happens like ‘what are u talking abt i thought we’ve been dating this whole time??? what the fuck!’ that would require a whole different talk.)

- you have feelings and he doesn’t have feelings(you do not divulge these feelings). you continue being fwb because you want his time and affection even if it’s not the same way you want it to be. Not Good For You. this is not fair to him because he is under the pretense that your relationship is purely platonic/sexual/NON-romantic. this is a violation of his trust, in a way. Bad Shit.

- you have feelings and he doesn’t have feelings(you do divulge these feelings). you continue being fwb even though he clearly states he has no intention of dating you. this is shitty of him. he is manipulating your feelings. Bad Shit. You dont wanna hang out with him anyways.

- you have feelings and he doesn’t have feelings(you do divulge these feelings). it is decided to end the fwb relationship because romantic feelings have no place in a non-romantic relationship of this caliber. you part ways as sexual partners. your friendship either ends there, goes on awkwardly, or resumes as normal without any romantic inclinations.

end your fwb relationship right now. it’s over bby. sorry to have to be the one to break it to you.

Hey folks, Paul here for MOTION MONDAY… and at 11:58pm EST, it’s a photo-finish to post this on time!

A couple weeks ago I said I’d make some posts on animating bouncing balls. For today’s GIF, I took that post’s single-ball, single-bounce animation, and I re-purposed it to have multiple balls bouncing along sideways.

Next week I’ll analyze the arcs of today’s GIF, and I’ll compare and contrast with two variations showing some common mistakes I see early animators making. Stay tuned!

- Paul


Prokofiev - Piano Concerto no. 3

I am disappointed in myself for missing Prokofiev’s birthday yesterday. Though I was also feeling sick all day, so I wouldn’t have gone out of my way to write a thought out post for him. Wrongs are being righted: here is his third piano concerto, one of his great masterpieces that is also considered to be one of the top piano concertos of the last century. It opens with a sense of nostalgia in the orchestra, until the energy picks up and the piano rolls in with child-like hyperactive runs. We quickly shift into a more “grotesque” and violent episode before the next main melody, paired with the interesting choice of castanets, dances through. This movement is an interesting display of orchestral color and texture, using the piano more as a percussive element to the orchestra, more integrated than the tradition of concertos-as-showmanship-pieces from the prior generations. The second movement is a set of variations on a simple theme, and like all good variations we are given a series of contrasting moods and levels of energy. The finally sneaks in with a bit of a sarcastic haughtiness, before becoming a rowdy exercise in dexterity and endurance, balancing the main melody with a slower, more lyrical countermelody. The finale surges in an uplifting roar of the major key. This concerto is one of my favorites. I’d first heard it in high school and was taken in by the “heavy metal” energy in the first movement. Though it isn’t ever one note, one mood, I can’t help but associate it with summer afternoons walking around a city neighborhood. Different sights, sounds, colors. Of all the performances, I decided to share this iconic recording of Martha Argerich at the piano, her hands blurring through the dense passages as if there was no effort involved.


1. Andante - Allegro

2. Tema con variazioni

3. Allegro, ma non troppo

We apologize for the previous posts and any distress they may have caused.  While on spring vacation our facilities were under-manned and several glass rats managed to escape confinement from one of the research facilities here.  These creatures, not associated with our work, are the focus of study of one of the many researchers here (beyond those that work with the information from the Darkening Wood, as this facility is host to a variety of study).  A relatively placid and stable indicator species, these highly versatile and intelligent magic-based specimens have caused trouble before, and, apparently one made its way into our offices and decided to have a little fun.  We are still cleaning up the mess.

It is worth noting the similarity pointed out between their communication and that of our noted Recorders.  This variety of repetition is found in several magical species, although it’s focuses, distortions, and fixations all tend to have their own variation.

We would like to remind those concerned that we have, according with International Law, not removed any specimens from the Darkening Wood itself, and until such time as a second expedition can be made, our research focuses on our individual areas of study and parsing the variety of information we took at the time of our expedition.

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What does var. Mean?

Var. means Variation. You’ll see this a lot in minerals that have different forms or colors, for instance Beryl comes in many different variations such as Aquamarine and Emerald. Thanks for the question :) 

“cultural appropriation vs exchange/appreciation/movement/whatever” are all just pseudo-helpful dichotomies. Like everytime I see them invoked the person is acting like they’re defending some pretty-existing widely accepted distinction when no like there’s as many variations of those dichotomies as there have been times people brought them up and also they tend to be pretty shitty analysis anyway that makes the continual changing of culture into some kind of marketplace-esque thing

The Spice Girl-approved ’90s-tastic hairstyle happens to be back in a big way, and while double buns are seemingly taking over festival season (they *might* just be the new flower crown), we have a feeling they’ll continue to trend as things warm up. From the simple to the braided to the half-up, half-down, see all the variations that models and stars are loving at the moment.

Enhanced color view of Saturn’s ring system was assembled from clear, orange and ultraviolet frames from a distance of 8.9 million kilometers (5.5 million miles) by Voyager 2 in 1981. The difference in color is attributable to chemical and physical variations. [752 × 960]

New thread so the old one doesn’t get clogged up!

@avaantares :  The variation was absolutely deliberate. As part of his character development, GDL decided to have Ianto’s accent change over the course of the series. As he began to open up more, Ianto lost the colloquial Welsh accent and acquired a more general one. GDL has talked about this in several interviews and on the Big Finish audio extras. (It’s one reason I placed Fall to Earth during series 1, because his Welsh accent is stronger in that performance.)The accent is sometimes more pronounced when he’s flustered or angry. This also happens in real life: As people become stressed or emotional, they generally revert to their first learning (lots of behavioral reasons for this that I could teach a seminar on if people were really interested, but just trust the behavior nerd on this). ;-)
My favorite moment relating to his accent is a bit in The Torchwood Tapes, where Gareth and John Barrowman trade characters and try to do a scene between Ianto and Jack while putting on each other’s accents (JB even asks GDL how Welsh he should be at this point, so Ianto’s accent progression had obviously been discussed among the actors). It’s horrendous and hilarious. There are not even words to describe JB’s “Welsh” accent.

Hang on! What is this “I placed Fall to Earth during series 1″ business?! Seriously? Because I would looooooove to believe that, so convince me!  I can see several reasons why, but also several why it’s not, and since I haven’t listened to all of the Committee-themed plays, I can’t be sure. But I always thought it was series 2 and that’s how I set my follow up. I’m assuming Uncanny Valley is then set during Jack’s time away as well, so maybe I can stop being disgusted with Uncanny Valley. When do you think that is set? I do wish BF would give us a better timeline on some of the stories set during the series timeframe. 

Also, what is The Torchwood Tapes and how did I miss this?? I feel like a terrible awful fan! I am going to look for it later, but a point in the right direction would be great. Of course, if it was after a BF drama, then I probably missed it since I haven’t listened to many. Unless it was Broken, in which case I should have my card revoked for not listening! 


Sso just kinda tossed aside this entire beautiful breed and it saddens me still. I know they’ll never get an update because sso threw one on the quarter model and called it new (there’s only one, don’t even get me started on the paint they try to call an appy). This is my horse, a registered Appaloosa. He looks nothing like the quarter model. Not to mention all the different variations of the breed (mine is a leopard appy, there are way more. I think the only other variation seen is a blanket and that’s on a Jorvik pony) sso is missing because they kicked them to the curb. New paint horses? Heck yeah! New Appaloosas? Nah, let’s just texture a paint like one and call it a new Appaloosa.

Sso really should reconsider that choice, and it will bother me until the day I die or the day sso actually decides to change it. I’ve mentioned this plenty of times before I know, it just bothers me so much XD

Okay with this new picture of Emma in an asylum I want to say that I think that some of what I said in this earlier speculation seems to be more probable:

Here’s the bits I think are relevant:

  • What if the Dark Curse started off as a chance at a new beginning from Blue?
  • What if the Curse was given to the Black Fairy when she was banished by Blue and it said that if she could sacrifice the thing she loved most - Power - then she could be free of the dark realm and travel to a place where she wouldn’t be Cursed anymore? She wouldn’t have magic, but she would have a chance at happiness. But since other people have loved people more than power, the thing they love most is another person? So in the hands of others it became something awful? (Either that or the Black Fairy bastardized the Curse to make it have to be a heart.) It would make sense that Blue would know all about the Curse because she created it.
  • We just saw Regina bastardize a magical object that was meant to be for good (the arrow). So… that makes me feel more certain the dark curse started out as something that was light.
  • In “The Return” (1x19) Blue said : Of course you would think of a curse instead of a blessing. Your magic is limited by its own rotten core, Rumpelstiltskin. Anyway, it can’t be done. Not without a great price.
  • Emma trapped in book, while BF takes back her Curse and memory wipes the town. And the rest of the crew are sent to the EF. I’m wondering if they’re all in the book. Different chapters, kept separate from each other? 

Starting from these prior thoughts, and shifting them around a little based on that promo I think it’s probable that the Black Fairy turned dark because of something to do with Rumple. Either she learned a prophecy that we was going to be the Darkest One of All, or he fell ill and she used dark magic to fix him. I also think the Curse wasn’t created as a curse - that the Blue Fairy made it to rectify the situation and banished the Black Fairy. However, Tiger Lily felt bad for the Black Fairy and followed her. Yet, it became clear Rumple wouldn’t be safe with her so to protect him Tiger Lily took Rumple to Blue to save him. She took Tiger Lily’s wings and gave her that thingy to protect from the Black Fairy…and she went to Neverland. The order of all of that is up for debate. But generally I think Blue had a big role to play. And those are the major players.

As far as Emma in the finale…I am still thinking that she’s trapped in a different storybook (given the spoilery filming stuff we saw with Henry, the storybook and suddenly being knocked out) by the Black Fairy and Hook and Snowing and Regina are elsewhere, while the Black Fairy is living the dream with the Stiltskins in Storybrooke.

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im so in love with your color choices! how do you decide on them and get such variation? your palettes are very dark but rich, which i love the contrast of!

Ahhhh!! Aw thank you so much dude!! You’re very sweet to say so! ; w ;

So I always start a digital painting by filling the entire canvas with a single color and then building off of that. I tend to just pop in some music and fly by the seat of my pants when it comes to developing the palette - so the colors are always just driven by a feeling that I’m aiming for. A lot of it ends up being just color combinations that I’m very fond of and use a lot in slightly different hues and values. For example, I absolutely love greens and purples together - but I’ll play around with using bright/dark or warm/cool greens and purples to pull different moods in different pieces! Or like lately - since I always love using greens and blues as a base haha! - I’ve been trying to use different colors as a base for my palettes. So I’ll force myself to start with a yellow or orange and then I’ll add some purples or blues and just keep playing with colors until I find a vibe I enjoy! 

But yeah!! I’m sorry if that wasn’t really helpful hahaha! But I really am not a super huge planner on colors since I typically let mood define the palette - and the music I’m jamming too definitely helps me figure out feelings and colors as well!

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Any tips for grand arbiter augustin iv as a general?

Originally posted by blackvicky

Simply by having this in your zone - you are going to be a priority target. Prepare for the worst it could be as you’re probably going to be hacked at very quickly. If you’re playing some variation on a control build, you need to make sure you have low cost stuff to protect yourself early. If you’re playing something else, make sure you can defend yourself long enough to take advantage of Mr. The 4th.

I’d love to see some strage human tribal build out of this - that would make for an interesting build AND decrease the threat level of your deck.

- Mr. X