Some Skitty varieties!
The hoenn forest skitty is actually the original version of this cat pokemon. After being domesticated they were bred into many different breeds, like the munchkin, siamese or skittish fold. 

Each of them can come in all kinds of fur patterns like striped (munchkin) or calico (forest skitty) but most common are the simple fur patterns (like the skittish fold).

The pretty fur pattern breeds are a perfect choice for pokemon contests, while the wilder type is great for battles. But of course they’re all just great as pets too!

Chandelure Variations


I think I did a better job keeping them “variations” rather than “fusions” this time, but they can be both if you want. • u • I can’t even pick a favorite, but I’m pretty proud of my solutions for xRotom and xReuniclus.

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Never again need you be gloomy about your lack of knowledge on griffins with your morning coffee”

Woop! GRIFFIN MUG. I’m sharing all the information* I’ve gathered about them through my lifelong obsession.

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Onto more mugs!

*What I could fit on the mug. Didn’t even get onto the Arimaspi.


Absolutely could not let this bandwagon pass me by without trying my hand at some Rattatas. Most of what I’ve seen has been fur or color variations, and while ratties do come in a menagerie of gorgeous patterns and colors, I decided to focus more on body types and physical traits. Might expand with fur patterns later :’)