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Now introducing, Prince Roman!
Art for @prinxietys The Princess Bride AU! Since his name isn’t buttercup (lol), I called him his actual name, Roman. This is the scene in the movie where the king announces the prince.

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Hey, so, I noticed something that really bugged me. Which Horror-tale are you doing? Because the look and design of Sans ans Papyrus look more similar to under-tombs's version. But you are showing the story line and other characters to be of sour-apple's version.

@silcatian created the design of Sans, and told me everyone was based from the Sour apple version. So sour apple. I honestly don’t know anything about either version

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Do you have any favourite fics?

I do! anything specific you like??

in the absence of your preferred genre/pairing/rating etc i will just list five ten fifteen of my all-time favourites: