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I think the new Ishida pic is of little shironeki the one that haise saw. Or some variation of that.

oooh I had considered that for a second too!

the only thing is though, the jawline looks quite defined and mature- probably a little bit too much to be Chibishiro

In the end, it will probably be revealed to be Kaneki with the black paint splashes across the eyes like Kaneki’s black tears (honestly, 90% of the time Ishida has a mystery character in his icon it ends up being Ken haha) but I would love if it was Hide too!

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fanfic WIP game: heart, stole, laugh (or variations thereof)

Oooh, I’m pretty sure I have two out of three in there!

Heart:  Harry feels responsible.  He feels like he should have said something that afternoon; he should have given Eggsy a way out.  Instead, he’d pushed Eggsy away, towards a fairytale life, and in the process, broke what was left of his own heart.

Laugh:  Harry wants to be shocked but all he can do is laugh.  This is the Eggsy he remembers, sharp-tongued and irreverent, and yet such behavior isn’t fitting for the husband of a Crown Princess.  Harry sneaks a glance over at Tilde and is surprised to see her looking so fondly at her husband, as if she approves of this exhibition of less than stellar manners.

And yes, I’m writing Kingsman now.  Damn thing’s eating my brain!

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when u said "I read some Judith Butler to my husband," I thought that was a cute way to say "Justin Beiber" so I thought the post was about Justin Beiber being incomprehensible, and i was very very confused.

And I was like “Baby Baby Baby gender is a performative expectation with which noncompliance can create multiplicitous style of subversion which then establishes a conduit for the proliferation of gender variation, Oooh Ooooh!”