flower, burn and shine
make your power mine
time resume its course
let age and pain combine

harm what has been healed
fates redo what’s thine
lose the saved once more
let age and pain combine
and pain combine…

idk man I should be doing homework but I absolutely cannot get this moon theory out of my head. I had this idea that some kind of witch would know the truth about Varian’s birth and would show him his power. she’d know the song. and I think the moon flower’s song has the power to destroy; to undo spells and reverse what the sundrop flower has done. I credit @tangledbea for writing the lyrics to this song!

if you ask me, I reeeeeeally don’t think Varian would be comfortable with having magical moon powers.

nose-nippin-fun  asked:

So I had a thought: Rapunzel is powered by/connected to the sun lily, and those weird rocks look like thorns. What do thorns do? They PROTECT flowers. What if the rocks, however hindering, aren’t “evil” at all, but trying to stay close to Rapunzel to protect her from an even greater threat? Maybe even Varian, if he continues down a darker path?

See, this is an incredibly interesting theory, due in part to the fact that I noticed that the crystal Quirin got encased in was growing in vine-like shapes!

There is seriously a plant theme going on around here!

I can’t say that the spikes haven’t been threatening, though. And we still have the unknown magic in Rapunzel’s hair to contend with. We don’t yet know what all it can do or what causes it or whether she’ll ever be able to control it.

This is bound to get more interesting.

anonymous asked:

Quirin and Varian’s interactions in QFAD reminded me of Rapunzel & Frederic’s relationship... Fathers who want to shelter their children in order to protect them, a lack of communication and hiding things from them which only makes things worse... I found it funny that Fred was the one who told Rapunzel to listen to her heart yet he’s trying to keep her locked up in the castle... which is partly why I loved when Eugene told Frederic that Rapunzel doesn’t need anyone to take care of her

I think there’s more parallels than you realize. I think Quriin and Frederic both know more about the spikes that they’re letting on. So they aren’t just hiding things, they’re hiding the same thing.

But yeah, Eugene standing up for Rapunzel, even in the face of Frederic dying was epic. I love him so much. He’s just… he’s so great. A true hero.

anonymous asked:

ok probably really unpopular opinion rn but I really don't like Quirin? Like these rocks could be a real danger and he literally doesn't mention them (and I'm sure there's a reason but it's still a shitty thing to do atm) and... idk maybe I'm projecting a little but it made me REALLY uncomfortable when Quirin yelled at Varian for asking why he would LIE TO THE KING and Varian could only respond "Yes sir"... idk

Like I’ve said before, I suspect the reason Quirin didn’t mention the rocks is because Frederic already knows, and it was a kind of “nudge nudge, wink wink,” conversation. Frederic knew why he was there, and knew what he was really asking for, and granted it.

But yeah, Quirin is really harsh with poor Varian.

Tangled: where you either have problematic parents or no parents.