If they had to take care of a group of small children for a day.

For a lovable anon. Let’s say they racial leaders decided to help out the local orphanage and are for one day taking care of children groupof mixed races, aproximate age: 5 years.

Varian: Panicked. Kids refused to obey or be silent and wanted to play with real sharp swords. He manageed to put them in garden to play with a ball and calledAnduin as a backup. It ended up as a story-telling session and Varian was glad the day was over.

The Council of Three Hammers: The children loved Falstad’s gryphons and they get way too many rides on them. Moira, already a mother, is great at taking care of them and shooshing them when they get hurt (happens here and there). Muradin hadn’t noticed there were any children.

Tyrande: This actually turned out to be more a school than a child-care. The children returned with weird questions, the most intriguing being “Where do I get a glaive and demon blood?”

Mekkatorque: He is actually great with children. However, he can’t give piggy-back rides, no matter how much he wants to. All kids are bigger than him. On the other hand, the toys were well welcomed.

Velen: He would call the day a complete sucess if only he hadn’t been called “Grandpa” all the time. He wouldn’t mind the kids calling him that, but the rest of the Draenei keeps calling him that even today.

Genn: He might and might not had forgotten the kids are young. It was a workout day and a military training in once. Okay, maybe it was more like a scout field trip, but still it was pretty hard on the children.

Aysa: She gave up teaching them calligraphy when she realized that painting will keep them quiet for a while. She keeps all the pictures the kids gave her on a wall. All 39 of them.

Thrall: He befriended the children with Durak and then did his best to teach them about nature. When Agrra came in, he was buried under pile of swarming pack of ferocious wolves. Or children, that depends. It was a good day for everybody.

Vol'jin: He was sarcastic thorough the day and to every question he gave an honest answer. the kids are now fluent in Zandali swearwords, have basic knowledge of voodoo, know how to wrestle a tiger and cook him in twenty different ways. The matron is slightly confused why the kids keep saying “I’m four, I should have a knife for two years already. I made this one, you can’t take it from me.” They want to see Vol’jin again, although the experience has to be, according to what they keep excitedly telling about it, terrifying.

Blaine: He actually spent the whole day carrying the children around Mulgore on is horns. That’s it. That’s all.

Sylvanas: She wasn’t really happy about taking care of children and she wasn’t really good at it either. The kids were scared, they cried, Sylvanas yelled. She suggested playing Hiden’n’Seek and lost the kids all over the Undercity. Children at least had some fun hidding away from Sylvanas’ elite team of Dark Rangers looking for them. Sylvanas, however, still thinks she won the game, because she managed to all the children back and alive.

Lor'themar: Kids went literally everywhere. They were noisy, crying, yelling, laughing, playing with priceless tomes and artifacts. They nearly put the rest of Silvermoon in ruins when they found magic properties. Lor’themar’s summary of the day was: “Not different from what I usually do, except they were actual kids.”

Gallywix: He didn’t care about the children at all, because he was told he can’t use them for labour neither sell them to slavery. The kids were playing in his palace and with the mooks standing around. It included a lot of happy singing (and grunting) and swimming in a pool.

Ji: The kids decided to play a war. He joined. He was pretending to be Deathwing and kids were brave heroes saving the Azeroth. Then they went for a meal and a log afternoon nap.

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On that RP'ing Varian note I would love to see devs or GM's occasionally RP lore characters in the game and interact with people. It would probably wind up being a total clusterfuck but it'd be really fun and cool. Anybody who played Ultima Online or Asheron's Call back in the day may remember when the devs would sometimes take control of the lore characters and RP them and do little staged events in front of the players. If Metzen did something like that with Thrall it'd be incredible..

Please no more Thrall. 


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