Astro Reacts | You Skateboard

Author’s Note: gifs aren’t mine and credits go to their owners! hey arohas! Although I’m not too sure many of you like this kind of stuff, I tried it for fun and for myself & my brother lol. also don’t be shy if you want to talk to me, I’m harmless~ thanks and happy reading -assstro 💫


Probably from the street dance influence, jinjin would be pretty impressed that you were sponsored in skateboarding, even if it was the smaller companies. Even when you flipped to a grind down a seven-stair rail, and it didn’t cut the cleanest, jinwoo would love it. Sometimes, because he’s jin-photographer, he’ll try to use the fisheye lens and help take videos for you, cause honestly, thinks it’s the hottest thing in the world.
“If I film your part in the skate tape, could I get that one shirt?”
“No, the last one’s in stock for me~”
“Fine. If I film your part, can i get a kiss from you?”


MJ is such a cute little doof. Though he doesn’t seem the type to be into skateboarding, he will be curious about every little detail. When you try to send in videos for sponsors, MJ is always there to (loudly) cheer you on. He’ll see you one day trying to set up a new deck after you’d just snapped one, and he’ll be fascinated by the tools, grip tape and stickers. He’d ask how to apply everything, and you’d show him and sit beside him. MJ then watches for a few seconds, but it doesn’t last. Skateboarding will never be as fascinating as you. “Are you paying attention? You asked about the grip tape”
“Of course I am, keep going!”
*continues to stare at you endlessly*


You and the boys met outside the studio one day to drop off some snacks for them, and while you stared at Eunwoo from a distance, he stared back - but not at your eyes. He was staring at your scraped up shoes. At first soft boi would be worried for you and wonder if you suddenly couldn’t afford new shoes, until you casually pull a pop shuv-it late flip on your board. He’d admire the happy face you made as you received praise from his members, and when you rolled up to him, he would just grin and look down to hint at your shoes.
“I can see you like my kicks.”
“Pshh. Don’t worry, I have plenty of money saved, so maybe I’ll get you a pair of new ones for your birthday, okay?”


While waiting for bin to come out of the fantagio building, you decided to mess around and skate in an empty and trashed space across the street. Little did you know that moonbin watched from afar as you attempted to treflip your board high up a trashy slope and accidentally snapped it in half. As you chased the one half sliding away, you found it caught under moonbin’ shoe, and he was grinning like an idiot. He couldn’t help but smirk, not because of the way you messed up, but the way you looked when he saw you fly up in the air and come down so strong.
“So hearts aren’t the only things you snap in half?”
“Ah, you’re too much, I might actually snap you in half.”


Apart from dancing, rocky finds your skateboarding addicting to watch. While getting to know you, he saw you more as a sweet and gentle person, which you are - but that wasn’t all you were. While hanging out and watching you jump, flip and grind everywhere, he was impressed, until you fell down a ten stair, scraping your hands and knees. Rocky rushed over to ask if you were okay, but without hesitation, you got up and casually climbed the stairs. You gave your filmer friends a thumbs up, and did a varial heel flip and landed like it was no big deal. He would gape at first, but it would turn into a tiny smile, loving that you just got back up like it was nothing.
“I was ready sweep you off your feet and rescue you, but you never gave me the chance.”
“Thanks, but all I need are band aids, rocky.”
“Not even a kiss for the boo-boo?”


It’s said that cute pie maknae is a quick learner by his older members, so when everyone found out that you could skateboard, he would want in. It would almost be like an old rom-com, where you teach him to balance and properly push on the board instead of pushing mongo (pushing with your front foot like an idiot). You’ll be holding his hands, and he’ll look down at you with his awkward little smile. He’ll be slightly distracted by your presence, causing him to fall a lot, but at some point sanha will start skateboarding to impress you.
*rolls up to you and does a simple ollie*
“They see me rollin’, they hatin’-”
“Sanha, not too long ago you fell over pebbles in the ground.”
“I was falling for you, Y/N”
*continues to roll away and sing before you kick this meme boi’s ass*