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[HOLY. FUDGE. YOU’RE ALREADY MORE THAN 100 BUDDIES TO FOLLOW THIS PROJECT, THANKS A BILLION FOR THIS! ;A; To thank you all, I decided to share with you the map of Italy’s room and give you a little wip of his faceset! It’s only sketches for now, like Hungary, and they’ll be completed only when the game will be over! It’ll be the same thing with sprites; it’s only their first version here that I made with RPG maker. Italy doesn’t even have his curl yet and he hasn’t a green dress but a white one.

Yesterday, I made a friend of mine play the beginning of the game, and it took him more than 20 minutes to reach “the end” (which is actually, around the half of what I want to do, if not less) so I was very happy! I guess that I take less time when I test it because I already know everything orz.

Anyway, I hope you’ll like this little teaser!]

me: i love romano content, i wish there was more. he actually gets plenty of content when I think abt it but we could always use more!

some people: *goes to every spain and north italy centered content*

some people: OK BUT WHE RE’S ROMAN O?!

me, suddenly: actually we get the perfect amount of romano content we can continue like this by all means show me the other cuties


❊ spamano icons ❊

➟ officially, my account has reached +1,200 followers & so it’s time for another icon bundle! aaaaaah! (╥﹏╥) it’s such an honor to reach that high of a number in just a short amount of time i stg this is a dream like i want to thank each & every single one of you for sticking with me; from anyone to my earlier days to the people who follow me now. ≧◡≦ virutal hugs & cuddles to all you cute cinna buns!❤

First Two Icons: inspired by a very old anon who requested me to do a “Besame Mucho” icon duo. Lovino has the view of the Vargas farmhouse grassy field, with the wooden fence, the usual brown falling leaves, & the famous glass tomato. Antonio has carnations, the guitar he gave to the Italian, intertwined hands to represent their dance, the stars for his love for constellations, & a city from Italy as an overlay.

Last Three Icons: there is another icon pairing of both the spaniard & the italian, with their background as their national flowers, that are separated by a single independent spamano icon.

The year is 1941. Life in the Philippines is peaceful and upbeat. However, this will all change soon. 

This is the story of three young individuals with promising futures. Kiku Honda, a Japanese immigrant in the Philippines, Alfred Jones, a young pilot ready for action, and Katarina Vargas, an independent woman following her dreams.

Life is great and full adventure. But things turn for the worst when Japan suddenly declared war against America, and the Philippines got itself entangled in the mess. 

Kiku, Alfred and Katarina find themselves in the worst possible situation. But despite all odds, their spirit will never be broken. They continue to fight, to hope, to dream, they remain to be undefeated.


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Under the Desert Sun: A Voltron Fic

Slow-burn moments in the budding romance between a Galra emperor and an Altean alchemist. 

A little oneshot inspired by the new season. I love these two as a pair so much, and I wanted to explore their relationship leading up to their courtship/marriage. Hope you enjoyed! c:

Few things in the known universe were half so terrifying or bemusing as a Galra’s passion.

Or so Alfor had once explained to him, only half-joking. The emperor had simply brushed it aside as an outsider’s perspective. It was in the nature of his people to throw themselves wholly and completely into everything they did. Neither word was spoken nor act performed without the utmost conviction. Their clerics spoke of how Zaal, the fierce Mother-Goddess, had created the first tribes by ripping Her own body asunder, down to bare bone and marrow until Daibazaal itself turned rust-red with her blood. To survive and to battle and to conquer – these were the war cries that had sung in their blood since the most ancient days of his race.

It was hardly his concern if other races were put-off by the natural disposition of his people. He would oversee the personal affairs of his own kind. Alfor and the others could do the same, dear friends though they were. For what Altean had ever been born that could understand the fire of a Galra, much less match it?

On the fateful day he met her, Zarkon could not shake the feeling that some god or another had taken that as a challenge.

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