“La patria no son las banderas ni los himnos, ni los discursos apodícticos sobre los héroes emblemáticos, sino un puñado de lugares y personas que pueblan nuestros recuerdos y los tiñen de melancolía, la sensación cálida de que, no importa donde estemos, existe un lugar al que podamos volver.”

- Mario Vargas Llosa (Discurso en la recepción del Premio Nobel, 2010)

Inktober - Day 11 (Hetalia: Axis Powers)

So, my style has unimproved a lot lmao. I remember two years ago I was dying to achieve a no-manga-style, semi-realistic and cartoonish looking art. And two years later I keep drawing less semi-realistic and more cartoon-manga ^^Uu. I also don’t have a consistent style orz…

I feel guilty lmao, I keep seeing my art mutuals on IG working really hard to achieve a realistic art style and I gave up and started to do lazy stuff like this, lol. The good thing is that I’m having more fun than I used to, drawing feels less forced or tiring.


“To be graced with your affectionate words, is to feel busy butterflies flutter within my stomach. To be embraced by your strong arms, is to feel my heart thunder and pound with the power of a stampede. To be loved by you, is to look at the entire world, and see no one but you alone.”