varennes en argonne

An American official photographer of the US Signal Corps and his assistant carry out reconnaissance photography under cover of a deep river bank by the River Aire on the Western Front, 6 November 1918. La Forge Ferme, 3 kilometres north of Varennes-en-Argonne, Meuse.They are using a glass plate camera mounted on a tripod to photograph the German lines.
IWM (Q 113418)

♛ HISTORY MEME ♛ [1/2] PLACES: Varennes-en-Argonne, France

VARENNES-EN-ARGONNE was the scene of the Flight to Varennes: In June 1791 Louis XVI, with his immediate family, made a dash for the nearest friendly border, that of Austrian Belgium (Queen Marie-Antoinette being a sister to the Austrian emperor, Leopold II). But in Varennes Louis and his family were arrested, by Citizen Drouet, the local postmaster, who had been alerted by a message received from nearby Sainte-Menehould. It is said that at Sainte-Menehould, where the escaping party had spent the previous night, a merchant alerted the town authorities of their presence after recognizing the King’s face on a coin, as Louis tried to buy something from a shop. Once more France’s king, queen, and dauphin returned to the Tuileries in humiliating captivity, and Louis and Marie-Antoinette were subsequently executed on the guillotine. [x]