Day 6 of the Don challenge - Least favorite “friendship”? Vardhaan and Jabar.

I don’t really dislike any friendships in these movies movies to be honest, because all of them play their own part and are interesting in their own way.

I could only think of two others that I “disliked” working together/whatever besides these two, but I think they are the worst. Both are complete under-minding idiots who think they can get one over on Don because they are working together and he is brainstorming and not expecting their betrayal.

Funny part is, they both probably planned on killing each other afterward anyhow. For you see, Don might be a bad guy to us, but he has mastered the art of which he lives his life and brings rules to it that keep it grounded and make it work. He isn’t mindlessly going to slaughter people for no reason or take something from someone he doesn’t want/need. He also is willing to make friends and deals. Sure, you might not always be part of his plan but by the time these two fools decided to off him, he already was two steps ahead and plotted his escape, easily.

Before Don’s enemies can make their first move, Don is already two steps ahead of him.” Whereas the partnering between them made sense, it was a stupid choice on both their parts.