It’s so weird seeing fights over ships and one side calling the other stupid, or idiotic, or insert insult here. I literally ship pretty much everything on the show except for Bughead (not a fan of Mevin but that’s mostly because the writers make Moose so fucking annoying and unlikable), So when Varchie’s attack Jeronica stans and say that Veronica would never like Jughead and shit like that, I’m in the background like “guys chill out Veronica can pretty much be with ANYONE. I love Varchie too (Jeronica more oops) but that doesn’t mean you have to attack Jeronica’s because they have a shit ton of palpable chemistry oozing for each other when they’re near each other.

I may not seem like it because I’m every post I’m complaining about Betty or Bughead but I do try to be optimistic about other ships. I hate how the Riverdale fandom (and the show) is going down the Teen Wolf way: becoming extremely toxic and the stans of a toxic ship are being catered to instead of having the show make sense and be good.

I just want a show and a nice fandom that doesn’t do this shit. Started with TVD, then Teen Wolf, now Riverdale… why do I always like the shows that all do the same goddamn thing I hate?

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what's your favorite (if you have one) ship on riverdale with the kids?

Jolly (Jason/Polly) has a very special place in my heart for reasons I don’t fully understand. I wish we got a flashback or more of their relationship or something of them damnit. 

If we’re talking ships where one of them isn’t dead though? Varchie. 

I wanna read about the same two idiots falling in love again and again, in different ways, times and worlds just because I’m a sucker for love between two fictional characters

“But they’re not dating.” “Fanfiction!”

“But they’re straight.” “Fanfiction!”

“But they died.” “Fanfiction!”

“But they’re not even in the same show.” “Fanfiction!”

“But that’s not how it happened.” “Fanfiction!”

“Why are you crying?” “Fanfiction.”