I’ve seen a lot of the “Lance’s family immigrated to America” thing in fanfics, but the beach he mentions is in Cuba, so I’ve been thinking…

Please consider: a Lance who isn’t an American citizen. Who grew up watching Florida’s space shuttle launches through a scope his father dragged down to the beach at Varadero. Who literally spent years trying to train away his Cuban accent so he’d have a better chance of being accepted into the world’s most advanced space program. Who has to balance worries about his student visa not being renewed with the challenges of his tough piloting courses. Whose feelings of inferiority to Keith are being badly exacerbated by snide whispers from classmates about how he must have only gotten in on affirmative action. Whose disappearance causes an international incident between America and Cuba.

(And maybe also: A Lance who’s able to automatically accept Galra!Keith not just because “Ooh fuzzy <3” but because he knows exactly what xenophobia and racism feel like–knows exactly what it’s like to be treated like an alien in the one place he most wanted to belong, and he refuses to ever make someone else feel the way he did.)

Just sayin’.

The Son of Haggar part 1

Shangst Au

Lance always knew he was adopted, the Mcclains happily took him in. And for that he was grateful to them. He called then his family, though he did wanted to meet his real mother and his father. Wondering if they abandoned him, or simply couldn’t have him due to some circumstances. Though the adoption agencies said they found him on the beach crying at the age of 3.

Lance panted as he stared at the witch known as Haggar. Her golden eyes stared down at the wounded blue paladin. For some odd reason, she had sadness, almost like a mother losing her child kind of eyes.

“The Blue Paladin, I was once the guardian of the ocean.” Confessed the witch as she moved closer. Lance just glared as he looked for his bayard. “I won’t attack you, I have a very soft spot for you..” than she went on “We are known to be the most trusting, the most compassionate, yes?” As her long thin hands touched the Cuban’s face.

“You have my eyes…” she whispered, “you have his skin tone and hair.” She went on, Lance grew more confused. “You have his color blue But you have my markings…” Lance eyes widen in pain. He felt something sharp cutting through his face, but there was nothing on him.

“ child. This is your true form.” Lance stared at the reflection on the floor, so clear. He saw it. He had her markings, but in dark ocean blue. He saw the long elf like ears that alteans have.

Lance felt tears coming down, no he won’t believe it.

Lance grabbed his bayard but saw that Haggar had disappeared. He grabbed his fallen helmet and put it on a dark mode so the team wouldn’t see his face. And quickly ran back to his lion.

‘You found out my paladin..“ the kind voice of his blue lion whispered. ‘That Haggar was the original blue lion and your mother.’ Tears came down his eyes, “Yes I did…You won’t leave me because of that?” Lance whispered. ‘Of course not, you are mine.“ The compassionate lion said.

“Lance what are you talking about?” Shiro voice came out.

“Nothing! Just me and my beautiful blue just having a wedding plan.” Lance joked as he forced a strong joking tone. He was thankful for his classes in theater.

Shiro didn’t believe him, but decided to leave it at that. The mission was the worst of all they had, but thankful a successful one.

Blue told him how of Haggar became who she was, She was originally known as Farla. A beautiful blonde who was similar to Allura. Strong and kind. And when Zarkon betrayed Voltron, she followed him.

Blue went on saying she became pregnant with him, and had to hide him from zarkon. She hid him for 3 years or something similar to that. But the galra were getting suspicious. Haggar had put him into the blue lion and set it on sights of a far away plant. Or earth, though galra ships had attacked the lion and it crashed landed on the plant Earth. Lance was washed away from blue and onto Varadero beach in Cuba. Crying and in a language no knew he was saying.

Lance started avoiding the team, lying saying he felt sick, or just needed time to better his bond with his lion.

He started to put makeup that match his skin tone to hide Haggar’s markings. Though hiding the ears were more of a challenge. He began going to the space mall to buy different hats. Just to cover the ears, he hid them from team. By the time he thought he could go back to being the Lance they knew, something else happened.

His eyes started to change, the black pupil had change into a pale blue.

Lance felt tears coming down his eyes, it’s not fair…

– Part 2 -> —————Part 3 ->

seaologist  asked:

please consider: lance's birthday revealed in an episode

consider: lance waking up to a really dark and quiet castle and feeling a familiar sense of dread as he walks around and calls for his missing team.

consider: he turns a corner and hears the faint sound of waves crashing by the shore, but he’s not sure.

consider: he follows the sound and realizes it’s the control room where they initially found coran and allura during their first landing in altea. he walks closer cautiously.

consider: the doors open and everyone in team voltron is there, excitedly greeting him happy birthday with makeshift party poppers and noisemakers. a simulation of varadero beach surrounds them, and lance almost tears up at just the sight of it.

consider: shiro holding a banner saying happy birthday to the best sharpshooter in the universe. pidge and hunk grinning happily despite looking tired from rewiring the simulator all night. allura and coran holding seashell necklaces they made from the shells they managed to barter with in the space mall.

consider: keith holding the cake they all helped hunk make, smiling as he says, “save the ‘i’m older than you’ jokes for later, okay?”

consider: lance not even holding back when he cries and rushes to give his team a group hug, his cheeks hurting from smiling so hard, his laughter a little choked from crying.

To all the Dirty Laundry haters

For those of you who don’t know, “Dirty Laundry” is a Klance AU fanfiction about Lance and Keith making a deal so Lance can bring a boyfriend to his home for the holidays. It’s a great fanfiction (I recommend!) that every Klance shipper should read (of course, if you want to).

Okay so now, the author is receiving hate because of how she wrote the story. First of all, “Gasolina” was a huge song back when I was a kid. It was everywhere! Still is! I laughed at that part so hard that I had to send it to my friend and later, I showed it to my sister. Second, “La Chancla” was in no way a form of abuse. That was how our grandma’s used make us not get into trouble (tenernos derechito as my grandmas says) and my abuela still does that to me sometimes so it’s normal for Latino families! And we have big families! So that is normal too! Third, we don’t know if Lance is Mexican, Cuban, Puerto Rican or another Latin ethnicity. So just because Lance mentioned Varadero Beach doesn’t make him Cuban. Maybe it was a family vacation that brought him memories. Fourth, Alexi has autism and most people were offended. Guess what? AUTISM IS DIFFERENT FOR EVERYONE. She modeled after her own friends and you people still say she’s wrong? Are we even reading the same commentary? Fifth, just because the author is not Latina, doesn’t mean she can’t write about Latinos. She’s working with Latinos on the story to make it accurate and it is! Her portrayal of the Sanchez family brought me childhood memories with my familia and there were beautiful. Sixth, why in the world would you sent hate to the author? You’re not Latino so why? I’m trying to understand why were you haters offended when nobody of the Latino community was. And you were harassing a MINOR. A minor! She even apologized and made a post that she will change some things to appeal to you haters. But no. You kept sending her hate. What is wrong with you? You haters only know how to spread venom and you LOVE to tear people down. Of course, you say all that because you’re behind a screen. YOU ARE ALL COWARDS. You people sent her so much hate that it got into her mental health. Now she lost her passion for writing. Now she’s probably writing the final chapter of the fic when it was supposed to go longer than that. Now she feels like this is a task. A burden. A duty.

As a Puerto Rican, I never found “Dirty Laundry” racist. I needed to say this because I couldn’t just stay silent and watch everything from the sidelines. You can unfollow me if you want and if you haters dare to send me hate messages or comments, I warn you, you will regret it.

black-rogue  asked:

Fic idea that won't leave me alone: Lance comes from a family that isn't healthy. Dad is an alcoholic. And when dad gets drunk he's emotionally abusive. So team gets back to earth and Lance is ecstatic to see his siblings and the team stays at the house for a while. But things are weird with lance and his dad, like lance is waiting for the shoe to drop. And that night the team takes siblings out, but when they come back dad is yelling at lance and he just takes it like 'Okay dad, you're right.'

Consider it done!

TRIGGER WARNING!!!!! ***hints at abuse of alcohol and verbal abuse*****
When Allura told the team they were taking some time off to visit Earth, the team were ecstatic, especially Lance. “I’m afraid we won’t be able to stay too long, so we can only visit one place and stay there. But you will all have a chance to contact your families!” Lance rushed forward, excitement filling his eyes. “We can all stay at my home in Cuba! We have a tone of extra rooms where my older siblings moved or left for college!” Allura smiled and clapped her hands together. “Alright, team, it’s decided! Coran, set a course for Cuba!” Coran saluted her and gave Lance a wink. “Right away princess!” Lance was bubbling with excitement and relief. He was so happy to see his family and for his team to meet them. *My family…oh quiznak, I didn’t think.* Lance thought, frowning. *Maybe he’s changed since I’ve been gone..* Lance was lost in thought as the stars and planets passed them by, bringing them closer to home.
When the castle touched down on the soft sand, Lance bolted out of the door, arms wide as the smile on his face. “Come on, guys!! My house is just up that hill!” The chased after Lance as he ran up the hill, sand crunching underneath their feet. As the team continued to run, the house came into their view. It was a large, wooden house that had clearly been there for years. It appeared to be quite old, but it was very homey. Lance began to run faster, making the sand fly from underneath his feet. “Maria, Lucas, Teo, Marco, Selena, Tia, mama, guys!!! I’m home!!!” The team watched with wide eyes as a small mob came stumbling out of the house. “LANCE!!” Small children ran toward Lance, sprinting madly. I small sturdy woman with skin the same color as Lance’s leap from the door, tears flowing down her face. “Oh Lance! My sweet boy! Lance, oh Lance, you’re okay!” “Mama!!” Lance cried, running to her with his arms open wide. She picked him up in a bone-crushing hug as his siblings talked him to the ground. “Lance, where have you been?” “Is your hair longer?” “Did you lose weight?” “Did you bring me any presents?” His mother laughed, eyes sparkling from unshed tears. “Children! Give your hermano a chance to catch his breath! I’m sure he will tell us why he left with no explanation.” His mom said accusingly. Allura stepped forward and cleared her throat. “I believe that part is my fault. Allow me to introduce myself. My name is Allura, Princess of Altea. It is a pleasure to meet you.” Allura bowed respectfully to Lance’s mom. “Mama, since you’ve already met Allura, meet the rest of my team and friends. This is Keith, Shiro, Coran (the gorgeous man), Pidge, and Hunk!” Lance introduced, gesturing to each one. “Guys, meet my mama, Marcia.” Marcia nodded at them. “Well, let’s not just stand out here in the heat! You all must be starving! Come on inside and I’ll get you-” “Marcia, what is all that noise out there?!” Came a grumbling voice from inside the home. The team noticed as Lance turned stiff and clenched his fists as the voice interrupted. They heard staggered footsteps as a tall figure walked out of the house. The man had a full mustache and his skin was a couple of shades darker than Lance’s and his mom’s. “Who are all these people?” Marcia cleared her throat. “Diego, these are Lance’s friends. Lance has come home, isn’t that wonderful?” Lance’s dad eyes him up and down, and grumbled. “Well, come here boy. Give your dad a hug then.” The team watched as Lance stiffly walked toward the man. As Lance gave him a short hug, his nose crinkled. *He reeks of alcohol. I guess somethings just never change.* A small voice spoke up. “Mama, can we pleeeeease take Lance’s friends down to the beach? Please please please please pleas-” “TEO!! Ahem, if they wish to then go right ahead.” Teo whooped and pounded his fist in the air. “Let’s go you guys! Mama, will you come with us?” “We’ll alright, let’s head that way!” The team began to head toward the beach when Lance’s dad’s voice rang out. “Lance, you stay here with me and help clean up. You’re mother just finished dinner.” Lance looked in between his father and the others. With a sigh, he nodded. “Okay. Guys I’ll catch up with you guys later. Welcome to Varadero beach!” Lance waved at them and followed his dad into their house.
The team had separated from Lance’s family, headed back toward the house exhausted from playing in the sand and water. Allura giggled. “Lance’s family is quite large.” “And energetic!” Coran added. The rest of the team laughed along when Pidge suddenly stopped, raising a finger to her lips. “Hey guys, shh. Do you hear that?” The team crept toward the window where they could hear voices. “…leaving the family like that was disrespectful. You’ve always been disrespectful. And I hear I thought some time away would fix that.” Diego’s voice rang out, speech slurred. “You’ve done nothing for this family, but bring us down. Honestly, you’re pathetic Lance. Always have and always will.” “Of course, papa. I’m sorry.” The team looked at each other in anger and shock. “Did he just say-” “Lance doesn’t really believe that does he?” “Surely he doesn’t really think that-” “Allura, where are you doing?!” Allura ignored them, rushing her way into the house. She burst through the door, fire in her eyes. Lance jumped at the noise and turned away from the dishes he was washing. “Allura? What are you doing? Is everything oka-” “Diego, sir. I’m sorry but you are wrong.” Diego lifted an eyebrow. “Excuse me?” Allura set her jaw. “You. Are. Wrong. Lance is one of the best Paladins I have ever come to know, and his talent and bravery has saved me and our team numerous times, which means he has saved the universe multiple times. You should be proud of all the things he has accomplished. He has been nothing but respectful and he has done your family proud.” The rest of the team joined her, crossing their arms and nodding. Allura raised her chin higher. “These things you say about Lance, about my Paladin, our friend couldn’t be farther from the truth.” Lance eyes began to water as he smiled softly. “G-guys..” Keith stepped forward. “And if you have a problem with Lance or any of us, you have a problem with me.” Lance’s dad eyed them and angrily huffed. “Whatever. Lance, finish cleaning. I’m going to bed. Tell your mother.” With that, he stumbled his way upstairs. Lance sat down the wash rag and wiped away the tears from his face. “T-thank you guys. For everything. He just gets like this sometimes, so-” Shiro cut him off. “That doesn’t excuse for the things he said.” The team nodded in agreement. Lance let out a wet chuckle. “I think we need a group hug now.” The team giggled and wrapped there arms around Lance. “Without our Blue Paladin, team Voltron wouldn’t be the same. You’re the heart and soul of this team, Lance. You hold us together. Don’t let anybody tell you otherwise.”

Voltron Beach Headcanons

So, my mom and I have been traveling around and going to beaches and all that fun stuff until the lease for my apartment is up in a couple weeks. So, have some Voltron beach headcanons!

[[Art based on some headcanons]]

Shallura (established)

  • Shiro’s self conscious about the scars on his body and initially wears a wetsuit.
  • Eventually he becomes comfortable enough to just wear swim trunks, and Allura makes sure to apply a liberal amount of sunscreen on his scars every couple of hours.
  • Allura and Shiro nap and relax on the beach on their towels under the shade of an umbrella.
  • But you know after their nap they’re going to tear it up on the waves and get competitive and playful.
  • They dominate at the game “chicken”. So much.
  • Especially when Allura’s carrying Shiro on her shoulders. No one can stand a chance against them. They’re a powerful force when teamed together.
  • Lance was tackled off Hunk’s shoulders in seconds.
  • He saw his life flash before his eyes and then afterwards he high fived Shiro because it was so awesome.
  • If you thought they were unstoppable as chicken partners, wait until you see them play volleyball. Because they annihilate everyone.  
  • Shiro and Allura feed each other the planet’s Earth equivalent of ice cream.
  • They hold hands as they walk along the beach, away from the others, around sundown.
  • Shiro writes their names in the sand in a heart, like a smitten highschooler. Allura adores it, even though she can’t read it.
  • She learns how to write her name in English in the sand and practices it over and over until it’s as pretty as Shiro’s.

Klance (slow burn)

  • Lance is psyched to challenge Keith to surf boarding, because he knows he’ll have an advantage.
  • Keith is actually pretty damn good at surfing, for his first time.
  • Lance pretends to be completely unimpressed and says it’s just beginner’s luck.
  • He’s actually immensely proud and amazed.
  • Eventually he compliments Keith about it:
  • “Okay, not bad. You’re actually kind of a natural.”
  • “What was that? I couldn’t hear you? Was that a compliment?”
  • “Shut up, mullet.”
  • They insist on being a team for any of the sports they decide to play.


  • He is the best surfer. Literally the best compared to the others. But he doesn’t show off or anything, because he just wants to relax and have a good time. He doesn’t want to be competitive about it.
  • Hunk knows how to weave hats and baskets out of palm leaves. Mostly because it helped calm his nerves as a kid.
  • He also knows how to make lei and uses whatever he can find on the alien planet’s beach to braid them (flowers, vines, shells, etc) and give them to the team.
  • He used to make lei back at home for his little sister.
  • You know he likes checking out all of the food shops by the beach and talking with the locals.
  • They exchange tips and recipes.
  • They adore him.
  • He helps fix some locals’ boats. In exchange for him helping, they offer to take everyone out on the water, which calms Shiro’s nerves because Lance talked about pulling inner tubes behind Blue on the water (which is a big no-no).
  • “Uh, Lance? I don’t think Shiro’ll like the idea of you taking a gigantic, sentient war machine lion out on the water to pull a couple inner tubes behind it.”
  • “Why not??”
  • Hunk makes some pretty intricate sand castles. Big enough for Pidge to lurk in.
  • He makes sure to bring plenty of sunscreen, because he’s paranoid about everyone getting burned.
  • Showing Shay the ocean is definitely on his list of things to introduce her to.


  • Initially tries staying as covered as possible.
  • It immediately becomes impossible once she realizes how damn hot it is on the beach.
  • She settles for one of those zipup capri wetsuits with the tank top. Or swim trunks with a surf shirt (rash guard?) and a visor.
  • She tries staying in the shade with Coran, Shiro and Allura, and her tablet, but it’s still too damn hot and she’s sweaty and dying and there’s weird bugs that won’t leave her alone.
  • Sand is also terrible. It’s all over her. How did it get everywhere so fast?
  • Pidge caves and joins the rest of the paladins in the water.
  • She spends most of her time slung over an inner tube watching the boys goof off.
  • She also takes an interest studying the marine life along the shore and takes samples to be studied later.
  • She takes a liking to going underwater with a snorkel and goggles to check out the fish, but she’s sure to stay close to the shore, because deep water freaks her out.
  • Pidge gets Hunk to give her piggyback rides along the shore.
  • Pidge miraculously doesn’t burn to a crisp, thanks to Hunk. She gets a weird little tan stripe along her forehead because of her visor though. 


  • He’s never been to the beach before, so he isn’t sure what to expect at first.
  • The first time he jumps into the water and resurfaces, he looks like a drowned kitten.
  • He accidentally gets ocean water in his mouth. A lot of it. He is not pleased.
  • Despite putting on plenty of sunscreen, because of Hunk’s insistence, Keith still gets sunburnt to all hell somehow.
  • He looks like an actual tomato
  • Lance teases him so much about it
  • Shiro scolds him and he has to help put Aloe on Keith every hour or so, because Shiro’s tired of hearing it.
  • Keith’s the one who insists on starting a game of beach volleyball. There isn’t a place set up for volleyball of course, so he pulls together his own volley net and marks out the court in the sand
  • He and Lance make a good team™ against some of the locals who take them on. 


  • You know this boy LOVES the beach. It’s no Varadero Beach, but it’s an ocean and he’s going swimming, dammit.
  • He’s the one who insisted they have a beach day.
  • Lance tans very gracefully and has never burned in his life. He’s sure to use sunscreen anyway, because he’s all about keeping his skin healthy.
  • He’s sure to get a bunch of selfies with the local beach babes.
  • Permanently has a drink poised in his left hand whenever he’s not in the water.
  • Lance is an incredibly strong swimmer
  • He knows all forms of swimming and does them gracefully.
  • Except when he pretends to be a dolphin.
  • He makes sure to bring music. Loud, loud music that he can dance to.
  • He starts a dance-off on the beach.
  • Which of course escalates into a full-on beach party with the locals.


  • Coran mostly camps out on the beach with everyone’s belongings (sunscreen, inner tubes, surfboards, umbrella and towels, etc) sipping on some Nunvil and whatever’s native to the island.
  • He basically acts as a lifeguard when he doesn’t fall asleep.
  • He falls asleep a lot, but usually no one can tell behind his ginormous sunglasses. Unless he’s snoring.
  • He also takes pictures, because he’s Space Uncle.
  • He wears an old-timey white and blue striped one-piece swimsuit. The kind from the 1900s, to match his mustache.


  • Probably has a similar vintage 1900s swimsuit like Coran’s (complete with sleeves and a skirt basically)–but after showing Lance, he insisted she needed to go to the Space Mall and get something more modern.
  • “Allura, you’re 10,000 years out of style. We’re fixing that.”
  • She purchases a wetsuit for practical use, and a bikini with a floppy sunhat.
  • “My stars, these are much more practical than my old swimming suit. I can actually move around in these.”
  • Cue Shiro dying at seeing her in a bikini, because wowie zowie.
  • A lot of locals flirt with her. Like, a lot.
  • Shiro also flirts with her. A lot. He might also give some of the aliens who’re hitting on her disapproving looks. A lot.
  • Allura has never played volleyball in her life, but she can spike a volleyball so damn well. It’s like she was born to do it.
  • Easily throws Lance and Keith into the water so they can do cool flips.


  • He starts off high strung and stressed when he gets to the beach, but it’s easy for him to relax and have some fun once he sees the rest of his team having a great time.
  • He wears a looooot of sunscreen to protect scarred skin. He probably puts a white strip of zinc oxide across his scar and nose.
  • The sun may not love Shiro, but Shiro loves the sun.
  • It makes him so happy, guys. It puts him in such a great mood. He is so happy to be outside.
  • When he and Allura are on a team during volleyball, he’s the one who sets the ball just right for her so she can spike it.
  • Helps Hunk grill things by the beach. Probably because it’s the one form of cooking he’s actually really good at.
  • The paladins insist that’s a Dad Trait and 100% makes him a dad.
  • “But I’m only seven years older than Hunk.”
  • Lance convinces Shiro to bust out some dance moves.
  • He’s actually not bad at all. Maybe rusty, but definitely not bad.
  • He helps Pidge dive for really good seashells.
  • Shiro and Keith definitely draw out a circle in the sand and spar. Because they’ve gotta be ready to battle in every environment, obviously.

· imagine lance and keith meeting on the internet

· on their fandom video editing account or something bc theyre both fanboys and found each other through a fandom or something

· like lance would find a video edit that just made him nUT (lets be honest we all had those moments) and they start following each other

· and they started sliding into each other’s dms ;)

· lance lives in cuba and keith’s in amurica

· cue friendly conversation

· they start to really click with each other and gradually turns into a real friendship on screen

· they start to video chat a lot and teasing one another

· they would collab with each other

· cue slow development of feelings

· and one day, even if they havent seen one or the other in person, Keith or Lance found the courage to ask the other out.

· he says yes ofc

· and they live out an entire online relationship thats just straight up adorable and goals and their followers would start to hardcore ship them (ie us)

· they would video chat or call til they fall asleep

· they would have online movie nights

· they would text nonstop

· they would praise each other on their igs

· they would have their inside jokes

· imagine them having deep conversations at night

· and theyd just fall in love every day

· once lance sent a package to keith, a gift from him, to him

· lance would talk nonstop about keith to his family and his bestie hunk

· big bro shiro would be caught in keith’s praises of how adorable lance is and how he longs to see him in person

· one day, shiro gave keith the best birthday surprise gift

· he waves an envelope in front of his face and keith looks back at him questioningly

· carefully, he opens the envelope and almost cries

· inside, there are two tickets for a trip to varadero, cuba

· shiro tells keith lance helped paid for one of the tickets

· keith calls lance immediately, he explains how he and shiro have been secretly saving up for those tickets as a surprise

· they cant stop themselves from breaking into tears

· the day comes when keith’s plane lands in cuba

· lance paces in the airport, his heart pounding with excitement albeit anxiously, his older sister catching everything on camera

· lance’s eyes searched everywhere for that mullet he would always see on his screen

· he turns, seeing two people exit out of the gate with their bags and big smiles

· lance’s breath hitches, and he launches himself towards the guy with the mullet he recognizes as his bf keith

· keith drops his bags and runs towards lance like a movie cliché (but a cute one none the less)

· they nearly fall over but once they slam into each other in the tightest hugs to end all hugs, they take in each other’s scent for the first time

· they pull away for just a second, but lance couldnt wait anymore, so he goes in for a kiss on keith’s lips

· keith’s eyes goes wide in surprise, but lets himself melt into it

· lance’s sis got everything on camera

· keith and shiro stays with lance’s family for their time in varadero

· cue montage of lance taking keith to his favorite places, restaurants, and beaches

· they once went to an amusement park together with shiro and the fam

· cue all the teasing banters and soft kisses and tight hugs and the ‘i love you’s

· them taking pictures and videos as souvenirs (and for future editing 😂) and sharing their pics on their instas

· lance’s family likes to tease them whenever they come home from a day out together

· every night they would do something fun, whether its the two of them watching a movie while cuddled up in blankets on the couch with shiro and lance’s family alongside, or walks along varadero beach as the moonlight glistens against the soft crashes of the wave

· just imagine all that and them being happy and smiling and laughing and their family just being so supportive of them and keith never wanting to leave

· lets exclude the part where keith and shiro has to, at some point, go back to america, and not include all the tears and klangst and all that

· let’s not

· lets go back to them being happy

· lance introduces keith to his best friend hunk

· hunk, being the big teddy bear he is, is grateful for keith and they way he makes lance happy and just buries him in a tight hug

· lance and keith spooning in bed, buried under the sheets, after a long day, and just enjoying each other’s company, lance running his hand through keith’s fluffy hair, and keith taking in the sweet scent cinnamon scent of lance

· i just want them to be happy okay dreamworks

· i got my eyes on you

anonymous asked:

*slides 10¢ and a stick of gum to you* Shance/ Langst headcanons? (Happy ending preferable but not needed) ( ◠‿◠ )

*pops gum into mouth and pockets the change* lol sure my dude!!!!


-Lance is homesick, we know this, but he often pushes that aside in favor of making the others feel less shitty about leaving Earth. He comforts Hunk and Pidge with shitty memes and jokes and helps out by cooking food or helping Pidge with leads on her family, sometimes talks to Keith about what life was like in the desert, catches Shiro up on all the latest news since he’d been gone, little things really. But nobody ever asks Lance how he’s taking it, how HE feels about leaving Earth. He suffers in silence.

-Blue is probably the only one he tells about his fears and homesickness, since she’s always a good source of comfort and reminds him of home. Since she was on Earth for 10,000 years, she has images and videos of all kinds downloaded from the internet. It’s basically an astral plane type of thing, and Lance will sit and watch the videos of some old Vines and jokes on the good days, but when the homesickness hits him hard enough, she’ll pull out the videos of Varadero Beach and the oceans and forests and landmarks of Earth, and rumble soothingly as he cries watching the sunset.

-At one point she shows him an old video his Mama made, a family reunion back in Cuba, and he sobs his heart out but is so grateful because honestly his family memories had started to fade.

-Blue will often sing to him, though it’s more of a current of emotions than words, sounds of the ocean and the rain and whales, always deep and booming but soft and interspersed with the sounds of dolphins and seagulls. Lance wonders if the other Lions do this for their Paladins, but refrains from asking.

-Contrary to most tropes, Lance hates getting injured. But he has pretty bad luck, so it always ends up with him in the healing pods. Sometimes he’ll berate himself for being dumb enough to get hurt.

-Lance, at one point, stops talking as much and nobody knows why until Hunk checks a calendar and nearly screams. It’s Lance’s mother’s birthday today. And Lance was supposed to lead the song this year. Pidge is the one to hug Lance first, followed by Hunk who drags Keith and Shiro into it too, and Lance kinda just breaks down crying and everyone realizes exactly just how badly Lance misses home, misses Earth.

-After all, none of them have super big families like Lance does. Keith barely remembers his dad, Pidge only has her Mum, Dad and brother, Hunk has a sibling and two parents, and Shiro only has his mom and his grandparents. But Lance has so many siblings and cousins and aunts and uncles that he has a whole lot of people to love and lose back on Earth, which must be terrifying to know if the Galra ever do reach Earth, they might get hurt or worse.

-so they soothe and reassure Lance that Earth will be safe and after he’s calmed down they all make it their personal mission to help him as much as he’s helped them with their homesickness.



-Shiro has a surprisingly dirty mind, I’m not getting into details, but Lance’s l e g s. Step on him please-

-The first time Shiro hears Lance sing in the showers he is 100% positive he’s heard God himself.

-Likewise for Lance, he was pretty sure that hearing Shiro sing in Japanese was the hottest thing since the man’s pecs!

-Keith is 90% of Shiro’s impulse control (spicy Shiro has spicy ideas and Keith is Done™), but he also wants to punch the man in the face because “For fucks sake Shiro just ask him out already, because if I hear one more fucking sigh out of you I’m stabbing you in the dick you thirsty hoe-”

-Pidge finds out and uses it as blackmail to get out of chores until they get together.

-Thank Alfor the walls are soundproof, Lance is v e r y loud and Shiro is blessed ;3

-Hunk does N O T need to hear how Shiro does THAT like THAT, thank you Lance, please spare his innocence, tmi dude TMI-

-Pidge cannot stop her smug little smirk around Shiro after the first night he and Lance get spicy, because she was the one to threaten the Black Paladin into confessing after she tricked Shiro into practicing how he was going to tell Lance he liked him by recording the practice confession and telling him she’d expose him if he didn’t do it first.

-Lance finds out, but merely high fives the girl instead because he has zero regrets now and Pidge is the best wingwoman he could possibly have backing him up. (TBH Pidge was sick of the pining and decided to cut down the pine trees herself)

-Black approves, Blue is a bit wary but warms up to the Black Paladin and entrusts her cub to him, Black does the same with Lance.

-After-nightmare cuddles. Poor beeb needs to be held ;-; (especially after ones where he loses Lance to the Galra and the Druids ;^;)

-Meme Team™💙🖤 they will joke about memes for hours, Hunk always has to stop Keith from stabbing one of them. “ONE MORE DAT BOI REFERENCE AND I SWEAR-” “Keith please calm down-” “HERE COMES DAT RED BOI-” “*UNHOLY ANGRY SCREECHING*” “oh fuck, Lance run-” “AAAAAAAAAAAAHHH!!!” “*Pidge laughing as she records the entire thing*”

Mind Trap Chapter 1: Mente

Summary: It was supposed to be simple. A simple go in-go out deal. Oh, how wrong they were. Now they have to go where no person has gone before… Lance’s Mind.

A.N: Inspired by the Teen Titans Episode of “Nevermore”. Real Shiro is here, but Keith is still the Black Paladin so Lance is Red Paladin and Allura is Blue Paladin.

Chapter 2:

It started out so good. It was a simple mission of saving prisoners on a Galra ship. Though things went bad quick.

Haggar’s cackles through the ship as Lance yells through the comms, “I told ya you Mullet this was a trap!”

“Lance! Shut it!” yells Pidge as he knew she was rolling her eyes right now.

They run through the halls till they meet in the hanger her cackles are growing louder as Hunk yells scared, “She’s here!”

Haggar looks around as she forms a dark energy ball and looks around Lance can’t hear what’s she saying but sees that she’s throwing the magic at Keith. Lance yells, “Keith! Look out!”

Without a second thought Lance pushes Keith out of the way as darkness overtakes him. As thoughts and memories intruded his mind.

It’s so far, I can’t even see it. The… The blue oceans, the white clouds, green grass… I… I can’t see any of it’

Maybe I’m just a fifth wheel. Seventh if you count Coran and Allura. That’s a horrible wheel to be

Maybe it would be best if I stepped aside

Then silence.


Keith groans as he sees Lance still on the ground he grabs him as he yells through the comms, “Coran! Get a healing pod ready Lance got hit!”

Keith holds Lance as he whispers, “You better not die.”


After putting Lance in the healing pod the Paladins look at the pod with worried looks. Shiro grabs Keith’s shoulder in a comforting manner as he reassures, “He’s going to be fine. Don’t worry.”

“Coran, did you find out what that witch did?” asks Allura with a concerned look. He’s silent.

“Coran?” repeats Allura. Silence.

“It’s not deadly right? Like it was just energy like with Shiro right? It will heal right up. Right?” asks Hunk in concern. No answer.

“Coran?” asks Pidge in a much quieter voice.

Coran sighs as answers, “I’m afraid… what she did can’t be healed with the pod.”

Coran opens the pod with a crestfallen face as Keith catches Lance who is still isn’t awake. He feels him breathing so he asks, “He’s still breathing and has a pulse so if he isn’t dead what’s wrong with him?”

“What she did isn’t physical. It’s in his mind,” explains Coran as he pulls up a couple graphs. “Look at these.”

Before Keith could even look Pidge harshly grabs them annoyed as her eyes grow wide as she explains, “Coran, these are dangerous levels of brain waves and his heart rate is increasing rapidly.”

“So what did Haggar do to him?” asks Hunk with tears beginning to form.

“She’s destroying him from the inside,” clarifies Coran sadly.

The Paladins are silent.


Everyone turns to Keith as he adds, “There’s gotta be another way. We can’t just give up.”

Everyone stays silent before Allura asks, “Coran, you know my father was able to put his memories into the ship?”

“Of course.”

“Do you think you could make it reverse?” asks Allura curiously.

Everyone looks confused before Pidge snaps her fingers as she clarifies, “Instead of the mind going out. We’re going in the mind.”

Coran thinks about it as he responds, “I could, but I need to be fast about.”

“Why?” asks Hunk, though he knows it’s already bad.

“We don’t know how fast the magic is or how strong his mind is,” answers Coran gravely.

“Then we need to get to work. Pidge, Hunk help Coran with the engineering,” orders Shiro as they nod before turning to Allura. “Princess, could you give me the run down so we can know what to suspect.”

“Of course,” says Allura as she gestures to follow her.

“What about me?” asks Keith.

“Stay here with Lance. Call us immediately if he gets worse,” says Shiro as he holds reassuringly.

Keith cradles Lance in his arms as he begs, “Just hold on Lance.”


Keith sees Lance’s peaceful face as it seems like he’s only asleep. Though the wires connecting to his face say otherwise.

“I will stay out here and monitor you all, so if things start going bad I’ll pull you out in no less than two tick. But, please, be careful for if you get hurt in his mind you get hurt out here,” warns Coran cautiously. Shiro shudders as he remembers his fight with Zarkon in the mindscape.

“Good luck Voltron, Princess,” says Coran as he turns on the machine.

Keith watches one by one put on the headset as they seem to be asleep. He takes a deep breath as he puts his on too.


Keith groans as he wakes up to the sound of an ocean. He sits up, glad that they’re wearing their armor. He looks around to see everyone as Pidge comments, “This is Lance’s mind? I figured beach but I thought maybe girls would be everywhere.”

Hunk looks around as he comments, “This isn’t any beach this is Varadero Beach. The one in Lance’s hometown.”

Keith looks around as he takes Hunk’s word for it… he’s never been to a beach… seems peaceful enough almost soothing. His train of thought is interrupted when he hears Hunk yell, “Wait! I think I see Lance!”

Everyone turns to see Lance resting in a hammock. Though Keith senses something different about this Lance. Sure, he’s seen Lance like this, being calm and serene, but there’s an aura of happiness around him. They all run to him hoping to get some answers.

New season hype, yo! I’ve been trying to avoid Tumblr because of spoilers, but even my best efforts weren’t enough… Ah well. Hope you enjoy the fic!

No one had been more ecstatic than Lance when Allura announced plans to land on a nearby water planet for a small vacation. He hadn’t seen water since before the garrison, and considering both his past in Cuba and his special attachment through Blue, it was understandable that he was bounding down the endless corridors far before the others had even finished preparations. Towel and beach bag in hand, Lance skidded to a stop at the main flight of stairs and, forgetting all caution, began hopping two at a time.

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anonymous asked:

Could u do some pidge x Lance headcanons please? Congrats on the 100 followers!!

(idk if you meant platonic or romantic pidge/lance, anon, so i did “could be interpreted as either” stuff)

  • Lance is a fan of pretty much all things small and cute (I mean, come on, he wanted to knit a sweater for Klaizap), so whenever he makes a comment about Pidge or her bayard being small or cute, he never means it in a negative way. 
  • When Pidge finally realizes this, she stops reacting angrily, but does tell him that she doesn’t like being called “small” or “cute” because people always use that to talk down to her.
  • Lance starts calling her “mighty” and “beautiful” instead (it starts as a joke, but now they’re affectionate nicknames) (Pidge calls Lance “pretty boy” in return)
  • They end up going to another shopping planet (not space mall, but more an open market type place) and Lance finds a sauce that taste remarkably like peanut butter. He immediately haggles for 10 jars of it (ends up exchanging the rest of his face mask goo) and surprises Pidge with them. (Hunk ends up being able to make an approximation of peanut butter cookies, too)
  • Pidge found a way to adjust the Altean holographic technology to replicate a view of Earth and different places on Earth. Lance is the first person she shows it to, and she shows him the beach scene she programmed in 
  • (”I’ve never been to Varadero beach, but I hope it’s close.” “It’s perfect.”)
  • Lance cries.
  • When they’re finally able to get the video game hooked up and working (thanks to Hunk and Pidge’s combined genius), Lance and Pidge get very competitive. Luckily, they’re pretty evenly matched in their skills, so neither ever gets too far ahead in number of wins.
  • Pidge has a tendency to fall asleep wherever she’s working (which is never in bed or even in her room), so Lance gets in the habit of looking for her before bed and forcing her to at least go in her room so she can fall asleep on a bed instead of against a wall. 
  • (Sometimes when he finds her, she’s already asleep, so he carries her to her room. At first he couldn’t do it, though, because he didn’t have the upper body strength to left her dead weight, so he had to ask Hunk or Shiro to come and get her.)

I’m celebrating, come send me stuff!

Out On The Edge

*Pops head* So

Continuation of Ghost!Lance pormpt I got on my main blog. Uh, nothing much to say except 

I did not planned this and you can al blame the Anon who left me the prompt and @l-x-ie 

Ps. Uh…over 1k but less than 2k so like, under the cut to read more. 

Disclaimer: Voltron doesn’t belong to me. 

He presses his hand over the cold dusty metal wall and suddenly the entire room comes to life.

There is a few faint blue glowing lights on the walls, but it’s not the kind he’s looking for.

He tugs his red jacket and pulls it tighter around him when he feels it slip off his right shoulder. He grumbles in annoyance before he takes another step forward, eyes roaming every single corner of the castle.

A castle.

The blue-eyed teen allows himself to smile giddily at the thought. It felt like he was living in another life time, like a dream or someone else’s memories.

With every step forward, more blue orbs light up around him but none of them are just right.

He keeps walking.

He can hear his steps echoing down the hall, and, feeling a little playful, he lets out a big ‘Hello’, cupping his hands over his mouth to make it louder and he laughs when his own voice greets him back at the end of the dark hallway.

The dark has always been something he avoided; you never knew what could be there, waiting for the right time to grab you and do whatever it wanted with you.

And yet, he walks towards it with ease, footsteps firm and confident.

He feels safe, protected, and he takes a moment to relish the feeling he feels familiar with before he continues walking.

The teen ends up in a somewhat living room. His soft humming echoes around, an old song that his dad taught him when he was a younger. He’s actually surprised he still remembers it.

His dad said that the song had been in the family since his grandpa introduced it to him when he was just a baby. A simple melody, usually shared with a guitar and a voice.

More glowing lights appear, some brighter than others, and his blue eyes scan the room until they fall on the big window on the right corner.

A midnight and gold glow, that’s what his grandpa had said to him a few weeks ago in the hospital bed.

‘Look for the sharp glowing of a dark blue color mixed with gold and you will know it’s him.’ He had said, eyes blurry and old but the love in them as fresh as it was in his youth.

The teen freezes when he catches it. The grip on his jacket gets tighter and then there are a pair of blue eyes, resembling his own so much, staring right back at him.


The thirteen-year-old bites his lower lip guiltily before he shakes his head.

It’s not the first time someone confused him with his grandpa: the long black hair, the jaw, some even said the nose, if that even made sense. His dad told him a few days back, that he had his grandpa’s scowl, and when he laughed, he had the same dimples his grandpa used to get whenever he found something ridiculous.

The teen is not surprised. Sad? Maybe, but not surprised.

“Then who are -”

“My Grandpa told me I could find you here,” the teen blurts out, fingers playing with the end of his jacket as Glow takes a sharper form and suddenly there’s only a young man standing a few feet in front of him.

He knows who he is, he has seen the pictures in his Grandpa’s treasure box.

“Lance McClain?” he asks quietly, almost shyly but at Glow’s smile, his shoulders relax and his mouth twitches upwards when Glow - Lance nods, “My Grandpa told me a lot about you.”

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Mind Trap Chapter 3: Triste

Hehe… hi. Ready for langst? I’m not and I’m one the writing it.

Prev Chapter:

Next Chapter:

Chapter Summary: Paladins find out some things about Lance and they really wished they didn’t.


“I can’t believe he ditched us! In his own mind!” yells Keith annoyed as they pace around the dorm. Everyone is wondering how they got in as Hunk looks around the room itself as Keith turns to him. “And what are you even looking for!”

Hunk makes a noise of achievement as he looks under the bed as he says, “This is mine and Lance’s old dorm in the Garrison.”

“Is this Garrison always so… grey?” asks Allura as she looks around.

Keith looks at room as she’s right. Unlike the Varadero Beach area where it was vibrant and bright this dorm looks practically dead with the only colours being shades of grey.

“Man, the Garrison could be a pain but it was never this depressing,” comments Pidge as she looks at photos in the dorm room as she notices all the pictures that supposed to have Lance his face was ripped, crossed, or cut out.

Suddenly the door opens as a solemn looking Lance came in. He gasps in shock at the sight of them.

Keith felt two emotions. Relief that Lance was here but a stronger emotion powered by the relief of annoyance as he yells, “Where were you! Flirting! Changing clothes! Don’t you ditch is your own mind idiot!”

Keith wholeheartedly thought that Lance would argue but instead Lance looks like a scared bunny with tears in his eyes as he clenches his hoodie like he wants to disappear with tears filling his eyes. Keith’s anger quickly fades as he says trying to reach out to touch him, “Whoa. Easy. I didn’t mean it. Please don’t-”

Lance cringes away from his touch as Keith frowns as Shiro asks, “Hey, Lance do you know where the ‘bad thing’ is?”

Lance nods worriedly as Shiro then asks, “Can you take us?”

Lance bites his lip as he nods scaredy as his voice is quiet and insecure as he explains, “You have to go through this version of the Garrison to find the exit. I can show you the way, but when we reach the end, you won’t like me anymore.”

Lance then looks at Keith as he adds quietly hoping they won’t hear him, “He already doesn’t like me.”

Keith looks at Lance in shock as he argues, “Come on. That’s not…”

He’s cut off as Lance is already leading them out of the dorm. The Paladins look in a mix of irritation and concern as Pidge comments, “Gee, moody much?”

“He’s like a whole different person,” agrees Allura as they follow through the hallways.

Hunk rushes to the front as it seems like Lance is speedwalking as he asks, “So, can you tell us what the 'bad thing’ is?”

Lance freezes as he hides his face his hoodie as he answers, “It’s all my fault…. it’s always my fault. I’m sorry I dragged you into this. A Paladin is supposed to protect their teammates not put them in more danger… I understand if you don’t want me to be a part of Voltron anymore..,” starts Lance as everyone looks at him shocked.

“You have a much better Blue Paladin with Allura.” Allura looks at with wide eyes wondering what gave him that idea.

“And Red misses Keith who’s perfect.” Keith looks kinda offended he’s going through this conversation again.

“And Shiro is obviously meant to be the Black Paladin,” rants Lance with a sad frown, not seeing the disappointed look from Shiro but it wasn’t directed at him, before his eyes go wide as he looks at Keith. “Sorry! I didn’t mean to make it sound like you were a bad leader! You’re not! You’re amazing!”

Lance quickly turns away and practically runs away as the Paladins stare in shock at his confession. Keith then remembers that conversation when Kuron first came though before he voiced his opinion Hunk comments sadly, “Oh, Lance not again.”

“Again?! What do you mean 'again’?!” demands Pidge as tears are threatening to come out.

“Lance has uh…” starts Hunk as he looks to see if Lance is not in hearing range. “Self-esteem issues.”

Him? Why don’t I believe you?” asks Pidge with a skeptic look.

Hunk shrugs as they catch up they see old score boards with Lance in bright red contrasting to the grey area with his name always under one name. Keith Kogane.

Lance sees that fallen behind as he apologizes, “Sorry! I thought you were right behind me!”

They make noises of they accept their apology but Lance then begins to have a stream of apologies as he starts, “Sorry again. I’m such an idiot. No wonder Blue left me. And seriously I’m sorry about all the times I made fun of you guys like Keith-”

Keith makes a noise of discomfort worried that this was going to be a long walk to the exit.


As they walked they have a mixture of concern and annoyance on their face as Lance apologizes, “And…remember the time I called Keith Mullet? I’m sorry for that too. Then that time I made Allura mad when I flirted that too. Then all those times I took your headphones Pidge, sorry. And also the-”

Keith groans as he says, “And for the hundredth, millionth time…”

“We forgive you!” yells Keith along with the others as he’s been doing this for the entire time.

Lance flinches at the yell as they stop in front of the entrance to enter the Flight Simulator as he says quietly, “Here’s the exit.”

“This? But it’s a dead end?” asks Pidge knowing there’s only one door.

“I’m sorry-,” apologizes Lance as he shrinks into his hoodie even more when they groan after he’s excessive amount of apologies. “But this is it. Just do the simulator and you’ll find the exit.”

After entering the flight simulator they all sit around as the seat belts on their own forces the Paladins to sit as Lance murmurs, “Sorry about what you’re going you see. I did tell you that you wouldn’t like me when we got here.”

Keith turns around to ask him what was going on, but Lance is gone… again.

Keith is at the helm as he turns it on. Everyone makes a noise of shock when it moves but that’s when the memories start appearing and oh how Keith wishes they were jumbled like the pool instead of one at a time.

Hunk looks away at a memory of Lance being scolded at the Garrison by Iverson saying how he still would be a cargo pilot if Keith didn’t wash out.

Pidge closes her eyes as he ignores her own voice saying her doubts about him being a sharpshooter.

Allura tears up at the sight of Lance practically begging for Blue to open up to him.

Shiro clenches his fist as he sees Lance trying to connect with Black as he can hear the quiet comment about him being in there for half a varga.

All these moments clawed at Keith… was Lance always this depressed? He hears comments he never wants to hear again. From saying how Lance was a bad pilot from Iverson, missing Earth, how he wasn’t needed.

Though the one he never wants to hear again was this personal memory where Lance was alone with the Yupper, “And I thought I was the team’s sharpshooter, but I guess no one else thinks that. Maybe I don’t have a thing…..You don’t have to agree with me so quickly. They wouldn’t keep me on the team if I didn’t contribute in some way, would they?…Maybe you’re right. Maybe I’m just a fifth wheel. Seventh if you count Coran and Allura. That’s a horrible wheel to be.”

When the simulation ended there was no dry eye in it. Hunk comments with a slight voice crack, “Can we leave please?”

Keith nods as they get out but they gasp from either annoyance or shock as it wasn’t the Iverson it was an alien planet though the bigger problem wasn’t the where but the what that was coming straight towards them!