Okay how do people do heat? Like hot damn.

I guess if I lived somewhere hot I’d be used to it maybe buuuutttt…. Yeah, probably not. I would literally just like stay inside all the time..

Oh wait… I do that now. XD


It was literally like 95 today and pretty humid. Not like a swamp but not exactly comfortable either.

We luckily went out to the new casino and to the shops by Gillette Stadium so air conditioned.

but. umm.


I know AZ gets way hotter than 95 but that’s at least not that humid or even humid at all I don’t think? And cool at night? I would still suffer though. Damn.

*Cough* 6woofs queenofcritters *cough*

But okay. Florida. (And Alabama. and Georgia. and Louisiana. and all those) Humid and mosquitos (right?) and 5 million gators and snakes and spiders and scary stuff and…. HOW? WHY!?

*cough* huskyhuddle ofdreamsandomens and I think possibly wherehorsesmeetdogs ? *cough*


How? Why?

And I know people probably wonder how myself, thepoodlepack flamesconsort livefreeandhowl stubby-tail demonhyena and anyone else from up here deal with the cold and snow just as much as I wonder about the heat but honestly? I think I would so much rather have the cold thanks lol

I sure as heck was not saying that when winter lasted until literally April this year and the giant snow pile in Boston didn’t even melt till this month though but that’s different lol normally I prefer it.

Long, depressing winter sucks but at least I’m not getting headaches and losing half my body weight in sweat :P

I just..

Yeah. No.

80s and 90s is enough for me thank you very much.

Sorry, this got really long lol

i really hope bioware can get their shit together (in terms of writing) before the next dragon age

More Spring Awakening Headcanons

Okay this time it’s about everyone playing Mario Kart, I couldn’t resist.

  • Otto and Martha are the reigning champs, no questions asked. No one knows why they’re so good, they just are.
  • Georg thinks he’s better than he is, and tries to eat snacks and play at the same time (it never works).
  • Moritz can’t sit still. He stands up and bounces on his feet and crawls all over anything within reach. This annoys the hell out of everyone, especially when he thinks standing closer to the screen will improve his performance (it doesn’t).
  • Hanschen act’s like he doesn’t care about the game, but that’s only because he never wins. He uses items to take everyone down with him, and plays ruthlessly.
  • Wendla curses more in an hour of Mario Kart than most people in a month. No one really knows where she’s heard all these words.
  • Ernst provides constant sound effects for everything that’s happening. If he wasn’t so cute he would’ve been banned from playing a long time ago. Also whenever someone wants to tell him to shut up they just remember they’ll have to go through Hanschen first.
  • Thea is just goddamn loud. She’s not actually a bad player, which is surprising based on how much she screams.
  • Ilse is usually in 2nd or 3rd place. She’s vicious. Until the very last second she kind of hangs back, and then suddenly puts on a lot of speed and takes everyone by surprise.
  • Melchior is the worst. He just plain sucks at Mario Kart. He can’t figure out how to drift, or use items at the right time, or how to avoid going straight off the edge in Rainbow Road. Everyone finds this hilarious (except for Melchi, of course).

Part 1/Part 2


Shimakaze (島風) from “Kantai Collection (艦隊これくしょん)

First this was a suggestion, but then I liked Shimakaze so much. She’s so cute and she’s from the sea! (thing I love a lot). All costume (blouse, skirt, tights, gloves, boots, ears/bow) was made by me. Fano made the anchor and Rensohou-chan (that little buddy). We traveled to our nearest beach (like three hours, another state) to make this photoshoot possible. Shimakaze is a ship, so she must to be in the sea! It was a big adventure ^^

Cosplayer: maysakaali
Photography: fanored

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Matamos mujeres sistemáticamente

Enviado por Cómeme el nabo:

Texto para enmarcar. Resulta que los tíos de esta sociedad machista matan a las mujeres sistemáticamente. Yo es que me he enterado tarde y todavía no he matado a la mía, pero vamos, que ahora me pongo al lío.

Además, al parecer, la manera correcta de ligar es lanzando miraditas a ver si pica algo. También podemos lanzar indirectas, y mira si son buena gente que nos dejan mandarlas dobles ¡e incluso triples! 

Ya me imagino las hordas de pagafantas en esta supuesta utopía. Ojo, que lo mismo salimos ganando, si las tías ven que no se le acerca nadie a lo mejor descubren que ellas también pueden iniciar una conversación.

Mira que apoyo la lucha feminista y tal (siempre con la razón por delante, claro), pero es que hay cosas que lee uno y le entra vergüenza ajena. Solo espero que nadie se tome esto en serio…


Luego me preguntan que por qué uso el término “feminismo” en lugar de “hembrismo”… entre otras razones por mierdas como estas escritas desde el “bando” feminista, y porque algunas de las que se autoproclaman como abanderadas del feminismo dicen que el “hembrismo” ni existe.