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Okay, lets put some text on this page. I had some discussions about vaporwave IRL and basically theres always the same questions.

1: Do you like vaporwave unironically?.

Yes, i admin this page almost daily, i can’t go with the “its irony” excuse anymore.

2: But what the heck does the vaporwave “mean” to you?.

Look at the picture i uploaded ( from , i don’t know if she has a tumblr http://weheartit.com/spacefeud). For me thats the most vapey thing i found. Why?.

Fiji is a water brand that assures you that his water is clean, fresh, healthy, natural and even virgin as long as only them can harvest it. Their brand, their logo, tell you that if you drink it, you will be healthier, cleaner, and live longer.

Then you put it on fucking cigarettes, that we all know, even if we smoke, that they are slowly killing you and intoxicating your body, making it unhealthy, dirty.

Its as simple as that, taking modern capitalism and his symbols, and pointing their internal contradictions. Satire trough false glorification.

So, yeah, i buy the “vaporwave is anti-capitalist” thing.

3: Then why all the sadboys things in vaporart? are Yung Lean and all those people “vaporwave”?.

Obviously not, but i think its existence is important to vaporwave message. Sadboys come from some of the richest first world countries, they shouldn’t have any reason to be sad at all, but they do.

That is something that vaporwave tries to convey, how a system that is supposed to make their customers feel relaxed and happy, its making a lot of the new generations in the first world, feeling desperate, sad, lonely and like they are living pointless lives, and feel nostalgia about the past. A past that never existed either.

Also they kind of embody the “YOLO” lifestyle even if they have to look like the don’t enjoy it.

TL,DR: I take vaporwave srsly pls don’t laugh at me.


Designed some monsters based on music genres and I had a hella good time doing it!

  • Drone. A towering, man made golem casted by an infinite source of dark industrialized magic. Created simply to serve mankind in times of great war, the creature that once thought fiercely for the greater good during great fights between nations but it now endlessly wonders the landscape without a home or a thought. This creature ominously emits a constant low hum through the taut gaps of it’s armored plates. It thrums through the ground with great intensity.  The sound is deafening at close range and can be heard for several miles apart.
  • Vaporwave. A creature that cannot hold it’s malleable form as it appears to be constantly oozing and refixing its shape. This creature holds great mystery as it can only be encountered during dreams. It’s generated dreamscapes often appear as art galleries that are eerily empty or more usually, a bustling neon cityscape that holds a futuristic quality to it. It’s true purpose and intentions are unknown at best. However it is theorized that this creature has seen the future and heeds warnings to those who encounter it. 
  • Ambient. A large, angelic being that floats through various sandscapes. Unlike the before mentioned, this creature does not vocally speak (but rather communicates by flashing it’s halo) and simply lives by a peaceful animalistic instinct. The presence of this creature usually means that there’s better times ahead, induces crop growth and brings soft winds from the north.

song refs:

  • Earth - Earth 2: Special Low Frequency version
  • Blank Banshee - Blank Banshee 1
  • Brian Eno | Ambient 4 - On Land