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okay but now that we have done feanor + parenting and then in the replies addressed nerdanel + parenting let's talk about how these parenting styles influenced . . . MAGLOR + parenting :-)

I feel like just linking this fanart with @imindhowwelayinjune‘s tags is a cop-out answer even though it’s basically everything excellent about Maglor + twins in a nutshell, so uhhhh:

I like to headcanon Maglor had pretty good parenting skills, and was by this point quite self-aware of just how horrible, damaging, and unjustified the oath and the kinslayings were. IMO he pretty much hated himself, hated the oath, and simultaneously loved and hated his living brother, his dead brothers, and his dead father who had inflicted that oath on him in the first place. And I think he would have been extremely sensitive to the fact that, actually, trying to replace Elrond and Elros’s real parents and give them all the trust and love and affection they should have been getting and trying to make them an unproblematically happy family in such a horrifically twisted and unhealthy situation was not going to work in the long term without causing the twins even more psychological damage than he had already caused for them. Maglor’s own awful inescapable love for and devotion to Feanor would have made him even more hyperaware of, and even more committed to minimizing, the suffering that the twins would experience from the cognitive dissonance and emotional tug-of-war that would result from feeling love and trust and gratitude towards the person who destroyed their lives and did them so much hurt, when they only feel that way because he gave them what they needed when no one else was there for them, and it is his fault there is no one else. If he can’t undo what he did, and can’t bring himself to revolt against Maedhros and the oath enough to go and give the twins up to Gil-galad and Cirdan, he could at least try to make sure that the twins were raised as well as possible, in spite of him. Of course it’s bullshit, rationale-wise, but this is a matter of results - it’s morally unjustifiable on his part either way, but it’s still incredibly valuable to them for him to try to ensure they grow up to be good, resilient, and well-adjusted people, rather than letting them grow up to be warped brainwashed wrecks.

The least-problematic approach would, hypothetically, be to be a detached authority figure and teacher who is predictable, if not trustworthy, and is neither likable nor frightening. Except…kids this young kind of need love and affection and trust and warmth, and since he took away anyone who could give it to them, it’s his responsibility. And it’s near impossible to raise kids without some rapport and understanding, some love and trust and care, emerging in spite of itself, through these day by day interactions, for years on end. After all, it also wouldn’t be helpful for him to be constantly reminding them how he’s a monster who caused their mother to jump off a cliff, that would only make them feel unsafe, insecure, and placating, and do more to soothe his own conscience than help them.

So my headcanon is that Maglor’s approach to parenting, as influenced by his own experience of his father’s and his mother’s parenting, would have been incredibly careful, agonizingly restrained, and as neutral and based around prompting them to work out truth and lies and right and wrong for themselves as possible, rather than delivering these ideas and lessons to them with the weight of his utterly fraught authority behind it, and it’s this respectful distance more than anything that allows them to actually somewhat trust him in a sincere rather than completely circular and twisted manner, though they’d be too small to think of it so consciously. Hence, he cherished them, and love grew between them, as little may be thought. It’s also probably really fortunate Elrond and Elros are, well, twin brothers, and therefore Maglor is only their secondary, not primary, source of intimacy and feedback, they have more of a buffer there to carve out their own vantage point on reality than a single child would have.

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Ok so here is Big Rig (for the Stars) part two! I really like the percentage thing it’s adorable so I ran with it! Enjoy guys!

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@iangiemae Request: Awww, the imagine with Jamie Oleksiak was totally cute!!!! Can we see a sequel to that?


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