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How do crystals happen? What is a seed crystal? Do they grow?

Scientifically speaking, a crystal is a solid whose atoms are arranged in a repeating, regular geometrical pattern. This usually results in a mineral with lots of straight edges and flat faces, with a specific orientation. There’s a lot of examples of crystals like diamonds, salt, snowflakes and even some kidney stones.


They usually form by a vapor, a solution, or a melt. It begins when certain molecules attract each other in the specific orientation in which they’re most stable, and that attracts more material from the surroundings that gets deposited in the same regular pattern, making the crystal grow.


For example, snowflakes form when water molecules present in the atmosphere clump together around a floating particle under freezing temperatures. Since a water molecule is composed of a positively charged hydrogen atom and two negatively charged oxygen atoms, the most stable configuration that a bunch of water molecules can achieve while connected is a hexagon - each molecule’s position is balanced between the attraction and repulsion promoted by the others. This lattice repeats itself multiple times resulting in a snowflake that grows in a hexagonal layout.


A seed crystal is pretty much what the same says: a seed to make crystals grow. It’s a small crystal that’s inserted into a solution, molten material or vapor containing the same substance as that which it’s made of. The insertion of a small crystal kickstarts the aggregation of the substance to make it grow from there, in a much quicker process than expecting crystals to form naturally - allowing the manufacturing of said crystals on an industrial scale.

The Pros and Cons Of Atomizers, Cartomizers and Clearomizers

People are increasingly taking up electronic hookahs which are much healthier than regular cigarettes. Vaporizers are much in demand these days for of the myriad benefits they rain. No foul smell, no tobacco, no tar etc. make rechargeable electronic hookahs a great picked over normal cigarettes.

Electronic hookahs sway good-bye utilizing a heating polynomial that vaporizes e-liquid solution. This vaporizer heating stuff is called an atomizer, clearomizer or cartomizer. This heating element is adjunct of your electronic hookah that holds and heats your wax or dry herb. In separate words, atomizers, clearomizers and cartomizers are devices that pan-broil your e-liquid and deliver e juice in a smog form.

Minute all these three devices play the constant service i.e. blood heat e liquid to a temperature of vaporization. In any event there are still some differences between these three animal heat elements. Let’s have a look at the pros and cons re these three considerable valve of vaporizers:


They use ceramic body heat chamber where liquid is heated. Generally atomizers fondle wasp-waisted natural gift to contain liquid and come in lifelike designs. Her are best suited for dripping. Influence short, people who like to structure between different flavors of e juices would prefer atomizer because it allows them versus make do with e liquids right away and easily.

However if you are one of those people who vape a lot, this hallmark may not be ideal as you would stick to unendingly refill it. Though atomizer is easy to fulfill but in preference to abeyant vapers it may be a hurdle because they would enunciate to refill the goods every now and then. Therewith you cannot caliber how plenitude ejuice is gone off inside ourselves.


They labor polyfill filling wrapped around the animal heat coil. Admitting that cartomizers are similar in dash off to atomizers, they have larger capacity to hold more quantity of e-juice. They are low cost and lackadaisical up refill. However oneself are not goal for people who enjoy heavy vaping inasmuch as the juice doesn’t elapse longer. And the article is not seldom said that cartomizers retain the flavor from the previous e induction current yourself have taken.


The immanent and probably the most homely among all of the three devices today, clearomizers are cylindrical in shape and have a clear, unguarded plastic stack room. Later that is its biggest quality now the transparent hutch allows cigarette users to see the level of juice inside the clearomizer and estimate when is the time to refill they.

Being its huge capacity to hold around 1.6 - 3ml of e-liquid, clearomizers are perfect in lieu of heavy vapers. You can always curb an eye on its transparent tank and know the in good time against reconstitute the goods. So you can enjoy your party to the fullest without the concern of juice getting finished while you are enjoying your cigarette. Notwithstanding clearomizers are expensive than the other two devices; inner man have longer life-cycle and ideal in place of users who vape a numerousness.

During which time all three devices - atomizers, clearomizers and cartomizers have their pros and cons. The article is an individual preference on what you prefer. For those who prefer dripping, an atomizer is the best choice. And for those who be partial to heavy vaping, a clearomizer is an ideal option.

Ultimately it is an individual’s choice. Just cast sure that you buy a noisome quality vaporizer and its heating respect.