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Philinda Fanfic: Trouble Sleeping


SPOILER: Everything up to 1x20. To make things less complicated for me, this takes place before the events of 1x21, while the team stays in that hotel-thingy.

SUMMARY: Coulson can’t sleep and gets a late-night-visitor. There are some conversations you shouldn’t have while being exhausted.

NOTES: FuckyeahPhilinda 100 Followers Celebration. Written for a-vapor-in-the-wind.


His eyes burned. He should keep them shut and sleep, but he had tried that for three hours and yet he was still awake. So ten minutes ago he had switched the lamp on the nightstand back on and tried to read some files. Without any success. His brain was in knots, his thoughts running in circles. So silly. He had Hydra to worry about and the whole world to save and yet his thoughts returned to Melinda May.

“You’re still up,” she said.

He gasped and turned his head to the door. There she was, standing in the doorway, her hand on the knob. “Can’t sleep,” he said and frowned. “Damn, you move quietly.”

She wore leggings and a loose black shirt. Her feet were bare. She must’ve been to bed already.

“You should get some rest,” she said.

He snorted. “Hello pot, I’m kettle.”

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