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Hiii!!! i love your blog and your sanders sides fics give me life <3 i was wondering if you could do some fluff since there's a lot of angsty fics. maybe like a sickfic or something (ily and your blog so much and you're a total cutie :D)

Gah thank you sweetie!

You didn’t tell me who you wanted so you get LAMP human AU, hope that’s ok

Patton was just getting home from a late shift, when he opened the door to his apartment, surprised to still see lights on. And saw what looked to be an explosion.

Roman lay cradled against Logan on the couch under a pile of blankets and discarded tissues. He was snoring slightly and his red nose stood out against his paler than normal face. Behind them the kitchen was a disaster, discarded pans and half chopped ingredients littered the countertop and a soup pot was boiling over on the stove as Anxiety studied a recipe.

“What happened in here?” he asked somewhat shocked. When he had left that morning everything had been fine.

“What happened?” Anxiety echoed, sounding like he had been pushed well past being annoyed, “ what happened was Princey over there got a little cold and has been a royal pain on the ass ever since. Seriously, I made Logan come home early because I just couldn’t take it anymore.” He huffed, pulling the soup off the stove and sloshing it into a bowl. “Give that to him, will you? I need a break.” Patton watched wide-eyed as Ann stormed off.

He gave the soup a cautious sniff, wanting to make sure it was in fact fit for human consumption, before walking back into the living room. He set the soup down on the coffee table quietly upon realizing that Logan had also drifted off. He reached forward in an attempt to gently pull his glasses off without waking him. Which of course failed as Lo jolted awake, blinking at him in confusion a few times.

“Hey, how was work?” he yawned at him.

“Same old. How was your day? Sounds like its pretty bad if Ann made you come home early.” Logan just smiled at that.

“ the only person more dramatic than Roman, is Anxiety. I mean yes Ro was pretty fussy and demanding today, but Ann was convinced Roman was on his deathbed. I tell you those two just feed into each others fantasies. ”

Pat nodded in agreement, running a hand over Romans forehead to assure himself that the other wasn’t to terribly sick.

“Do we dare try and feed him this soup, or should we just get him upstairs.” he said with a slight chuckle, holding the soup up for Logan to inspect.

“Ugh. Roman did request chicken noodle soup, but I’m not sure that qualifies.”

Patton laughed again, running his hands through Romans hair. “Roman? ”

The sick man just grumbled in his sleep and turned his face into Logan’s chest. “Come on hun, lets get you up into bed.” he said and began peeling off the blankets.

“ Noooo” Ro moaned as Logan stood up, dislodging him from his lap. Patton took his hands and pulled him to a standing position.

“Oh Pats, I do not feel well at all.”

“Tell me what’s wrong.” he slipped an arm around his waist and began guiding him to the stairs.

“I’m all stuffed up, and my throat is scratchy. My head feels so heavy it may just fall off. ”

“I’m sorry baby” he cooed, knowing that’s all Roman really wanted. “I think I’ve got some vapo rub, do you want some before you go to bed?”

Roman nodded pathetically, sitting dejectedly on the side of the bed, where Ann was (pretending to be) asleep. Quickly he ducked into the bathroom looking for the desired medicine, but by the time he got back Prince was already asleep, Anxiety wrapped tightly around him. Pat sighed and set the jar down on the side table for later.

He made his way down the stairs slowly, exhausted from his long work day. Logan was already down there, cleaning up tissues and folding blankets. Patton looked at the kitchen and sighed again.

“Just leave it.” Logan said, coming up behind him and wrapping his arms around his waist. “Ann can get it in the morning.” he felt that was unlikely to happen, but followed Logan up the stairs anyways collapsing onto the bed behind him.


“Rise and shine” Roman said cheerfully, throwing open the curtains. His greeting was meet with triplet groans as it was early, even by Pat’s standards.

“I see your feeling better.” Logan grumbled into his pillow.

“Yes of course, every one knows that cuddles are the best cure for a cold.” He proclaimed with his usual flair.

Ann reached out blindly, finding Pat and gluing himself to his back.

“I’m dying.” he said past the scratchiness in his throat before coughing into his elbow and groaning miserably.

Here we go again, Patton thought.

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Loved drunk Emily!!! Could you write a follow-up where they have morning sex???

A lot of people have asked for a part 2 so here we are!! This can be read as a stand alone also but part 1 can be found here. I didn’t know how graphic u wanted this so it’s still implied rather than described but if u want a proper smut scene just let me know lol xx hope you enjoy!! 

The whole room was spinning. As she pried open her eyes Emily found it hard to remember where she even was, and what it felt like for her head not to be banging.

“Good morning!” She heard Ali call, but couldn’t place where it was coming from, and cringed as the sound infiltrated her head even more. “oops, sorry was that too loud?” Ali teased as she came up next to Emily with a cold flannel and a cup of coffee.

“Please stop talking” Emily whispered as she threw the duvet back over herself, covering her whole head to block out any noise.

“No no no” Ali reprimanded her, tearing back the cover “you need to get up, babe, we’ve got a doctors appointment in a few hours” Emily sighed, keeping her eyes tightly shut. Ali chuckled, pressing the cold compress to her forehead, making her twitch a little at the contact.

“Can I have just one more hour” She pleaded, her eyes finally opening as she took the coffee that Ali had placed on the side. She took a sip, grimacing at the bitter taste, and left it neglected on the table. Ali smirked, bending down to kiss her lightly on the nose.

“You were a mess last night” she reminded her, humour sparkling in her eyes. Emily chuckled, forcing herself  to sit up straight so that she could silence Ali with a deep kiss, passion suddenly infusing within her. “what are you doing?” Ali asked as she pulled away. Emily frowned, unsure of the look of confusion that had suddenly crossed the blondes face.

“I’m sorry am I not allowed to kiss my girlfriend in the morning?” Ali tilted her head with a smirk, pushing her back down onto the bed.

“No” she said bluntly “we talked about this last night. No sex for a week” She took a sip of her tea as Emily felt her heart sink to her feet, her mouth dropping open as she flew back up to stare at Alison, for that moment forgetting all about her insufferable headache.
“What the hell are you talking about?” Ali giggled, throwing her head back at the look of horror that clouded Emily’s face.

“No sex for a week. Your punishment for telling the girls about every detail of our sex life you could think of” She shrugged, wrapping her dressing gown tighter around herself as if to prove a point.

“I was intoxicated!” Emily argued, scrambling out of the duvet to move herself closer to Ali, reaching out her hand to gently touch her cheek, which Ali promptly swatted away, the smirk not leaving her face. When she realised Ali did actually mean what she was saying, she chuckled, clambering out of bed. “there’s no way you’re going to last a week” She challenged, raising an eyebrow “you can barely make it through a girls night without dragging me into the nearest bathroom stall” Ali scoffed.
“Oh, please. Must I remind you of the time we were out for dinner with Hanna and Caleb and they asked us to leave the restaurant because your foot was so far up my leg that the waiter could practically see-” Emily shook her head, unable to wipe the smile off her face at the memory. Ali stood up, walking closer to her and untying her dressing gown so that she stood in nothing but a pair of black lacy underwear. She leaned closer, so that her breath tickled Emily’s neck. It took every ounce of strength Emily had to keep her eyes straight ahead of her and her hands stuck to her side.

“You are unbelievable” Emily whispered through her clenched jaw.
“I know” Ali said with a grin. Emily gulped, finding it increasingly more difficult to keep her eyes glued to Alison’s, the tension that floated between the pair of them becoming increasingly tangible.

“I know you wanna kiss me” Emily breathed back, as Ali arched her eyebrow disbelievingly. She shook her head, turning away from Emily and walking towards the door.

“Don’t you need your beauty sleep, sweetie?” She said playfully, her hair like a dazzling stream of gold stretching down her back.

“Suddenly I’m not so tired” Emily mumbled back, tilting her head so that her eyes could wander over Alison’s radiant form. Ali shook her head with a soft laugh as she moved out of the room, humming some unrecognisable tune as she wandered down the hallway, still practically bare. Emily bit her lip, debating whether to run after her until she could no longer say no, or call her bluff and act completely indifferent. She decided a mixture of the two would be the best way forward. She grabbed the vapo rub from the medicine cabinet with a new found need to win pumping through her, before tucking herself under the duvet once again. She nestled down into the bed, calling Ali back into the room.

“Em, I said no” She said as she entered, her smug expression suddenly faltering as she sees the apparent weakened state Emily had found herself in. Her eyes flickered to the rub in her hand and she rolled her eyes.
“You complete amateur” she teased as she strutted over, taking the small pot from her and sitting gracefully on the edge of the bed “that’s the oldest trick in the book” Emily shrugged.
“I really don’t feel so good” She reiterated, elements of the previous night suddenly flashing back to her.

“Maybe drinking your own body weight in tequila and whiskey wasn’t the best idea then” Ali pointed out “lift” she said, motioning to Emilys strappy black top.
“You don’t wanna do that bit for me?” She asked with a pout. Ali rolled her eyes again.

“I’d love to but it’s not nice to take advantage of sick people” she reasoned as Emily lifted up her shirt. Alison gulped as she basked in the gracefulness of Emily’s actions, steadying her breath as she did her best to resist temptation. A glint appeared in the browns of Emily’s eye, and she couldn’t help but smirk as she looked at the overwhelmingly seductive smile that plastered her face. From the pot she smeared the thick liquid over her fingers, and Emily shivered as her soft, warming skin made contact with her chest.

“You know this isn’t going to do anything for your headache, right?” Ali informed her with a grin “it’s just for your chest” Emily nodded.

“Turns out I have a sore throat from all that singing” She told her, her eyes closing as she enjoyed the feel of Ali’s gentle touch on her.

“I recall some screaming at one point” Ali muttered, and Emily refused to reply as her cheeks reddened. For a while they sat in silence as Ali kept tracing her fingers across Emily’s chest, her touch hardening as she wanted to release some of the tension that had clearly been working up for a while now.

“You didn’t tell me you were this stressed, baby” Ali whispered, her tone instantly jumping from teasing to concern “I don’t like it” Emily rolled her eyes, her arm resting above her head.
“I didn’t know I was” she admitted. “whatever you’re doing it feels great” she tried to change the subject “but I guess I already knew how good you are with your fingers” Ali smiled again, looking up through her eyelashes at Em who, she found out, had not stopped staring at her the whole time.

“Just try and get some rest, Em, you need it. It’s our first scan today” Emily sighed heavily.

“I’m resting right now” she pointed out “but I know something that will make me even more relaxed” she proposed with a shrug. Ali sighed, the movement of her hands ceasing as she leaned up to softly touch their lips together.

“You are hungover and horny” She whispered.

“I know. Isn’t it the best combination?” Emily locked their lips together again and this time let her hands wander further down her girlfriends chest, her heart speeding up when she didn’t push them away. “I’ll do the dishes for a month” she tried to bargain with her, causing Alison to squint reluctantly.

“Like I’d let you anywhere near the dishes” She counteracted. Emily sighed, shrugging because she knew Ali had a point.

“I am really sorry” she mumbled into her ear “I shouldn’t have told them all that stuff”  Ali sighed appreciatively.

“I don’t really mind” she clarified “if they know about stuff. God knows we hear everything about them.” Emily frowned.

“So- why were you angry?” She pondered, worried that she had done something else to piss of her girlfriend.

“I wasn’t angry” Ali promised “I just love being the only person who gets to know that side of you” She looked down, embarrassed at her words. “to the rest of the world you’re sweet and innocent Emily Fields. But to me you’re, you know,  Em” Her voice hitched at the last word, catching in her throat. Emily grinned.

“You are so cute” Emily told her, pressing her lips to her jaw. Her head rolled back on her neck as she let her girlfriend pepper her with kisses, biting at her skin as she found it harder to keep her breathes even. Abruptly, Emily climbed on top of her, pushing her back down onto the bed.  

“Come on” she said huskily “lets give them something even better to hear about” Alison smirked as Emily pressed down onto her, laughing to herself  that she thought for even a second that she could go more than a day without this.

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hey! Can I have headcannons of Madara, Tobirama, Shikamaru and hidan who take care of their sick s/o? I'm so ill at the moment, I need 'em! 😣 And I love your blog! 💘

sure thing~ and thank you!! I hope you feel better soon :D

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- First off, this man’s probably going to tell you to just get better. You, of course, were hoping for a bit of sympathy from your boyfriend, and were let down.

- As the second day came around, and your cold had gotten worse. Madara’s tongue clicks as he’s begrudgingly taking care of you. You’re feeling a bit better, happy-wise, not cold wise. Madara knows a few remedies that he was shown when his brother got sick or if he got sick, so he does what he can with what he has. 

- He’s sitting by your side, in the end, making sure that you’re comfortable enough, that you’re well hydrated, that you’re getting the nutrients you need. You thank him for staying as he’s headed out for some fresh air, but it’s so quiet that you’re not sure he heard you.

- You can just barely see that corner grin as he closes the door.

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- Initially, Tobirama’s hardly paying attention, but he can hear the difference in your voice. Looking up, he sees how red your nose is, how watery your eyes are. Sighing, getting up and walking from his work, he drags you to your bedroom.

- Tobirama cares, but with that face, it’s hard to tell. He’s got a hot towel on your forehead, claiming that “sweating it out” will work. (trust me, it does) He’s not always in the room, as he’s got work to do, but he does what he can to help you get better.

- Much like his brother, he does worry slightly when you do take a turn for the worse. However, unlike his brother, he’s still going to work, just not as rigorously. Most of his attention is on you, and since his attention’s on you, his reports on his lap slowly turn to his thoughts; “[Y/N] needs more vitamin C.” “Need to pick up some clean sheets on the way home, tomorrow.” That sort of stuff.

- Relieved, really, truly relieved when you start to get better.

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- Initially, Shikamaru’s already calling it a drag. He already knew about your ailment, however, so it doesn’t take him long to help you get back to help. He’d seen the signs; near constant sniffling, the coughs, the wheezing during the night. 

- He’s already well prepared, making sure you’re getting the nutrients that you need, avoiding the other things that could potentially make it worse. Teas, warm towels, vapo rub, anything to help you get better quickly.

- He notices when your coughs are gone, when your sniffles have vanished. He hears how easy you’re breaking now. ‘Suddenly’ he’s ‘tired’, so he hops in for a nap, holding you close, listening to your easy breaths.

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- To be brutally honest, Hidan’s the type of person who does not know what to do when you’re sick or ill. He’s the type of person who’ll copy the tone of your voice to try and get you laughing. It hardly works, but the sooner he gets to a punch to the face, the sooner he knows that you’ve still got some fight in you, despite being ill.

- Since he’s kind of a dork, (let’s be honest we all are xD) Hidan’ll try to say something along the lines of; “Laughter is the best… Healing thing…” He’ll mess it up, start to swear that he can remember it (not literally swear, but like “I swear it’s right there! type of swear xD), that it’s on the tip of his tongue, but you know what he means.

- If you just plainly want space, that you can take care of yourself, Hidan’ll listen and give you the space you want. However, he’s always watching. He’s making sure you don’t suddenly collapse or anything.