One for the always lovely, @loonylittlemoony. You asked me to stop attacking you…I have a problem with listening, I think. ;)  Loads of love for you- Sar! x 

(also… I’m not sorry about the cliche title, you’ll see why.) 

You heard it before you recognized  it.

It was a week ago, over morning tea. Harry had been in his usual seat at the island in your kitchen, one hand wrapped around  his cup of tea and the other holding his phone while he swiped through his notifications.  You were standing on the other side, sipping at your cup of coffee and thumbing through a magazine that come earlier that week. 

Mornings were a peacefully quiet affair for the most part with Harry and you. After a good portion of it was spent with him whining and holding you hostage under the covers with him, you two would get up and get ready on your own pace.  Popping in and out of the bathroom and bumping hips, the occasional pat to your bum as he walks by. Yet you always made time to share a cuppa before you were off on your separate ways.

At first you think it’s your imagination, or perhaps just a coincidence. Your eyes pause in their trail across the words for a moment, corner of the page caught between your index finger and thumb as you listen closely. You wait for the noise to sound again, but instead you hear the sole sound of Harry sipping his tea. You bite your lip and go back to the article.

When it happens again, though, twice in succession you look up with a frown. 

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PAJON CÓMIC 🌺What it’s like being raised by a radical Mother: A lot of us call what we do and how we think radical. I want to take it back to where we first learned what that word meant- before we could define and classify it in terms, theories and paradigms- back to the first time we experienced a love and strength existing outside the system, in spite of the system. That fugitive, relentless, explosive, quiet love from our radical mothers. Giving birth to us, raising us, feeding us, teaching, protecting us, making mistakes with us, crying-kicking-screaming, laughing, dancing with us, was the first act of revolution. We are following a legacy of badass take no prisoners type of love, the you better not talk back love, extra vapo-ru love, if you lay a hand on my baby you’re dead type of love. Our memories are the battle cry that compels us forward. Siempre pa'lante.

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Latino!Jason Todd headcannons please :) I saw your other post and was like 'oh! Imma ask for more because I hate my life and am in Latino!Jason Todd hell!'

Jason:I died once
Jason: I got better
Jason: because of vapo rub
Damian: Get the fuck out of here

Hey hon! Sorry it took me so long to reply to this ask, It’s been a very busy month. I couldn’t come up with any headconnons on the spot so I decided to make a comic off one of the old LatinoJason Todd headcannons. I kinda rushed since I have to get for work in a bit but I hope you enjoyed thanks for the ask! Also thanks to @jasonsstodd for putting up with my horrible dead puns. 

Being The Dolan Twin's Best Friend Would Include:

• movie nights alllll the time • being around 24/7 because you guys hate being apart from each other • being literal GOALS with them • stealing their hoodies all the time • “Y/N have you seen my hoodie??” “Uhhhh no….” • them secretly loving it when you steal their hoodies • being in their videos a lot but when you’re not them talking about you • about 99.9% you’re actually there but just not in the video • them dragging you into the video whilst you complain about it saying you don’t look good or something • them talking to their fans about you • their fans asking about you • going on tour with them even if you’re not part of the tour just going with them because you can’t be apart that long • hugs. Lots of hugs. • them taking care of you while you’re sick even if you don’t want them to • “No! I don’t want you guys here! You’re gonna get sick.” “Well, you can suck it up because we’re staying.” • taking care of them when they end up getting sick and being really good to them but still making sure you get your “I told you” ’s in • “I’m not complaining but, none of us would be in this situation if you guys had just left me alone.” “Y/N we knooooooowww!” “Just sayin’.” • getting kinda awkward when they need vapo rub but they’re “too sick” to do it themselves • “Could you please just do it yourselves?” “Y/NNNNNNNN pleaaaaaaaaaaseee!” “I’m too sicky!” • blushing like crazy when you have to rub it on their bare chests but after like two seconds going “ah whatever” and getting over it • matching shirts, hoodies, shoes, hats, sun glasses, and phone cases. • them being your biggest sources of encouragement • “Y/N you look amazing on the inside and out. Never forget that.” “You can do this. I believe in you.” “You’re awesome!” • loving them both unconditionally • both of them loving you unconditionally • it’s always all smiles with when you’re together • being the “mom friend” every once and a while • “Ethannnn! Go apologize to Grayson for hitting him with that right now!” “Grayyyyyyyyson! Go say you’re sorry to Ethan right this instant!!!” Lots of “Yes mom” in response • sleepovers all the time • lots of “OH MY GOSH COULD YOU SCOOT OVER YOU’RE TAKING UP THE WHOLE BED” while trying to sleep/and or watch a movie(s) • moving with them wherever they go and if not visits as much as possible • being their #1 fan • them being SUPER over protective of you • always telling each other everything • being comfortable enough to cry around each other • always comforting each other in any way you possibly can • always supporting each other NO MATTER WHAT BONUS: • one or both of them secretly liking you A LOT • you liking him back • ending up together and being really super duper cute • the other twin constantly being wrapped up in how goals you guys are • the only thing that changes between the three of you is that you now kiss one of them I hope you enjoyed and didn’t die reading this like how I died writing this! Dedicated to the lovely @backtozain since our conversation gave me the idea lol

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Mom, I'm sick. I have a head cold and I'm getting headaches cause of my backed up sinuses. Any advice?

humidifiers are great.
small warm towel (folded) to lay across the inflamed area.
warm shower.
sinus tea (if not allergic)
vick’s vapo rub (apply to chest)

Sick Day

Woo!! Okay, so here’s the first request of the day! This is from the wonderful @firstpunchlove! I hope you feel better, darling!!

Pairing: Seth Rollins x Reader

Summary: Seth comes home from work to find that you’re still sick. So, being the loving and wonderful boyfriend he is, he takes care of you.

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You brought your hand to your mouth to cover your cough, groaning when you were done as you fell back against the pillows. You hated being sick…so much. Normally, you would just get hit with it for a day or two and bounce back…but you’re currently on day 5 and it didn’t look like it was ending in your near future.

“Ugh, kill me now…” You mumbled to yourself as you pulled the covers over your head.

“Y/N, I’m home!” Seth called out from the other room. “Babe? You home?” He continued when he got no reply.

“In here.” You replied, coughing again because of your scratchy throat.

It took a few moments, but you heard Seth come into the room.

“Babe?” Seth called out gently this time.

You moved the covers down to greet him.


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when ptg was shooting pretty pretty mv, they were divided between kino and yeo one friends. mv director chose who is in which group based on the impression they had. so kino’s pals were the ones that made them seem they good at dancing, that is wooseok, yuto, shinwon and hongseok. hongseok got very happy that someone thinks that about him. yeo one pals are the ones that seemed gentle, and it is jinho, yanan, hui and e'dawn. members were very surprised hyojong got picked.