when ptg was shooting pretty pretty mv, they were divided between kino and yeo one friends. mv director chose who is in which group based on the impression they had. so kino’s pals were the ones that made them seem they good at dancing, that is wooseok, yuto, shinwon and hongseok. hongseok got very happy that someone thinks that about him. yeo one pals are the ones that seemed gentle, and it is jinho, yanan, hui and e'dawn. members were very surprised hyojong got picked.



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Home Remedies from Wayfaring’s Patients

Disclaimer: These “remedies” are all things that my patients have admitted to trying. Some are completely useless, a few might actually be helpful, and others are potentially harmful. Do not consider the following remedies to be sound medical advice. Do not try this at home.

Got leg cramps at night? Try leaving a bar of soap under the sheets at the foot of the bed. Don’t forget to change out the soap or at least shave it down every few weeks / months to refresh it’s leg cramp curing powers.

For any sort of chest or nasal congestion, try a few drops of turpentine or kerosene on a sugar cube.

For sinus congestion, swallow a teaspoon of Vick’s Vapo-Rub.

Got the gout (pronounced thegouch around here)? Keep you a jar of raisins soaked in gin around the house. Take 9 (this is very specific) raisins a day.

Bowels plugged up? Baking soda and water’ll clear ‘em right out. 

Bee or wasp sting? Spit your chewing tobacco juice on it to kill the burn. For fire ant bites, use bleach. 

For acid reflux, try taking shots of cider vinegar. 

Still got some vinegar left over? Mix it with water and drink a glass to lower your blood pressure. Or maybe take another shot to fight the flu. Or a shot to cure hiccups. Or a shot gargled with salt to cure a sore throat. Or rub it on your legs to cure your aching varicose veins. Better buy the big bottle of vinegar at the Piggly Wiggly. Vinegar cures everything.

How the characters from Glee react to Kurt & Blaine wedding's announcement

Mike is shocked because, hell yeah, this will finally happen. (You have something at the corner of your mouth, Mike… right her… well, nevermind)

Tina, well, she’s Tina. She’s happy for both… even if she won’t refuse to take care of Blaine with Vapo-Rub one more time. (Ahem… get out ! Or Kurt is gonna kick your ass)

Brittany is so excited : she always wanted to see an unicorn wedding.

Rachel is speechless. But very happily speechless. Rachel Berry’s best friend deserves le best aka Rachel Berry’s best duet partner.

Quinn is soflty happy. She’s not very fan of young weddings. But look at her smile. She knows Kurt & Blaine belong to each other. So why should they wait any longer ?

Emma is really excited. She always supported Klaine. She was heartbreaking when they came in her office during the Whitney Houston week. It’s the past, Emma : now, let’s have a kiki !

Oh Will… He didn’t really take care of Kurt, of Blaine (he was totally Team Finchel) but he suddently gets emotional just remembering from how far Klaine comes back.

Santana is way too happy. She can’t wait to make a awful and sassy speech at their wedding. But, inside, she’s trully happy. Happy endings can finally exist. For everyone.

Oh Artie has already started the party. He was sick of hearing Blaine complaining all the time about how Kurt is the love of his life, his one true love and blablabla… And he can’t stand Kurt’s sad face when he’s away from his guy anymore. So, hell yeah !

Mercedes is clapping cause Kurt was her former best friend and she can’t wait to see Kurt & Blaine future babies.

Somewhere, an angel with stick drums has his cute little smile cause he knows his little brother will be loved until the end of time.

Sam is dancing cause his bestie will finally be happy. And he can’t wait to make impressions at the wedding. It’s gonna be hilarious… (please, kill me before it happens)

Sue joins Artie in his party. She always take interest for Kurt & Blaine business. *cough* elevator * cough* Her fangirl dream finally happens.

Oh Burt. The best dad ever. All he ever wanted for his son is coming true. So we all understand why he is so touched. Let him cry when we don’t watch.

Kurt & Blaine were perfect pupils in McKinley. So Principal Figgins wanted to present his best (and strange) wishes. And danced. Figgins loooves dancing.

April & Holly… well, they’re happy for them and they… they will be seaching some bottles of vine before to disappear in an other gay cruise.

Aww, Jeff & Nick (Niff). They wanted Klaine to be a thing so badly. Even before Blaine realizes he was in love with his best friend. For them, Klaine is an inspiration. And this wedding is a true relief.

Trent is dancing. Cause Blaine is like a big brother to him and he just wants him to be happy. And he knows he will with Kurt as husband.

♪ So raise your glass hand if you’re wrong in all the right ways…♫ Wait ! No. Wrong timing, council. Anyway. All on favor of Klaine wedding ? Thanks guys. And… Well Wes, it’s okay now. Put down your gavel (you silly fetichist)

And Sebastian. Obviously. Of course he’s clapping. There was a time when he would love to have Blaine in his bed. But then, he saw true love. And even him can deny it’s freaking charming.

Then Cooper. Coop is very proud of his little brother. And there are real tears. He’s so damn happy for him. He’s so ready to have cute little nephews and to teach them how to be intense.

And, we will conclude with the captain of the Klaine ship. Kurt was his friend. He didn’t know how he will change his life by sending him visit the Garglers Warblers. Actually, this is one of the things that make him proud of himself. So, of course, Puck is crying. He will cry at the wedding. He will cry when they will have their children. He will ever cry with Klaine. He’s the captain. Puck is us.

And while everyone is crying, getting excited and freaking out, Kurt will look at Blaine and Blaine will look at Kurt. With love. Only with love. It will be their wedding. Their love story. The start of something new & beautiful. The life they can’t wait to live.

Matt and Pat on the Health Benefits of Pizza
  • Matt: Remember kids, if you have a problem, like a weird rash or your heart's going nuts-
  • Pat: Rub pizza on it. Just rub pizza on it. Remember there was that one time I thought I was having a heart-attack? Snd I went down to this guy's and he was just like "nah man, just eat pizza".
  • Matt: Eat it, or just rub it on your chest like Vapo-Rub.