vanya etc

i love the song party poison because it really captures like, the dynamic between the first and second wave of killjoys

like? at first glance the song sounds like its encouraging you to party/do dumb reckless shit/etc, which is what the second wave of killjoys (vamos, vanya, val, etc) think the first wave (fab four, cherri, dr. d, etc) were going for which is like… not at all what they were about

but like, when you actually pay attention to the lyrics, you realize the actual meaning/the actual intent of the first wave killjoys, which is basically against that party mindset (“this aint a party/get off the dance floor,” “cause all the good times/they give you cancer,” etc), and thats what the original killjoys were actually about

but since it got warped, the next wave of killjoys just know the first wave as just a bunch of reckless partiers who wore bright colors, but they dont get like, the full reasons behind what they did, they dont realize that they were against all the things that the new wave loves oh so much

and idk i just feel like the song party poison really, fully captures the vibes and contents of the killjoy universe, possibly even more than like na na na and shit…

anywayz! i still fuckin love the killjoy universe lmao