vantwinblade  asked:

Do you cringe when you see fan art of Carol Danvers with a chest bigger than her body? Because I do.

I cringe more when her ass and her boobs are bigger than her body. There seems to be a whole set of artists out there who have love to draw women with ginormous orchestras and balconies.

Suggested draw from vantwinblade. I hope you like it! It’s been so long since I’ve attempted drawing Gon’s wacky hair.
I’m open to suggestions guys! Help me get out of my art block. >_<
Ps, any one else as excited as I am about the manga coming off hiatus? I wonder if a reunion is ahead?…….

Please Togashi. Listen to our prayers.

vantwinblade  asked:

RWBYROCK QUESTION. Who would force every else to sing along with the radio? I think it would be Yang.

Probably Yang. I imagine Ruby would too if it was one of her favorite songs ever.

Meanwhile, Weiss forces everyone to shut up during her favorites since she wants no one to interrupt the perfection. Blake doesn’t care since Blake’s preference is more towards instrumentation than vocals.