I like drawing Humanstuck!Nepeta with blonde hair.

This is a half-chibi doodle. I just wanted to practice shading with the Marker tool. Anyways this a crossover of Off, inspired by this post

Yeah this is Karkat and Nepeta

(btw, she’s wearing a cat headband)

Have some of the many otp cuties! Honestly, I ship Kankri with Meulin SO much harder than Meulin with Kurloz. But it’s okay. This is based off of an rp that I had been doing on my rp page on facebook with a really nice Kankri where they went on their first date to the park for a picnic and did some slow dancing. It was just soooooo sweet that I HAD to draw it.

So… I was looking through my Ao3 account, and I stumbled upon this

It was my first published fanfiction in a long time. Perhaps my first ever. I can’t remember. The details are blurry.

I’m no longer in the Homestuck fandom, due to a multitude of reasons. However, I feel bad leaving this unfinished. But not bad enough to finish of of my own doing.

So if even one person shoots me a message saying “Finish this!” I’ll finish it. That’s the only motivation I can think of to. Otherwise I’ll ignore the tiny gnawing at the back of my mind and leave it.

Note: The original file is stranded on my non-working laptop, so this would be starting from where that one lets off. I don’t know if it’d stretch another 9 chapters. I had ideas but… we’ll see :P