vantage travel

You don’t know me, but I know you.  You see, I’ve been watching all of you for some time.  I have an excellent vantage point because I travel with the Concierge of Crime himself, Mr. Raymond Reddington, and his business is information. I’m really excited for the journey Mr. Reddington and I are on and I hope you are too.  In fact, I think we need a little more excitement so I decided to step out of the shadows and introduce myself.  I’m Red’s Fedora.  Redora, if you will.  I change my color and shape from time to time, but I’m still me, and I’m very pleased to meet you.  (And yes, the top of Mr. Reddington’s head is a glorious place to watch the world go by).

So, without further ado, shall we begin with a game?  Let’s spread a little joy throughout The Blacklist fandom and tag some of our friends.  Some of the old stalwarts and some of the newcomers. I’ve started with a handful of blogs that have made me smile recently and there are plenty more.  Send me an anon ask and tell me who Red’s Fedora should visit next!  Better yet – reblog this post and tag someone who made you happy today.  

This is gonna be a gas…   Until next time….