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Vantage GT12 Leads the Way in September at Aston Martin Works

Aston Martin Works is preparing for a busy September of new sports car sales handovers, led by its first delivery of the sold-out Vantage GT12.

With production strictly limited to just 100, the Vantage GT12 special edition draws on all of the brand’s learning from years of top level motorsport competition around the globe. It is equipped with a new iteration of the Aston Martin 6.0-liter V12 engine and is capable of generating up to 600 PS making it not only more powerful but also 100kg lighter than a standard V12 Vantage S.

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filthy-mcgee  asked:

crankiplier first kiss/mutual pining

Mark crouched behind the couch, hugging the pillow close to his chest, staying completely still. Holding in his breath, he waddled to edge, looking around the area for the blue-haired menace. Ducking his head back behind his cover, he let out a shaky breath, preparing himself for the battle.

Jumping over the couch, he sprinted towards Ethan, hitting him with his weapon before running into a different hiding spot. Ethan yelled after him, swiftly grabbing another pillow, charging for his own attack.

Ethan kept a sharp eye, watching out for a tuft of flaming red. Glancing behind objects, he tensely moved around the room, not wanting to be caught off guard. Ethan crouched down, gripping the pillow tightly in one hand, making his way towards a wall for a better vantage point.

With his back pressed firmly against the wall, he stood upwards, glaring all around the perimeter. Nervously, he looked at a shadow moving closer, he got into his fighting stance, disappointed when seeing Tyler walk by with a confused look. Lowering his arm, he sighed with frustration, letting his guard down.

All of a sudden, Mark appeared in front of him, quickly knocking the pillow out of Ethan’s hand and trapping his hands on his chest. Mark pressed his hips into Ethan’s, placing his legs on the opposite sides of his. Smirking down at him, Mark watched Ethan’s eyes widen, his faced drenched with worry.

Ethan could feel Mark’s breath fan over his lips, instantly making his heartbeat speed up, beating unbelievably loud in his ears. His face was burning, his breathing was shaky, the anticipation of what Mark was going to do was too much for him.

Mark smiled, leaning down to softly kiss Ethan’s cheek, lingering for a moment before kissing his jaw. Ethan’s breath hitched, his eyes closing, completely focusing on Mark’s lips. Chuckling, Mark lightly kissed Ethan’s lips, repeatedly doing so until he returned it.

Tyler peeked inside the room, immediately stopping once his eyes latched onto Mark and Ethan’s soft pecks and blushing faces. With his eyes blown out wide, he backed up, two thumbs up and an excited smile.