“He keeps asking for you, and I’m not a mind reader but I know he regrets what he said.”
“I know he does but…I just vant him to feel exactly vhat I felt after he told me that stuff.”

Well I’m back with these scenes from the story, trust me I have major writers block but for some reason I keep coming up with visuals lol anyways here is another with Jean and Kurt.


Noaptea purtam cele mai sincere conversatii, noaptea parca vantul ne mangaie mai tandru, noaptea totul pare mai altfel si mai special decat ziua..Dar in acelasi timp , noaptea doare totul mai tare , noaptea retraim amintiri , noaptea sunt cele mai multe lacrimi varsate , doar noaptea ne auzim inima cum bate defapt , noaptea ne simtim mai singuri , mai slabi , noaptea simtim nevoia unei imbratisari calde , exact atunci cand nu e nimeni cu noi sa ne-o ofere , noaptea putem fii singuri fara sa fim deranjati , noaptea , doar noaptea , suntem sinceri cu noi insine , si doar noaptea , stam si ne gandim “Oare ce mai e cu sufletul meu ?”. Si atunci iti dai seama cate rani ai tu defapt in suflet , toate nevindecate .

Soarele strălucește, cerul este albastru- închis, suflă un vânt minunat, iar mie mi- e așa de dor – așa de dor – de tot… De vorbit, de libertate, de prieteni, de singurătate. Mi- e așa de dor… să plâng! Am senzaţia că explodez și știu că dacă aș plânge mi- ar fi mai bine; nu pot. Sunt
neliniștită, umblu dintr-o cameră într- alta, respir prin crăpătura unei ferestre închise, îmi simt inima bătând de parcă ar spune: „Împlinește- mi în sfârșit dorul.
—  Jurnalul Annei Frank 

Two new reference pictures i’m working on of Vant and Vanita

For vant’s new Design i’m still not 100% on it and i’m probably gonna rework it some more. 

Vanita’s new Design is mostly her outfit and hair. and uh one other thing vwv… i made her breast smaller D: 

but fret not as it’s only her “Default” Size >;3

Also i need to work on the sword design, that looks gawd awful D:


Hopefully people don’t get Vant and Vanita confused anymore vwv;

but i got some work to do now, felt like sharing cause bored V:

4 Songs You Should Have In Your Playlist

VANT - Fly By Alien 

The perfect track to bounce around your bedroom to while getting dressed, lots of guitar and a slightly mad, colourful video to go with.

Oscar - Sometimes

A lovely bit of pop-rock that’ll make you wanna dance. This is one of my favourite songs of the year so far, it’s super catchy and the video is quirky and fun.

Nothing But Thieves - If I Get High

Quite a raw, emotional track that really shows how great Conor Mason’s vocals are. RJ Mitte stars in the new video, themed around lucid dreaming. 

Blossoms - At Most A Kiss

Blossoms are everywhere at the moment, this song seems to be constantly stuck in my head. The video is a bit moody and dramatic, kind of what you’d expect from the indie band of the moment.


Vant - Do You Know Me ?

People who don't try to show up to practice piss me off.

Like, seriously? What’s the point of being on the team then? You don’t show up and you expect to play well during games? Like, Amy or Mimi. You could at least TRY to tell Alex that you’re not coming. The rest of the girls work our asses off while you guys just go fuck your boyfriend? No, honey, it doesn’t fucken work that way. What, you expect us to tell you the practice schedule for game days? No, go to practice and figure it out for yourself.