Hope this doesn’t make me sound weird, but I spend a lot of time strolling through Instagram. Whether it’s out of boredom, or simply for some inspiration, you’re guaranteed to spot me walking down the street on my phone, double tapping. As I went through my feed this morning, I came across one of the most impressive Vans nail art looks I have ever seen! I’ve been dying to get some Vans nail art done for some time, and when I saw the work @quieyelashnail did… well, it got me very inspired. This is just way too amazing, I just HAD to share! -brittany

One thing I love about style is there isn’t just 1 right way of doing it. You can wear head-to-toe sequins each and everyday, and still deem that as being stylish without any questions or concerns from outsiders. That’s exactly how I feel about wearing sneakers with the dressiest of the dresses. My most favorite look is mixing girly with tom-boy. Nothing screams “HOT” quite like combining a real feminine vintage gown with Sk8-Hi’s. What’s would you define as YOUR personal style? -brittany


Inspired by my all time favorite Disney character, Minnie Mouse, I gave my red Authentics a much needed makeover. They’ve been through a lot, so it was the least I could do. This Spring, it’s all about the polka dots. They’re cute, feminine, and fun to mix with other patterns… if you can’t tell, I’m rather obsessed. 

Here’s what you need for this simple DIY: a pair of Authentics, white paint (you can use acrylic, gauche, or fabric paint), a paint brush, a pencil, water bottle cap, and 4 yards of lace ribbon.

  • You were probably wondering why you would need a bottle cap since it’s a bit random, but it will actually come in handy as you trace circles on the shoe.
  • Once you’re done tracing circles, use the paint to fill them in. 
  • Depending on the thickness of your paint, you may want to add a second coat.
  • Let dry for a few hours.
  • After they are completely dry, lace your ribbon through the eyelets.
  • Tie them in a pretty bow, and you’re good to go.

Got a cute DIY idea with your Vans? Instagram your project with the hashtag #VansDIY  -brittany


DIY: Leopard Collard Shirt:

With a new year comes a new beginning, meaning a major update for that wardrobe of yours. However, since money doesn’t grow on trees, there’s always little things you can do with your current pieces that will make them feel like new. Here’s how to give your Vans Marian woven top a sassy leopard collar.

What you need: A Vans Marian woven top or button up of your choice, a yard of fabric (I chose a fuzzy leopard fabric), contrasting thread (unless you prefer a less noticeable thread), sewing needle, scissors, pencil, and safety pins.

  1. First take your fabric and measure it against your shirt collar. This is where the pencil comes into play, as you will use it to mark where you need to cut.
  2. Cut out the fabric, and use the safety pins to align the fabric with your collar so that you sew it on straight.
  3. Begin stitching the fabric to your collar with your thread. My suggestion is to make sure you’re stitching as close to the seam as much as possible so that your thread stitch is straight.
  4. Take off those safety pins (unless you prefer a little edge to your look!), and strut yourself! -brittany

DIY: Floral ‘Shade’ sunnies

One of my most prized Summer accessories has got to be sunglasses. Round frames, square frames, I can own 20 at a time and STILL not have enough! The other day I came across an amazing pair by one of my favorite accessory brands, A-Mori, as well as Dolce & Gabbana, and felt rather compelled to DIY! Inspired by the A-Morir 'Phillips’ frames, I went to work on my 'Shade’ sunnies for a style that can easily transition into Fall…because flowers NEVER go out of style.

Here’s what you need: A pair of the 'Shade’ sunnies, 2 small bouquets of your favorite color of wedding roses (you can find these at Michaels), Scissors, and a hot glue gun.

  •  First off, start cutting the rose bulbs off the wired stems.
  • Then very carefully, dab the hot glue gun on the backside of the rose bulbs, and arrange roses on the top of the frames. If need be, have an adult assist you as it is very easy to burn yourself with the hot glue gun.
  • Once you have arranged your roses on the top of the 'Shade’ sunnies, let your sunglasses dry completely for about an hour. Then you’re good to go! -brittany

When people think of street style on the East Coast, they generally assume New York takes the cake. However no offense to my northern neighbors (sorry, Alyson!!!), but I am starting to find some pretty stylish dames in the Boston area. From grunge to tailored prep, the style in Boston ranges to several extremes…in the best way, ever!

Meet Jenna - I ran into her in the Common grounds this weekend when I went on a tour, and couldn’t help but notice our shared love for Authentics. Sporting a dip-dyed pair of skinnie denim and my all time favorite layering piece - the moto jackets, I could tell we were on the same wave length. Look out New York…Boston is creepin’ up on your street style! -brittany

I had my 2nd surf lesson today..and let’s just say, I pretty much ALMOST died. Note to self: untangle your ankle leash before you attempt to stand up. Given the early morning wake up call, and being in a “no fuss” mood, I felt it only appropriate to quickly throw on my comfy Mohikan Mid moccasins, black polka-dot Cherry dress, and roomy Chambers backpack. Clearly the braids were post-surf lesson, as there is absolutely no reason to even TRY to do a thing with the hair. -brittany


Once the sun peeks through the clouds, the babes come out to play. I ran into some majorly stylish ladies during my lunch stroll through Newbury St. who clearly share my love for a good pair of Sk8-hi’s. Boston has some serious hidden gems when it comes to street style, and I can’t wait for the weather to warm up so I can continue to do some exploring through this new city of mine.  -brittany

If there is one piece from the Vans Girls Fall collection that I just can’t live without, it obviously has to be the Calhoun Highwaist skinny jeans. This past week I worked the GPPR booth at the Agenda tradeshow, where I was showered with compliments regarding my jeans. Honestly…I absolutely HATE denim, since I find it rather difficult to find pants that fit my body type. However, once I slipped the Calhoun’s on, I just couldn’t take them off. I predict a Fall closet staple, people!

Outfit Details:

Shirt: BOTB // Pants: Calhoun Highwaist skinny jeans // Shoes: Vintage

(Photo courtesy of Nicholas Estrada)


Working with such style-savvy individuals just makes you want to get dressed up everyday. Like Kiley, for instance. This styling intern continuously inspires me and pushes me to push my personal style to the next level. Her neo-grunge chic look is perfectly paired with a kitschy collection of tattoo’s and my favorite leopard Sk8-Hi platforms. Plus, Kiley earns major style kudos for her perfectly pastel locks of hair! -brittany

Only a few days left of being 23, and I’m already feeling quite old. You see, I have a love/hate relationship with birthdays. I love that I have a day dedicated to me entering this world but I sort of HATE the fact that each year I get closer and closer to being old. You may argue that 24 is not old, however, I only have 6 more years of my twenties… come argue with me some more.

Outfit Details: Shown to Scale Chili shirt // Vans Conductor Overalls (Past Season) // Speckled Suede Authentics -brittany

Can you believe it reached 61 degrees yesterday in Boston? I would have never expected such a cold windy place could be so pretty and warm after months of weather torture. Time to pull out the warm weather gear!

Outfit Details: Vans Surfin Button Down shirt // Vans Capital Shorts (I LOVE THESE!) // Black Sk8-Hi Slims // Old Vans Beanie -brittany

It’s starting to get all rainy and seasonal up in the Bean Town. Let’s just say I’m not too into it. The weather has been anything but fabulous to my standards, I guess we can’t all have California skies. So I decided to look at the goodness in this situation, and pull out all my favorite rainy day gear. The Franny shawl sweater has got to be my most prized possession this very moment, along with my purple Bennies Beanie, my Skinny Denim, and cozy Houston shoes. What are some of your cold weather go-to’s? -brittany


There was a glimmer of hope for Boston this week as temperatures increased to 55 degrees. I know that doesn’t seem like much, but when you’ve got weather that goes to 10 degrees, it’s a bit of a big deal. So I brought out the light jacket and broke in my favorite new Shimmer Suede Authenics, which I’ve been wearing every day lately! Definitely one of my closet staples right now. -brittany


Imagine this moment: walking up to your doorstep on a cold miserable New England Tuesday evening. On this day you just so happen to lose your wallet, and of course get scolded by a taxi driver whose breath was comparable to the fresh fish section in the grocery store - BUT, just as you approach the door and pull out your keys, a large box with “VANS” tape across the top sits in the corner. Your hands begin to sweat up and your stomach drops in excitement. NEW SHOES. And not just any new pair of shoes, Sk8-Hi platforms. I have been stalking them ever since I saw them on Teen Vogue and here they finally are.

Fact: I’m a shoe girl. I’m sure several females can testify just that. Some girls are sports girls, others are dress girls. I can 100% categorize myself as being a total die-hard shoe girl. Do you feel my excitement just yet? -brittany

From what I’m told in the office, warm weather is just on the horizon and I couldn’t be any happier. Prior to moving to Boston my mother warned me of the winter time blues, and I paid her no attention, but now that I’m only a finger tips length from spring I’m starting to notice it. Can you believe how hyped I am to wear faux leather pants with no extra tights underneath to keep me warm? Sheesh! I am NOT cut out for this East Coast weather. -brittany

Outfit Details: Vans “United States of Vans” tee // Vintage Levi’s Denim cut-off jacket // Vintage Leather pants // Love Me x Vans Sk8-Hi Slim


Currently Listening To: 

If there was one band I had to choose to listen to for the rest of my life, it would have to be The Growlers. With a sound all their own, this beach-goth-psychedelic band has me mesmerized by their beachy tunes and devilishly good looks (hubba hubba). I first was introduced to these kids back in high school when I used to venture out to Orange County backyard gigs. They weren’t very well-known back then, but nonetheless had a huge following within the Orange County scene. Recently, the band was one of the many headliners of Coachella, while touring the world with bands like the Black Keys and Devandra Banhart. This band is just way too good not to introduce to you guys! Check out one of my favorite songs now and get obsessed! -brittany