vansa 2010 reasons to live in a small town

1 Can you catch Leviathan with a hook or put a noose around its jaw?

2 Can you tie it with a rope through the nose or pierce its jaw with a spike?

3 Will it beg you for mercy or implore you for pity?

4 Will it agree to work for you? Can you make it be your slave for life?

5 Can you make it a pet like a bird, or give it to your little girls to play with?

6 Will merchants try to buy it? Will they sell it in their shops?

7 Will its hide be hurt by darts, or its head by a harpoon?

8 If you lay a hand on it, you will never forget the battle that follows, and you will never try it again!

9 “No, it is useless to try to capture it. The hunter who attempts it will be thrown down.

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