Este es el Vans Surf Team México que estará rompiéndola en el SOA

Estamos ya cerrando maletas, poniéndonos bronceador de una vez y haciendo nuestros playlists para irnos sin escalas al Vans Surf Open Acapulco y deleitarnos la pupilas con el máximo nivel del surf mundial. 

Aunque todos los surfers que vendrán a Acapulco son de élite, nosotros nos vamos a apoyar al Vans Surf Team, obvio. 

Estos cuatro atletas representarán, además de a México, al estilo Off The Wall sobre las olas. Te dejó una pequeña semblanza de cada uno de ellos para que los vayas conociendo y no te agarren en curva en plena competencia.

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Vans Team Top 5’s

Best Of 2015 With Wade Goodall

Best surf trip: Pohnpei (Micronesia) this last November. First swell back from breaking my leg—not many people, and lots of tunnels.  

Best board: Channel Islands #4

Best concert you went to: Wash and Cosmic Psychos in Byron bay. 

Favorite pair of Vans for 2015:  Dane Reynolds Black Ball Hi

Vans Surf team rider of the year: Nathan Florence. His waves at Teahupo’o this year blew my mind. 


The Pros And Cons Of Summer: With Leila Hurst

Leila Hurst seems to live the “always summer” lifestyle, but she knows a thing or two about Winter, and of course, the many reasons why Summer is so much better than winter! Of course, nobody’s perfect, not even summer. That’s why we asked the Vans Surf Team to give us their “Pros And Cons Of Summer”, here’s what Leila Hurst had to say about P’s and C’s of S.


Everyone’s in California—my girlfriends, my family, and my friends literally everyone! So we play, we play a lot.

MALIBUUUUUUU + longboard heaven. Summertime surfing at Malibu is the best.

The best “pro” of all is spending as much time as humanly possible living in a swimsuit!

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Vans Team Top 5’s

Best Of 2015 With Leila Hurst

Best surf trip: Salina Cruz, Mexico.

Best Contest: That I’ve done or that I’ve watched—big difference, ha ha. Maybe The Vans World Cup at Sunset, that was fun to watch.

Best board: My twinny! A baby blue Eric Arakawa 4'10'—best board ever.

Favorite pair of Vans for 2015: Sk8 Hi slim in white perforated leather.

Vans Surf team rider of the year: I love Dane Gudauskas—just the funniest raddest human on the planet.


Yeah or Nah: With Yago Dora

Surfing in snow: Yeah! I’ve never tried it, but sounds fun. 

Drawing on your boards: Yeah, I love drawing on my boards.

Throwing shakas: Yeah, Spreading the good vibes is always a good idea. 

Traveling solo: Nah, I don’t like to travel solo—I like to share the good moments. 

InstaGram beef: Nah, I don’t really know what ‘InstaGram Beef’ is.

Giving surf lessons: Yeah, I feel good when I can help people somehow. 

Surfing naked: Nah, doesn’t sound comfortable.

Making art: Yeah, I love art ! 

Skateboarding between surf sessions: Yeah, I broke my arm skating this year but skating is one of my favorite things, so yeah.

Straight airs: Yeah! They are my favorite. 

Dropping in on your friends: Yeah, if it’s a friend is sharing, not burning.

Putting your wetsuit in the dryer: Nah, it would ruin your wetsuit . 

Selfie sticks: Nah! Never.

Point Break 2: Yeah, I wanna watch it. 

Sandals with socks: Nah.

Single fins: Yeah, I like thrusters better, but single fins are super fun . 

Trunks with boxer shorts underneath: Nah, when the sand gets in there it sucks. 

Switchstance surfing: Yeah

Claims: Yeah. Showing the passion, but in comps only. 


Vans Surf Team Manager and accomplished photographer, Nolan Hall is unleashing an epic batch of his latest works for a new gallery show called, “Peregrines”.

Check out the features on Nolan’s work on, Surfer Magazine, and Monster Children.

“Peregrines” is opening April 2 at Paul Loya Gallery, 2677 S. La Cienega Blvd, LA 90034. 6-9PM. 


Vans Team Top 5’s

Best Of 2015 With Wyatt McHale

Best surf comp: Rip Curl Gromsearch Kewalos. 

Best surf trip: The Surfing Magazine Grom Games in Kandui. 

Best board: 5'6 Pyzel Surfboards Supergrom Model.

Favorite pair of Vans for 2015: Navy Classic Slip Ons

Vans Surf team rider of the year and why: Nathan Florence for his crazy waves at Teahupo’o this year. 

2016 Vans Joel Tudor Duct Tape Invitational Descends Upon Vancouver Island, B.C.

Joel Tudor’s Longboarding Exhibition Ventures to Remote Shores of Tofino For Exciting New Surf

The Vans Joel Tudor Duct Tape Invitational returns with a new expedition set for Tofino in Vancouver, B.C. on May 6-8. With a beautiful locale and exciting new surf ripe for the taking, world-renowned professional surfer and esteemed contest director, Joel Tudor will lead 16 of the most creative and innovative longboarders from across the globe to exhibit their unique surfing style on the remote shores of Tofino.

Raising the stakes in 2016 with a new prize purse of $24,000USD, the 16-man contest will span a two-day window with top contenders in tow, including defending champion Justin Quintal, who claimed his third consecutive title in the Duct Tape Series last summer during the Vans US Open. Quintal’s return is matched by veteran longboarding icons Alex Knost, experimentalist Ryan Burch, and the style-heavy Tyler Warren. Newcomers like the event’s wildcard, Tofino’s own Asia Dryden, plus Vans Canada team player Dean Petty, and soulful waverider Karina Rozunko will bring new perspective to the field, ensuring a diverse display of talent across the board.

Strict guidelines will enforce the use of traditional, single-fin logs without modern attachments and no interference allowed. Additional points are awarded for best shared wave, encouraging surfers to ride the same wave with style and creativity.

2016 DTI Tofino Invitees

Alex Knost

Justin Quintal

Troy Mothershead

Ryan Burch

Andy Nieblas

Tyler Warren

Nathan Strom

Kai Ellice-Flint

Chad Marshall

Harrison Roach

Karina Rozunko

Dean Petty

Tommy Witt

Dane Perlee

Reilly Stone

Asia Dryden

In tradition of celebrating an eccentric culture fueled by art and creativity, Vans will host a special screening of filmmaker George Trimm’s avant-garde surf film, Forbidden Trim, followed by a closing event performance by surfer Alex Knost’s beloved experimental band, Tomorrows Tulips.

The Vans Joel Tudor Duct Tape Invitational in Tofino marks the twelfth event in the international Duct Tape contest series, reinforcing a global platform for longboarding specialty and providing a unique festival atmosphere for today’s most progressive longboarding icons.

Since 2010, the Vans Joel Tudor Duct Tape Invitational has set a standard for the longboarding community, enriching competition with an affinity for style and originality. The Vans Duct Tape Invitational contest series is anchored by the vision of two-time ASP world longboarding champion Joel Tudor, to create an innovative surf series that upholds progression, creativity and craftsmanship in and out of the water.

Leila won her heat in the Junior Women’s Quarter Finals at the and is on to the Semis. If you can’t make it down to the beach, you can watch the live webcast on the US Open of Surfing site here. Semi Finals start at 2:50pm on Wednesday!

Leila will also be competing in the Women’s event. Round 1 is tomorrow from 10:30am - 1:30pm.

Photo: Mpu Dinani

Vans Team Hair Barrels

We’re huge fans of the brilliant minds over at For years they’ve been scouring the internet looking for the perfect hairstyle tubes and hair-air sections for the world’s best surfers to shred on and/or in. Here are five of our favorite Vans Team Hair Barrels for you to enjoy, and hopefully get inspired to create some Hair Barrels of your own! Happy Hair Barrel hunting!

Dane Reynolds in a Terminator Tube.

Dane Gudauskas “Adam Sand-Shred-Der”

Joel Tudor logs Gabby.

Pat Gudauskas pulling in at Off The Wall-Berg

Tanner floats on Jennifer Lawrence.

Claire Dane-Reynolds

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