Yeah or Nah: With Yago Dora

Surfing in snow: Yeah! I’ve never tried it, but sounds fun. 

Drawing on your boards: Yeah, I love drawing on my boards.

Throwing shakas: Yeah, Spreading the good vibes is always a good idea. 

Traveling solo: Nah, I don’t like to travel solo—I like to share the good moments. 

InstaGram beef: Nah, I don’t really know what ‘InstaGram Beef’ is.

Giving surf lessons: Yeah, I feel good when I can help people somehow. 

Surfing naked: Nah, doesn’t sound comfortable.

Making art: Yeah, I love art ! 

Skateboarding between surf sessions: Yeah, I broke my arm skating this year but skating is one of my favorite things, so yeah.

Straight airs: Yeah! They are my favorite. 

Dropping in on your friends: Yeah, if it’s a friend is sharing, not burning.

Putting your wetsuit in the dryer: Nah, it would ruin your wetsuit . 

Selfie sticks: Nah! Never.

Point Break 2: Yeah, I wanna watch it. 

Sandals with socks: Nah.

Single fins: Yeah, I like thrusters better, but single fins are super fun . 

Trunks with boxer shorts underneath: Nah, when the sand gets in there it sucks. 

Switchstance surfing: Yeah

Claims: Yeah. Showing the passion, but in comps only. 


Vans Team Top 5’s

Best Of 2015 With Wade Goodall

Best surf trip: Pohnpei (Micronesia) this last November. First swell back from breaking my leg—not many people, and lots of tunnels.  

Best board: Channel Islands #4

Best concert you went to: Wash and Cosmic Psychos in Byron bay. 

Favorite pair of Vans for 2015:  Dane Reynolds Black Ball Hi

Vans Surf team rider of the year: Nathan Florence. His waves at Teahupo’o this year blew my mind. 

If you’re heading to the US Open tomorrow to watch the Van Doren Invitational practice cruise by the Van Doren Village at noon for a team signing with Hosoi, Curren, Rowley, Rowan, Elijah, Omar, Lizzie and Pedro.

Photo: Rhino


We gave Vans Surf team rider, Leila Hurst access to our entire Fall line, and she styled the cutest 4 looks to transition from Summer to Fall. Keep an eye out for her other 3 looks that you’ll be sure to love!

Shop Leila’s Look: Marie Shift Dress // Boom Boom Jacket // Varsity Suede Old Skool // Janelle Hipster Sunglasses


Summer Surfboards And Transportation: Wyatt McHale

It’s summertime and the Vans surf team is out and about. We asked the team to show us a summer board or two and tell us how they get to the beach and back, let’s start with the newest team rider, Wyatt McHale.

“My main source or transportation on the North Shore is a bike. But I’ll also walk or sometimes bring out the Penny Board for those summertime Lowers sessions when I’m in California. I usually ride my go-to shortbread no matter what; which is a 5’8 Pyzel. It’s super fast and high performance, the perfect all around short board. When the waves get too small at home I have to pull out the 8’ Wavestorm, which is the ultimate fun and wave catching machine.”

—Wyatt McHale

Photos: Wyatt’s Mom and Quinn Mathews