Who’s That Vans Girl: Kate Mckerroll 

Kate Mckerroll is a marketing student with a background as a motocross champion. Yes, you heard that right: motocross champion. and a desire to pick up a board to paddle out into the sunset, it’s easy to see why. Kate shares with us her tips to staying confident in a male dominated sport, and her secrets to keeping her pet plants healthy. (Because we sure don’t have a green thumb!) 

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Vans Warped Tour 2015 | Pierce The Veil

We’ve been buds with Pierce The Veil for several years and it’s so great to see such nice guys getting the huge crowds and fan support that they are out on this year’s Vans Warped Tour. Their live show is full of fun surprises and both old songs that you love as well as new treats. Be sure to check out their set when the tour rolls through your city & listen to a new track The Divine Zero now. 

photos: ashleyosborn