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Devil’s Advocate - Chanyeol X Reader AU Series - Chapter 1

Vampire!Chanyeol X Angel!Reader

Genre: Action, fluff, angst

Warnings: Violence, blood, language

Word Count: 3,741 (kinda long?? sorry)

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The sound of gentle waves lapping at a thin shoreline was the first sensory response you felt as your consciousness was reawakened. Needle-like pain pierced all known muscles and joints in your body as your heavy eyelids struggled to open. You found yourself at the grass-strewn coast of a large lake, the sun bordering the horizon and the storm clouds having formed dispersive curves in the orange sky.

I fell. The dream… It actually happened.

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Somebody’s Eyes-7

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I looked into Happy’s eyes, I felt my body shake. “Is that Sean?” His voice held a some anger. I nodded my head, He pushed me towards Tig and Chibs. I watched as he grabbed the man, and dragged him out of the clubhouse.

He was tied up and thrown in the back of the van, Rat drove off with him. Jax, Opie, and Happy following the van to the warehouse. I tried not to think sbout what was going to happen to Sean.

I shivered a little bit, Tig kissed the top of my head. “I’m going to take you home.” I nodded my head, going inside grabbing my things, I just wanted to go to bed.

Isaiah stepped forward. “I can take her.” 

Chibs looked at the prospect. “We’ve got her, you start cleaning up.”

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Walkers Amongst Us (Part 8)

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A/N: Part eight! WooooOOOOooo!

Pairings: Dean X Roman X Seth X Randy X Reader

Warnings: Swearing and violence.

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You had gotten your gun from Kane as well as an empty bag and now you, Dean and Sheamus rode in the back of the van to the warehouse you were going to look through. Randy was driving and Roman was riding shotgun.

The van came to a stop and Randy got out, opening the back for everyone to get out. Sheamus hoped out, then Dean and then Randy helped you out.

“Alright, everyone needs to stick together here. We haven’t checked this building yet, so Walkers could be just walking around, or it could be empty. But my guess is that it’s not. So stick together.” Randy said.

“Dean, I want you to stand guard out here. Let us know if Walkers are coming, or anything like that.” Dean nodded his head.

“What we’re mainly looking for is ammo, and arrows for Seth. If there is food or water, anything that you think could be of use, just take it.” Randy said, looking at everyone. 

Slowly Randy pushed out the backdoor, he pointed a flashlight in, then he knocked on the door, waiting for a growl or a groan. But went nothing came, you all slowly walked in. 

But as everyone entered, Sheamus walked in, like he owned the place, start making noise, like a lot of noise.

“Sheamus!” Randy growled. “What the fuck are you doing! Follow the god damn rules!” 

Sheamus ignored him. You watched as he just walked around plucking things of the shelfs in the place. His boots stomping around.

Randy turned to you and Roman. “Go outside, now! We’re fucking leaving.” 

You and Roman turned to leave and as you walked outside, you heard Randy yelling at Sheamus.

Roman began to tell Dean about how Sheamus was putting everyone in danger because he thought he could go in and get out.

Minutes were passing quickly, and they weren’t coming out. You tapped your foot and bit your lip.

“I’m going to go in and make sure that they are ok.” You said, opening the door. 

As you opened the door you heard growling and groaning. You pulled the flashlight you had on your belt off, turning it on, you looked around trying to find the source of it. You walked further in, turning in circles, looking and listening but you couldn’t find it. 

You heard the sound of heavy foot steps coming from your right, you turned and seen Randy and Sheamus running, behind them were Walkers, lots of them.

You took off running towards the backdoor, but as you got closer, there were Walkers there to, you ran towards another door. You shoved it open and lead into what looked like a lobby. 

There was a revolving door. Sheamus and Randy came running in behind you. You all ran towards the door, you and Sheamus got into the same side and Randy got into the other side, so when you both went to push, it wouldn’t move. 

You looked at Randy and he was looking at you. Walkers began to hit the doors trying to get at you. “What do we do?!” You asked.

“I…I don’t know.” Randy said. Sheamus pushed harder on the door, which caused Randy’s side to open to the Walkers. You began to shove the other side with caused Randy’s side to close off to the Walkers and everyone to stay put in the middle.

“What the fuck are you doing!?” You yelled. “Trying to save my life!” Sheamus yelled.

“We are a fucking team asshole! We can’t just let Randy die! We’ll think of something!” You yelled.

You looked around. The doors were glass. You smiled. 

“The doors are glass! If you punch it the one if front of you, you can get out then me and Sheamus and push the door and we can get out!” You said. 

Randy nodded his head quickly. Randy punch the door once then twice, it cracks but doesn’t break.

“We don’t have time for this!” Sheamus yells. You looked over at him, but as you go to say something. Sheamus pulls his gun from his holster and says. “It’s nothing personal.” And then shoots you in the side, you grabbed around your torso, hunching in pain and scream. 

Randy punch the glass free and gets out at the same time Sheamus pushes the door. Everyone is safe. Well for now. 

The van comes driving up as Randy pulls you out of the door and into his arms. You yelled out in pain as Randy runs to the back of the van. Sheamus opens the doors and everyone gets in. 

Dean’s driving and Roman’s got shotgun. “What the fuck was that!?!” Randy yells, looking at Sheamus.

“You will pay for this Sheamus! I swear to the gods! You will! I don’t give a fuck, your death will come at my hands! But I’m telling you this now! You will pay!” Randy says. 

He doesn’t even yell, that’s what scares you there. When someone says you’re going to die at their hands and they don’t yell, you know they mean business.

Sheamus says nothing, and Randy puts pressure on the gun wound. You scream out.

“It’s ok. It’s gonna be alright.” Randy whispers. “Come on! You stay with me! Don’t you dare die on me!” Randy yells, when he sees your eyes start to close.

Everything starts to fade into darkness and you hear Roman yelling. Dean screaming at someone and then Randy yelling over everyone telling them shut the fuck up. 

Randy runs in through the gate, you in his arms. Screaming for someone one to help. Hunter hears the yelling and comes out, he sees you in Randy’s arms, Roman and Dean dragging Sheamus in. 

Hunter comes over to Randy, asking what happen. “She got shot! What the fuck does it look like!” 

“We need to take her to Regal! He’ll help! It’s going to be alright!” Hunter says. Other people began to come around, hearing the yelling. Two of them being a worried Finn and pissed off Seth. 

Soon Seth’s angry fades into worry as he sees you in Randy’s arms, unconscious. Seth’s in front of Randy in a second flat, looking at you. 

“What…what happen? Who did this?” Seth asks. Looking at Randy. 

“Sheamus shot her, it’s a long story and will get to him aft-” Seth didn’t need to listen to anymore. He was going to beat the shit out of Sheamus.

Finn over heard and was walking next to Seth in a less then a second. Seth grabbed Sheamus by the collar of his shit and punched him. 

And punched and punched and punched. “You stupid son of a bitch! No one hurts her!” Seth yells, while punching him.

Roman and Dean just stepped back, letting him do it.  They would have done it, but they knew that Seth was going to want to.  

Hunter took you from Randy’s arms and told him to get Seth off of Sheamus, because he didn’t want him to kill him, before he got any on him. 

Hunter starts to run you over to Regal’s house. Regal was the closes thing to a doctor they had, so he was the best shot.

Hunter kicks at Regal’s door. When he opens the door, he sees that you’ve been shot. “Oh god. Put her upstairs in one of the rooms, I’ll get my things.” Regal said.

Hunter took you upstairs and laid you in the bed. Regal comes in, and walks over. He digs through his bag, finding sizers. He cuts the sweatshirt off of you, then your shirt. 

He looks at the bullet wound and shook his head. “What the fucks does that mean?” Hunter says, watching him.

“It means that you should have gotten rid of the guy when I told you, Hunter! Look now he’s hurt someone else!” Regal said. 

Hunter ran a hand over his shaved head. “How do you know that it was Sheamus! For all you know it could have been Randy!” Hunter growled.

“Because I know. He’s a bad man! Randy, he’s to good to do something as stupid and careless as to shoot another team mate. Now get out! I need to get this bullet out, and keep her alive.” Regal said. 

Hunter walks out of the room and goes to wait downstairs.

Back outside, Randy was pulling Seth off of Sheamus. “Seth stop! Just stop!” Randy yelled. 

But when Randy got Seth off, it only allowed Finn to jump at the chance to beat at him. Dean and Roman still did nothing to stop it.

Solomon stepped in this time, pulling Finn away. “Finn, look you can’t do this!” Solomon yelled. 

“Why!? He hurt someone else! How…how can be just keep him!” Finn yelled.

“I know what he did! But, you can’t do that!” Solomon yelled. Finn spit at him, yelling all kinds of things at him.

Solomon tried his best to cool Finn down, but his irish tempter was getting in the way of that.

Randy held Seth by the shoulders, yelling at him to calm the fuck down. 

“I know you want to beat him till he dies, but you can’t do that! You need to calm that fuck down! Regal will take care of her! I know he will!” Randy said. 

Back inside, you were starting to wake up, pain was shooting up your side. You screamed and Regal looks up at you. 

“You have to stay still my dear! I need to remove this.” 

You didn’t listen, you kept moving and screaming. The pain was unbearable. Hunter came in the room then, looking at you and Regal.

“Hunter, I’m going to need you to hold her down.” 

Hunter comes over and pins you down by the shoulders. Regal continues to dig around for the bullet. You hands are clenched and the pain, the pain it nothing you’ve ever felt. 

“Don’t you have anything you could give her!” Hunter asked. 

Regal doesn’t even look at him. “Hunter, if you want me to get this bullet out of her and keep her alive, then you’ll shut up and hold her down! I don’t have time to give her anything!” 

After three painful hours, Regal got the bullet out, sticked you up and wrapped your torso up. You now lay in bed, sweating everywhere, and you look like death it’s self. Regal left a few moments ago to try and find you some painkillers. 

The door opens and Seth walks in. You smile slightly. Seth came over and sat in a chair that was so nicely placed by the bed for your visitors.

“I would have brought flowers, but, you know, no flower shops were open, and I didn’t think you would want a homemade card that said ‘Sorry you got shot’” Seth said, cracking a small smile.

You chuckled. “That would have been something.” 

Seth looked at you sadly. “Listen, Y/N. I want to say sorry about last night. I was being a complete asshole. I should have listened to what you wanted to say.”

“Yeah, y-you should have.”

“Can I hear it now?” Seth asked, giving you those puppy dogs eyes.

You looked at him and somewhat smiled. “W-well, if you would have shut up and listened yesterday, then you would have known that I felt the same. That I too, like you and want to be with you. But you were being a s-stubborn asshole and wouldn’t.”

Seth just sat there. “You feel the same?” Seth asked. Like he couldn’t believe it.

“Yes, I do.” Seth smiled and stood, he lent down and kissed your dry lips. “I’m sorry I was an asshole.” Seth whispered.

“Now that I may want on a homemade card.” You whispered. Seth chuckled and pecked your lips again and again.

The door opened and Seth straightened up. Regal was walking in, but stop when he see the look on both of your faces. He smiled.

“I have some painkillers Darling.” Regal said. He set them down on the table beside you. 

“Thank you, Regal.” You said.

“Please call me William Darling.” He said. 

“Ok. Thank you, William.” 

“You’re welcome.” He said. He left then, leaving you and Seth alone.

Seth helped you take the painkillers and then he sat down next to you. You seen he’s knuckles were all bloodily.

“W-what happened to your hand?” You asked. Seth looked down at his hand. 

“Oh, it was nothing.” 

“That’s not nothing.” 

Seth sighed. “I beat Sheamus up once I found out he was the one that shot you.” 

“You beat him up!” You said, smiling. Seth smiled. “Yeah, well what the fuck was he doing?” 

“Caring only about himself.” You said. 

“Later, once you get some sleep and rest, will you tell me what happen? No one will tell me.” Seth asked, picking at his nails.

You nodded your head, sleep was already taking over. “Mmhm.” 

Seth looked up and seen that the med were already taking affect. Seth stood and kissed the top of your head. “Sleep tight, Y/N……I love you.”

“I-I love you too.” You mumbled, before you fell asleep.

Morales? This is Shadowrun.

So in a 4e Shadowrun campaign, we got a hot tip of a Renraku-affiliated warehouse that was lightly defended and was moving a pair of Red Samurai Combat Armor sets we were hot for. We were able to eliminate the perimeter guards and decided the best course of action was shock and awe. The group (wheelman, Gunbunny, Adept and Face) strapped up in the back of the assault van and the wheelman smash through the roll up door to the small warehouse, powersliding into the back corner, knocking out shelves and tables, the Gunbunny throws open the door armed with a semi-auto ‘nade launcher and asks for a description.

GM: “The dust and the debris are still settling as you kick open the door. Before you looks more like a sweatshop than a Renraku storage facility, but in the far back corner, you see two suits of Red Samurai Armor glistening in the artificial lighting. Between you and them are a dozen or so small, malnourished children, huddled around work tables filled with ammo, magazines and weapon parts. They look at you with a mix of fear and hope.

Gunbunny: “Anything else of note?”

GM: “There is a surface to air missile launcher leaning in another corner, the rest are barcoded crates and packages that would require you to open them to see inside.”

Gunbunny: “So, these kids are unarmored, right?”

GM: “What?”
Gunbunny: “I double tap the grenade launcher with fragmentation airbursts, aimed in the center of the tables.”

GM: “You kill all the children, all of them.”
Adept: “I run and grab the armor.”
Wheelman: “Drive test to flip the van around in the warehouse.”
Gunbunny: “I run and grab the SAM Launcher before hopping in the van and screaming to gun it.”

Shortly thereafter, Renraku tracked us down and hit us at night at our communal safehouse. We had picked up another player that was a demolitions expert, who had moved into the attic.

GM: “You are woken up by the sound of a helicopter that sounds like it is hovering over the building.
Wheelman: "I grab the closest gun and run downstairs to my heavily armored and mobile van.”
Gunbunny: “That Surface to Air missile launcher I just picked up? I arm it and lean out the window. Can I see the chopper?”
GM: “Sure, you see the tail of the helicopter, but it’s a small target.”
Gunbunny: “I take aim. Unless something drastic happens I’m going to keep spending actions to stack ‘take aim’ on the tail and when the chopper begins to leave, I’m going to fire.”

Adept: “What are you doing?!? It’s over the roof!”
Gunbunny: “Don’t worry, I got this.”
Adept: “No no no, IT’S-OVER-THE-ROOF!”
GM: “You hear the sound of boots hitting the roof of your house and running around. There are too many to try and guess how many there are.”
Gunbunny: “Steady……”

Wheelman: “I start the van and put it in gear. I don’t bother to raise the garage door.”
Gunbunny: “Calm down, I got this….”
GM: “The helicopter begins to leave.”
Gunbunny: “FIRE!”

Adept: “I jump out the two story window, tumble and full sprint away from the house.”

Wheelman: “I smash through our garage door and full speed.”

Gunbunny: “What?”

GM: “The helicopter, now without a tail, spirals out of control, smashing into the attic - 


Headcanon - LLFTX Kidnapped (Black Foxes)

anonymous asked:

Can you do a headcanon of the llftx boys where a couple of years a ago (you can pick how long) MC was kidnapped by someone and then they finally find her? Thank you!!

**This is going to be The Black Foxes, if you would like to see a Part 2 with the FBI Agents and Kujo brothers, please let me know :)

He blamed himself. How could he not? He should have tried harder to convince you to stay in the van with him. But you persuaded him that you’d be alright so long as you stuck with the guys. He believed that…he always did. Nothing had ever happened before and you always stayed close to the guys. But the one time you separated from the guys you were kidnapped.

That was two years ago; Takuto had done everything in his technological savvy power to find you and track down the men who took you. But there was nothing…not a trace of you anywhere. It wasn’t until a job in Switzerland did he know you were even still alive. He saw you; he saw the familiar (h/c) hair and (e/c) eyes that he missed so much. “_____!” he yelled, forgetting all about the fact that he was supposed to be doing surveillance. He couldn’t believe it, it was the middle of the day and there you were just standing there on the crowded sidewalk. You ran to him. “_____, I missed you so much,” he whispered pulling you close. “Takuto…they’re watching…you need to know that,” you warned. He didn’t care as he pulled you closer and kissed you. He wasn’t going to let anyone take you away ever again, and if they tried, he was ready for them.

It had been a few years since you and Riki had gotten married and the one thing that always concerned him was safety. He was a Black Fox and a government official. Anyone who had a problem with him during his day job or night job. The first person they would target would be you. Threats made against government officials and their families were always taken seriously and always looked into and most of the time it just turned out to be someone venting there anger in a way that wasn’t going to get them very far. Even so, Riki was always on alert. At night he would always lock the windows and doors to the loft and do a full walk through of it before turning on the alarm and settling into bed for the evening. Most of the time you would have teased him about his nightly ritual, but when you got up in the middle of the night to get something to drink you were knocked out by an unknown intruder and dragged out of the house.

Two years had gone by since the morning Riki woke up to find the front door wide open and you gone. A note that had been left on the kitchen counter gave no clues as to who had taken you; just that this was “payback”. There was no ransom call, there was no…body…found. He held up hope for the longest time that you would come walking back through the front door and it was just a horrible nightmare. The police had given up about a month after you had disappeared, the missing person’s file probably sat on the corner of some lazy cop’s desk collecting coffee stains. That angered him…but even with his position as a government official and as a Black Fox he felt so helpless as to what he could do. Most nights he sat on the couch with a beer in his hand, looking over the photos from your wedding.

A bang at the door broke through the silence of the loft and Riki slowly stood from the couch. He wasn’t in the mood for visitors, he rarely was…he barely went to LRN anymore. Upon opening the door he was surprised when a woman literally fell into the room, landing on the floor with a thud. She was thin and looked like she hadn’t bathed in awhile. The girl finally found the strength to turn and look at him “Riki…” she whispered. He was in shocked and it took a moment for it to register what was happening. “______…..” he said, before scooping you up and holding you close, “I missed you so much.” A weak smile formed on your face and you laid your head on his chest. “I missed you too Riki.”

How could this have happened? In the chaos of an explosion at a fancy dinner you guys had gone undercover at, you went missing. One second he had your hand, the next you were gone. Your transceiver earring didn’t have a signal so Takuto couldn’t track you and no one could contact you. You vanished…

Two years to the day and Kenshi opened his locker to get ready for work. Your picture was still taped to the inside of the door. The guys at work thought that you left because of something that happened “back home”. Truth be told you grew up in Tokyo, but no one could know what really happened, and it’s not like you broke up. “We should go grab a drink later,” a co-worker said, clapping him on the shoulder, “There’s a great bar that just opened up.” He looked at his over enthusiastic colleague…maybe going out for a drink with some of the guys from work rather than the guys from LRN would get things off his mind for a few hours.

It worked…for a little while. One of the guys brought up the fact that his wife was pregnant and in the next couple of weeks… *voice gets drowned out*. You and Kenshi were supposed to have that; you talked about marriage, you had talked about kids. You both wanted a big family, but you were gone.

“A bourbon, three beers, and a martini.” he heard a woman say. His eyes widened, it couldn’t be you, it sounded like you, but it couldn’t be. He stood up and saw you carrying a tray of drinks towards what you would probably describe “scary group of me”. “______!” he called. The woman stopped dead in her tracks. It was you, he knew it was you. One of the men stood up from his seat and grabbed onto your arm, making Kenshi’s blood boil. How dare he put his hands on you…how dare he keep you from him. Before he could stop himself his fist connected with the man’s jaw, knocking him to the ground. He pulled you out of the bar and you ran down the street and into an alley where he pulled you close. No words needed to be said. He missed you and you missed him and even in that dingy alley, it was a happy reunion.

You had promised you would stay in the van on this one. That you would hang back and help Takuto. These were dangerous men the Black Foxes would be facing and one thing the group knew was that they weren’t that nice to women. But something happened, the guys were in trouble and you went into the building to help, only to get yourself in trouble as well.

LRN hadn’t been the same since then. Atsumu didn’t have his beautiful butterfly fluttering around the restaurant helping customers a smile on her face. The guys would try and lighten the mood by teasing him but it wasn’t the same without you there to make him feel better by telling him that what they were saying wasn’t true or by unintentionally joining. He even quite fortune telling because it wasn’t the same without someone intently listening to each fortune and wondering what the next day would bring.

The shrill ring of the phone broke the relaxed atmosphere in LRN, it was just the Black Foxes by now…all the rest of the patrons long gone by now. “Le Renard Noir,” he said, picking up the phone. “……….Atsumu?” a small voice came from the other side of the line. “______…..Where are you?” he asked. Before words or gestures could even be made Takuto’s laptop was already open and he was trying to find your location. “I don’t know…” you whispered, “I stole a cell phone…I’m sorry…I have to go.” The phone call cut off, but there had been just enough time for Takuto to track the call and soon Atsumu and the rest of the guys were in the van heading to the warehouse district. It didn’t take them long to get past the men that were holding you captive all this time, and soon you were back in Atsumu’s arms.

His princess had been kidnapped. She had been taken from right in front of him and he didn’t know what to do to save you. What was supposed to be a simple undercover surveillance mission before the actual getting of the art, but something blew your cover and two men dragged you off. Hiro searched everywhere. Buildings, alleys, parked cars, but you were gone.

Two years and still there was nothing. You were still gone and you had missed so many things…you had missed his graduation you had missed birthday, holidays…the one person who really taught him so much about family was gone and that was slowly eating away from him.

Walking down the street towards your favorite cafe, Hiro heard a voice he thought he would never hear again. “HIRO HELP ME!” he heard. He spun on his heels and saw you struggling to get out of a car that was stopped at the light. “_____! I’m coming!” he yelled as he pushed past bystanders to get to you. Once he did he grabbed onto you with all his might and pulled you away from the men trying to keep you away from him. The car sped away leaving you two sitting on the sidewalk clinging to each other. He had his princess back and you were safe…

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If I ever somehow end up getting married, I want my bride’s wedding photos to be all the normal “getting ready, posing with the bridesmaids, going down the aisle” photos and my wedding photos will show me getting ready, people in ski masks storming in and kidnapping me, getting taken in a van to a warehouse, having to break free and fight my way out, stealing the same van and hurriedly rushing back to the venue before switching suits and showing up for my wedding like nothing happened and nobody will know until the photos are printed and published.

International Have a Hart Day - London

A HUGE thank you to the volunteers who came today to help at FareShare! Together, we helped sorting a pallet of food, filled up 2 vans for Monday delivery, and prepared food to pick up for 5 different projects. We also cleaned 6 of their delivery vans and their entire warehouse - which, in their words, has never been so clean!