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Devil’s Advocate - Chanyeol X Reader AU Series - Chapter 1

Vampire!Chanyeol X Angel!Reader

Genre: Action, fluff, angst

Warnings: Violence, blood, language

Word Count: 3,741 (kinda long?? sorry)

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The sound of gentle waves lapping at a thin shoreline was the first sensory response you felt as your consciousness was reawakened. Needle-like pain pierced all known muscles and joints in your body as your heavy eyelids struggled to open. You found yourself at the grass-strewn coast of a large lake, the sun bordering the horizon and the storm clouds having formed dispersive curves in the orange sky.

I fell. The dream… It actually happened.

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Somebody’s Eyes-7

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I looked into Happy’s eyes, I felt my body shake. “Is that Sean?” His voice held a some anger. I nodded my head, He pushed me towards Tig and Chibs. I watched as he grabbed the man, and dragged him out of the clubhouse.

He was tied up and thrown in the back of the van, Rat drove off with him. Jax, Opie, and Happy following the van to the warehouse. I tried not to think sbout what was going to happen to Sean.

I shivered a little bit, Tig kissed the top of my head. “I’m going to take you home.” I nodded my head, going inside grabbing my things, I just wanted to go to bed.

Isaiah stepped forward. “I can take her.” 

Chibs looked at the prospect. “We’ve got her, you start cleaning up.”

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New Beginnings - Nineteen

The rest of the room stared at you as you handed the copy of the passport you’d found over to Hotch. 

“His half brother?” Spencer furrowed his brow. 

You nodded. “His half brother Dean was two years older than him but he died eighteen months ago. They had different fathers, hence the different surnames. Penelope found a plane ticket in this name from London to Chicago, two days after his last check in.“ 

“But we spoke to his parents. They refused to see him when he was released. How did he get hold of it.”

You thought for a second. “Did you speak to Dean’s widow?" 

Hotch checked the files, shaking his head. "There’s no mention of her being interviewed in the files. I’ll call her now. Do you know what flight he was on? Can we get video footage from the airport of him.”

“Garcia’s on it now." 

Hotch left the room to make the call, the rest of the team handing the printout around. 

"They do have a very similar look Y/N. He’d have had to cut and dye his hair, and the brother has glasses but it would be easily done,” Rossi spoke. 

Penelope came rushing into her room, laptop in hand. “It’s him.”

She pressed play on the video footage she’d found of passengers going through the airport terminal. You all leant in closer watching the screen intently. 

You spotted him almost immediately now you knew what you were looking for. He’d dyed his hair a deep brown, donning glasses with thick black frames. He did look totally different from the pictures of him, yet you could still tell it was him. 

He was wearing chunky headphones and carrying a large green rucksack. From his demeanor he didn’t seem nervous at all.

“Okay, so we know the date he entered the states, and that he travelled from Chicago to Virginia. Do we know how?” Emily asked as Hotch returned to the room.

“I’m running a search for any vehicles hired in that name now,” Garcia spoke again. 

“He did make contact with his brother’s widow.” Hotch got the rooms attention. “She refused to see him, but did recall coming home one day to find her front door unlocked. Nothing was obviously missing though so she didn’t report it, thinking it was her mistake.”

“But let me guess….. She’s now checked the drawer where her passports where kept and Dean’s is missing?” Morgan interjected. Hotch nodded. 

“Okay, okay. He hired a car from the rental place at the airport, it was checked back in three days after at a drop off point 20 miles from here. Do you want the address?” Penelope looked up for further instructions.

“Yes,” Agent Hotchner replied. “Reid, Dave, I want you to head out to the drop off point, see if they recall where he was heading. Morgan and Prentiss, continue as planned to the families Charlotte Days babysat for. I’m still convinced she knew him somehow.”

You nodded. “I am too. Garcia and I will try to clean these images up and recirculate them to the press. We’ll send them to your phones as soon as we’re done.”

“Good. I’ll contact Interpol and let them know of the new developments.” Hotch nodded to you all signalling that the conversation was over and to get on with your assigned duties. 

The office emptied, you and Reid both hanging back slightly wanting say goodbye to other away from the prying eyes of the team.

“We’re getting closer Spence.” You grinned at him. 

“Yeah, we are. Hopefully this will be over soon." 

Morgan poked his head back into the room. "Yeah so you two can get back to your apartments and I can get some sleep.” He called loudly. “Get a move on kid. Rossi’s waiting.”

Another few hours had passed. You and Garcia had cleaned up the new images of Cane, sending them out to the team and to the press and police departments, ensuring that they knew who to look for.

Morgan and Emily had called in reporting none of the families Charlotte Days had sat for recognised the photo’s of Cane so Hotch had sent them onto the Motel she worked at to interview her co-workers.

Penelope turned to you. “So spill. Did you two do it?”

Seriously that girl was like a horny teenager.

You sighed, nodding at her, knowing she wouldn’t give in until you told her.



“Was it good. What’s he like in bed?”

“Pen, this is your friend and co-worker you’re asking about here.”


“Fine…Yes it was good. Better than good. He’s like a different guy when we’re alone together now. More confident. It’s sexy.”

She grinned. “And that’s all because of you, beautiful.”

“How so?”

“Having a girl as awesome as you like him has obviously done wonders for his ego.”

“To be fair, he did say that to me. I don’t get it though. I can’t really understand how he’s been single for so long. It’s not like other girls haven’t been interested in him. I’ve seen them dropping hints and flirting with him.”

 It was true, you’d watched girls try to pick him up on a number of occasions when you’d been out with him and Morgan. Because Spencer had always refused to dance, everyone assumed that you and Morgan were an item and that Spencer was single.

“Yeah and you’ve seen him pick those hints up off the floor and politely hand them back. He doesn’t know when girls are trying to hit on him. Whereas you outrightly told him you liked him not long after you met right?”


“See thats what he needed. Of course it helps that he was smitten with you too from the moment he laid eyes on you.”

Hotch came in at that moment, his phone in hand. “We’ve got a lead. An anonymous caller has reporting seeing a man fitting Cane’s description in a grey transit van, parked near a warehouse just outside of town.”

The press and public hadn’t been made aware of the colour, or make of vehicle you’d suspected him of driving as you’d be afraid he’d dump the car. The only people who knew about that were police and other agents. 

“A warehouse?” you questioned.

“An old meat packing factory about 2 miles away from where Reid and Rossi are. They’re heading there now and I’m sending back up to join them.”

You weren’t too hot on the idea of Reid being the first on the seen, sending him a quick message telling him to be safe and that you loved him.

He replied instantly, assuring you that he would and that he’d text you as soon as he could.

Now you just had to wait.

Around 10 minutes later Penelope’s phone buzzed. “Hotline to the Oracle.”

“Days did know him.” It was Emily. “He’s been renting a room at the motel she works at. He’s still checked in under Dean Chambers.”


“The owner’s getting keys to his room now.” She stayed on the line whilst you updated her, explaining that his car had been spotted and that Rossi and Reid were heading there now.

“With backup I presume?" 

"Back up’s about 5 minutes out.” You assured her.

“Fuck.” You heard Derek in the background.

“What’s up?” Both you and Penelope glanced at each other. 

“I’m gonna call you back, hook me into video when I do okay.” Emily hung up, redialling seconds later. Penelope hit the button on her screen allowing the video chat to be displayed on her computer screen.

It showed you a dirty motel room that obviously hadn’t been cleaned in a while. You could see photo’s on the wall. Emily zoomed in, moving closer as Hotch moved out of the room to take a phone call.

All the photo’s on the wall were of you, or you and Spencer. They’d been taken at a various locations, you two in the park, leaving the gym, entering your apartment building.

“Y/N, where did you say Cane’s car had been spotted?” You could see Derek studying a piece of paper, his voice urgent.

You told him the name and address of the warehouse. “And it was an anonymous tip?” he asked.

“Yeah why?”

“Shit shit shit! Get them on the phone now. Tell them not to proceed into the location until back up presents.”

Penelope opened up another line dialling Rossi, whilst you tried Spencer.

“Morgan, what is it?" 

Penelope looked at you worried, Rossi wasn’t answering and neither was Reid. You both tried again.

"Get Hotch now. I think it’s a set up. He’s got photo’s of that warehouse on his dresser.”

You ran out into the hallway calling for Hotch. He glanced over at you and you could tell by look on his face and the tone in his voice that something was wrong. He signalled for you to go back into Garciavs office.

“Something’s wrong Penelope.”

Derek was still on the screen searching through drawers, pulling out a laptop and cell phones. Hotch re entered the room.

“Y/N, I need you to sit down.”

No no no.

“Please sit down.”

No no no no no.

“Sir?” Penlope reached up, grabbing your hand and tugging you down.

“Back up have just arrived at the scene." 

Scene…..something had happened. It wouldn’t be called a scene otherwise.

"It was a trap wasn’t it.” Morgan spoke on screen.

“Rossi is injured. He was found unconscious next to some tyre tracks. Paramedics are on their way.”

“And Spencer?” Emily asked the question you dare'nt.

Hotch looked at you. “Spencer isn’t there.”

Morales? This is Shadowrun.

So in a 4e Shadowrun campaign, we got a hot tip of a Renraku-affiliated warehouse that was lightly defended and was moving a pair of Red Samurai Combat Armor sets we were hot for. We were able to eliminate the perimeter guards and decided the best course of action was shock and awe. The group (wheelman, Gunbunny, Adept and Face) strapped up in the back of the assault van and the wheelman smash through the roll up door to the small warehouse, powersliding into the back corner, knocking out shelves and tables, the Gunbunny throws open the door armed with a semi-auto ‘nade launcher and asks for a description.

GM: “The dust and the debris are still settling as you kick open the door. Before you looks more like a sweatshop than a Renraku storage facility, but in the far back corner, you see two suits of Red Samurai Armor glistening in the artificial lighting. Between you and them are a dozen or so small, malnourished children, huddled around work tables filled with ammo, magazines and weapon parts. They look at you with a mix of fear and hope.

Gunbunny: “Anything else of note?”

GM: “There is a surface to air missile launcher leaning in another corner, the rest are barcoded crates and packages that would require you to open them to see inside.”

Gunbunny: “So, these kids are unarmored, right?”

GM: “What?”
Gunbunny: “I double tap the grenade launcher with fragmentation airbursts, aimed in the center of the tables.”

GM: “You kill all the children, all of them.”
Adept: “I run and grab the armor.”
Wheelman: “Drive test to flip the van around in the warehouse.”
Gunbunny: “I run and grab the SAM Launcher before hopping in the van and screaming to gun it.”

Shortly thereafter, Renraku tracked us down and hit us at night at our communal safehouse. We had picked up another player that was a demolitions expert, who had moved into the attic.

GM: “You are woken up by the sound of a helicopter that sounds like it is hovering over the building.
Wheelman: “I grab the closest gun and run downstairs to my heavily armored and mobile van.”
Gunbunny: “That Surface to Air missile launcher I just picked up? I arm it and lean out the window. Can I see the chopper?”
GM: “Sure, you see the tail of the helicopter, but it’s a small target.”
Gunbunny: “I take aim. Unless something drastic happens I’m going to keep spending actions to stack ‘take aim’ on the tail and when the chopper begins to leave, I’m going to fire.”

Adept: “What are you doing?!? It’s over the roof!”
Gunbunny: “Don’t worry, I got this.”
Adept: “No no no, IT’S-OVER-THE-ROOF!”
GM: “You hear the sound of boots hitting the roof of your house and running around. There are too many to try and guess how many there are.”
Gunbunny: “Steady……”

Wheelman: “I start the van and put it in gear. I don’t bother to raise the garage door.”
Gunbunny: “Calm down, I got this….”
GM: “The helicopter begins to leave.”
Gunbunny: “FIRE!”

Adept: “I jump out the two story window, tumble and full sprint away from the house.”

Wheelman: “I smash through our garage door and full speed.”

Gunbunny: “What?”

GM: “The helicopter, now without a tail, spirals out of control, smashing into the attic - 


International Have a Hart Day - London

A HUGE thank you to the volunteers who came today to help at FareShare! Together, we helped sorting a pallet of food, filled up 2 vans for Monday delivery, and prepared food to pick up for 5 different projects. We also cleaned 6 of their delivery vans and their entire warehouse - which, in their words, has never been so clean!