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more underrated Iconic™ six of crows/crooked kingdom moments
  • nina’s singing
  • “on a dare, i once ate a literal trough full of waffles doused in apple syrup and almost went back for seconds.” - jesper
  • every time someone makes fun of kaz’s haircut RIP
  • creepy little genius
  • #NEVR4GET jesper mentally kicking himself for not paying attention when kaz was naked
  • kaz literally,,,, stopped in the middle of a job to give a dog a belly rub. this is still so funny to me
  • confimed curmudgeon matthias thinking nina looks glorious in her dumpy fjerdan sweater clothes
  • matthias’ middle name is benedik…… why have we forgotten this
  • inej “slowly wiped the blood of kings on her trousers” LEGENDARY
  • kaz stripping shirtless and washing himself in front of inej. inej blushing and wANTING TO MURDER HIM
  • secret tree handshake
  • every time kaz calls nina ‘dear’ or ‘love’
  • inej definitely has a Thing for kaz’s eyes. there are so many mentions of his eyes/eye color in her chapters                          
  • jes being in awe of wylan for getting away with lying to kaz. turns out kaz knew all along. #brekkered
  • nina trying to get kaz to join the group hug
  • “you heard right. stronger than wylan.”
  • wylan wanting to shove jesper off the wagon when he says “he has terrible taste in women”                         
  • that time matthias considered shooting kaz but then kaz stepped on a rifle, flipped it into his hands, and aimed it at matthias in the span of 1 second
  • the immortal “is my tie straight?”
  • you podge
Things in Six of Crows that need to be highlighted more

Crooked Kingdom

- Little Kaz Brekker standing up on his chair while practicing magic tricks in front of the mirror

- Inej wearing Kaz’s (oversized) gloves

- Jesper’s I’m-skinny-so-less-raindrop-will-fall-on-me

- “I like it when men beg”

- The whole crew waiting for Nina in a bakery after demanding Kaz something edible as the result from Kaz’s horrible treat in the previous tavern

- Inej giving Kaz manner 101 after he asked her to order him a new hat

- Matthias basically being done with everyone’s twisted way of thinking

- Kaz being so irritated by van Eck, he doesn’t even fear death anymore (not like he ever fears it, but you know…)

- Joost van Poel? Like, all that boy ever wanted was to find the right word to compliment his crush’s eyes and instead he witnessed her turning into a monster because of the freaking parem

- Wylan pretending to be drunk


- smol sadistic Kaz Brekker smashing a boy’s head with a rock so that he can take the boy’s job as a pisspot cleaner

- Van Eck: If you fail, all the world will suffer for it

  Kaz : Yeah, okay. But my money, tho