vans ragged


ragged | sharp

honestly, this is just my own take on a tried and true look. heavy on the black, skinny fit, ragged all over! When i say “ragged” i don’t always mean in the literal sense, but in the “edge” you bring to the outfit.

so obviously the black plays a big part in this look. for this crisp looking edge, you’re gonna want to try and match your blacks. this sounds silly but people who already know, know how tricky this can be. different materials or age of the garment can make the shade of black vary. varying shades between articles can be a look on its own but for this style, i wanted a strong sharp “uniform” look, so matching blacks is key!

next thing to note here is the layers. my first layer is actually a long tee tank top. have a tank over a regular tee is dope because it wont be as hot or bulky as you add more layers over it. i used the grey tank to break the black up a bit so you could actually see the layers very easily, but its a darker grey so as not to be too harsh a contrast to the uniform look of the black. next i have a black hoodie without the jersey bottom. the unique bottom of this hoodie makes it especially great to layer with as it doesn’t “pinch” into the shirt underneath like a usual hoodie does. instead it just falls straight and lets the outfit flow a it more. lastly, i have a sort of loud patched denim vest sitting atop everything as a bit of a statement piece.

the 6 panel lid on top is a nice tie in to the city motif of the outfit. the black and grey works with the pallet well and even the semi busy 90′s pattern on the cap plays into the fun, unique, ragged nature of the outfit.

below i have the super slim black jeans that again, match blacks and finish off the look with the obligatory black vans. personally, i almost never ever wear socks. i dont like them much so i almost always cuff my jeans up a bit and show off a bit of ankle because i like it and it makes me feel scandalous to show a little skin.

-nik hampshire

pants: diesel sleenker
tank: cotton-on
hoodie: undftd
vest: diesel
hat: beautiful giant
shoes: vans


fast & loose

here is a look that’s comfortable and stylish. both shirts are oversized here to give a semi shlubby kind of look. Even the pants i have on here are a little looser than i typically where which can sometimes make the look seem TOO baggy but i think the high cuffs that taper the jean above the ankle reel it in pretty well and make it work. You can see i did the same with the sleeves of the shirt to again, give the loose/ ill fitting garment a bit of a fitted look in a certain area. a few styling moves like that can really spruce up some clothes you may think don’t fit you very well.

the heavily torn jeans also helps showcase the raggedness of the whole outfit. Pairing the torn denim with the oversized, ill fit style of the tops ties it all together as an intentional “look”. Even the small details of HOW the cuffs of the jeans and shirts are done more wrinkled and messy instead of clean add to the theme in the outfit. To further indicate this, i kept the color blue running throughout the look. For the shirt underneath, i wore an off white instead of a clean white to again, play into that “worn in” look. the shirt has a big bold “X” on it made of zippers which adds a bit of texture and dare i say…intrigue to the look as well? (by the way i’m a huge dork)

I kept the shoes looking clean (non distressed) because i just feel like footwear should almost always look on point.

-nik hampshire

pants: Diesel Sleenker
t-shirt: Diesel
plaid: kr3w
shoes: vans

professional vagabond

here’s a clash of style that i really love to do. not that i’m the first guy to do it, i just feel like it fits my personality best. a little high brow with a little vagrancy is what i’m all about!

so here i have a fitted long sleeve button up with narrow stripes in white and light blue. over this i have a vest that actually has a very subtle plaid pattern over it. clashing patterns can be a trainwreck or it can be dope as hell. use you’re digression and commit to it! (most of “pulling off a look” is in the confidence anyways!) i’ve also accessorized the look a bit with some red braces (suspenders). the light color of the red goes well with the light blue of the stripes of the shirt in my humble opinion. (then again i’m partially colorblind so maybe check a color wheel or something?)

to give this a smart look i’ve rolled my sleeves up in the “j.crew” or “italian” or whatever way you’d like to call it. It looks especially nice with shirts like this with a different color or pattern on the inside of the shirt cuffs. to do this just pull the sleeve back like you would a regular cuff, but pull it up past the elbow. then bring the bottom of the sleeve up to the cuff. you can do these very clean or a little messy with the flaps kinda hanging out there. since i’m trying to dress this down a bit, i left the shirt upbuttoned a bit and opted for a bit of a sloppy cuff job.

below i have my torn jeans. these have just straight cuts across the knees that are dope. These jeans work really well for this look for a few reasons. firstly, because the cut in the knee is relatively clean, when standing straight up you can barely tell the jeans have a cut there, but you can clearly see the wholes when a leg is bent. secondly, the rest of the jean is blemish free and otherwise still very classy looking so it ties into the rest of the outfit well.

i’ve got some sunnies hanging on the shirt to really punctuate the look and of course the classic black vans on the souls (i SWEAR i own many many shoes that aren’t black vans. you’ll see!)

-nik hampshire

pants: diesel
shirt: diesel
vest: express
glasses: hawkers
braces: merc