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Sus scrofa satanae (Satanic Boar)

A glance of the illustration done by RINUS, describing the boar they found in the Asian expedition, circa 1800′s. Described by Van Burden as a mistake in the curse of evolution. The Satanic Boar presents very singular characteristics and birth defects have never been seen in any other species and make its life harder than any other mammal.

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Q&A Spotlight with Scott Albrecht (Brooklyn, NY)

From wood to paper to collage, Brooklyn-based artist Scott Albrecht’s work speaks in a visual language all of its own.  From his enigmatic and intricate compositions, simplified shapes to signature colors, Albrecht manipulates these elements in various ways to abstract recognizable letterforms in an attempt “to slow down” the viewer to focus on form.  There is something visually mesmerizing about Albrecht’s puzzle-like pieces, which are not simply repetitive patterns, but words and letter forms, as he blurs the lines between language, meaning and interpretation. 

We recently chatted with Scott via email to find out more about his life and works–from working with wood, decorating his workspace to what we should expect in his upcoming solo show New Translations opening Saturday at Subliminal Projects in Los Angeles. Enjoy our latest Q&A w/ Scott Albrecht!

Photographs courtesy of the artist | Portrait by Malena Seldin

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Alejandro Portela
ΛCRИM N-J1 | S10-C | 3A-3TS | LF1-001
SISP Gabardine Comfort Cargo Pants


Getting the van ready for winter; the fairy lights are up, there’s tinsel on the dashboard, an extra blanket on the bed, a hot meal on the stove and the heater’s cranked up full. The nights are getting colder and longer the further North we drive, but the van’s warm and cosy and doesn’t leak too much, and our first Christmas in a van will be spent roasting potatoes on the fire outdoors with a bottle of Port.

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