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✨ i’m making a couple of projects this week and studying too. I realice that I have a lot of blues and yellows on my desk and i l o v e i t.

✨ Ahora mismo estoy acabando un par de trabajos pendientes, al igual que estudiando para la semana que viene. Esta mañana me he dado cuenta que que tengo la mesa llena de azules y amarillos y no me podía gustar más.

Have a nice week.💛 / Que tengáis una buena semana. 💛


Art School | Nathan Bell (Los Angeles, CA)

As one of the shows featured in our April First Thursdays, Los Angeles-based artist Nathan Bell’s upcoming solo show ‘Mixed Feelings’ will featured 400 works using materials such as french paper, coroplast, and mixed media.  Self described “introverted over thinker with a design background,” Bell expresses himself through the painted word, or rather words –a whole lot of them. Through experimenting with “language, typography and aesthetic,” Bell’s work focuses on thoughts, ideas, wordplays, inside jokes, reflections, all of which he has been creating for the last two years!  

We’re excited to feature him on Art School where we find out more about his works and words! From working with new materials to his process to what we should expect in his solo show ‘Mixed Feelings,’ which opens Saturday, April 22nd at Subliminal Projects in Los Angeles. 

Photographs by Katherine Sheehan

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About a week ago, I received my @projectforawesome mystery perk and you cannot even imagine my surprise when I opened the package to find a prop copy of An Imperial Affliction!!! For those of you who don’t know, The Fault in Our Stars is my favorite book, so receiving Hazel’s favorite book as my perk was such a special moment! I’m so excited to add this to my shelf next to my original edition of The Fault in Our Stars, my target signed edition of The Fault in Our Stars, and my Project for Awesome 2014 exclusive signed edition of The Fault in Our Stars!!

Take a good look at our van now, because you’ll never see it this tidy again.

We gave theindieprojects a little tour of the van this week, up on the windy Cornish coast, and chatted about boats, cats and travel stories. We look forward to seeing the video soon- thanks for coming down to Cornwall, and thanks for giving us a reason to get the van sorted in time for our next trip!

Follow the hashtag #Fromrusttoroadtrip to follow our van conversion project and our travels around Europe! 🌍 

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am I astral projecting


My mentor for my new apprenticeship bought us a van today & the first project started with bed lining the whole inside – next step, doors & velvet on the roof in the front; painting the outside / painting something rad on the exterior as well & getting a move on with our antique sales / trade shows!

Last step : camper for tattoos on wheels to haul on the back

2017 here we are!!!