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90s Kids With A Death Wish: Playlist Tracks 2-4

Musical History Fanfiction Part 1–(Less Than) Jake

Jake’s taste in music was pretty typical of kids his age into sports–mostly alternative rock, some hip-hop, and Top 40 fare–the stuff that Tom and his friends would play while shooting hoops. Only later when he went to Vans Warped Tour in ‘97 did he start listening to some ska and punk–Reel Big Fish, Goldfinger, and, of course, Less Than Jake. He originally went just to see the skateboarders and BMX bikers, but he liked the trumpets and the energy of the skank pits and picked up a few CDs. Afterwards he bought a pair of Dickies cargo shorts and a checkered chain wallet to wear at school but promptly abandoned them a week later when he kept getting the chain caught on random door knobs and table corners. He got rid of the clothes, but still liked the music, especially while playing Tony Hawk videogames with Marco.

As the war progressed, though, he grew to resent ska’s cheerfulness and preferred listening to serious alt rock songs which reflected his growing fear, paranoia, and determination. At home he’d blast his stereo to kill two birds with one stone–1) to drown out noise so he could concentrate on planning missions, and 2) play off his increasing aloofness from Tom as simple teenage angst. 

Music, like his friends, had become a tool–a means to an end–rather than something to simply enjoy, but it was far better than being left alone with his thoughts.

a playlist for those who try to find beauty in their sadness and for dreamers made of stardust; inspired by vincent van gogh and his artwork
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we existarcade fire // grew up at midnightthe maccabees // mythbeach house // where is my mind (cover)sunday girl // i hope time doesn’t change himthe drums // there is a light that never goes outthe smiths // riptidetaylor swift cover // earthsleeping at last // weightlesscity and colour // turn bluethe black keys // purple yellow red and blueportugal. the man // where is my mindpixies // followcrystal fighters // cigarette daydreamscage the elephant // ketteringthe antlers // compasszella day // the winner takes it allthe vaccines // between the barselliott smith // odysseydream koala // lazulibeach house // undothe 1975 // water mefka twigs // softly draining seasjamie isaac // washbon iver // i foundamber run // happymarina and the diamonds

Sunday Comin’ Down Playlist

This Sunday Comin’ Down Playlist features tracks from Gallant, Jack Garratt, The 1975 + more. Be sure to get your listening in before we cook up next week’s playlist and follow us on Spotify!

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Hey if you missed CATB making their playlist live on BBC radio today I’ve got you boo.

BBC link:

Spotify (missing Meteor🙁):

Each member picked a few songs so here were their choices:
-Lets Push Things Forward
-Work To Do
-I Got The
-I Need Never Get Old
-I Got You (I Feel Good)
-Salad Days
-Cherry Picking
-I Just Called to Say I Love You
CATB (all together):
-She Said She Said
-Papa Loves Mambo


Vans Girls’ Catskills Moto Diaries: Music To Get Lost To

With the wind in your hair and the breeze at your knees, there’s nothing more exhilarating than a road trip through new terrain with the risk of getting lost, amongst finding yourself.

This week we’re taking the long way home as we hit the road for Babes Ride Out: East Coast to explore parts unknown, and open ourselves up to the feeling of getting lost in uncharted territory. Get ready to Follow Our Vans as we embark on a journey of self-discovery fueled by wanderlust, and meet the women who’ve chosen a life-path less traveled. 

Listen to our playlist now! 

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Sunday Comin’ Down Playlist

This Sunday’s Comin’ Down Playlist features tracks from Kanye West, Flying Lotus, M83 + more. Be sure to get your listening in before we cook up next week’s playlist and follow us on Spotify!

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Old, New, and Borrowed Playlist

by Catfish and the Bottlemen (Aired on BBC Radio 1 on May 12, 2016)

“We chose this theme, one, because Radio 1 said we needed to pick a theme, and two, because that’s the way we kinda listen to music when we’re in the dressing room. It’s always, someone will bring something new in. Then someone will show me something old I’ve never heard before. And then, I’ll bring in something I’ve borrowed off a friend of mine to show the lads. So it’s kinda how we’ve always shown each other music, whether its old, new, or borrowed off someone, I guess.” – Van McCann

Meteor – Broken Hands

Let’s Push Things Forward – The Streets

Domino – Van Morrison

Mythomania – Them Things

Work To Do – The Isley Brothers

I Got The – Labi Siffre

I Need Never Get Old – Nathaniel Rateliff & The Night Sweats

I Got You (I Feel Good) – James Brown

Salad Days – Mac DeMarco

Cherry Picking – Potty Mouth

I Just Called to Say I Love You – Stevie Wonder

Grace – Jeff Buckley

Jennifer – Little Comets

She Said She Said – The Beatles

Papa Loves Mambo – Perry Como

7 - Catfish and the Bottlemen

Sunday Comin’ Down Playlist

This week’s Sunday Comin’ Down Playlist features tracks from Sia, Pell, EXES + more. Be sure to get your listening in before we cook up next week’s playlist and follow us on Spotify!

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this is what i live for – How many times was it you standing beside me on the deck at night?” “Every time.”


1. lay it all on me – rudimental ft. ed sheeran // 2. fire meet gasoline – sia // 3. hold me down – halsey // 4. sing/latch – hobbit stuart // 5. smoke – pvris // 6. lifeforms – daughter // 7. closer – kings of leon // 8. the enemy – andrew belle // 9. ghost – halsey // 10. the man – ed sheeran // 11. hanging on – ellie goulding // 12. nightcall – london grammar

you angel, you | i love van a lot so i made a playlist +listen

u angel u by elvis depressedly / peach by the front bottoms / read my mind by the killers / first day of my life by bright eyes / i always knew by the vaccines / sweet disposition by the temper trap / bloodshake by peace / we don’t believe what’s on tv by twenty one pilots / junk of the heart by the kooks / someday by the strokes